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Lagos has attracted over a billion dollars in data session – Lagos Govt



Lagos has attracted over a billion dollars in data session – Lagos Govt By Ifeoma Ikem




Gov. Babajide Sanwolu, the Lagos state governor says the state government has attracted over a billion dollars in data session in the last one year.





Sanwolu said this during the Art Of Technology ; with theme ,Talent Acceleration and A Smarter Lagos on Thursday in Lagos.







The governor was ably represented by his deputy Dr Babafemi Hamzat.







“In the past one year, Lagos has attracted over a billion dollars in data session investment.








“Our smart city implementation has deployed over six hundred smart intelligence video cameras as well as intelligent transport cameras.




” Over the past years through our initial ITs deployment which is the intelligence traffic system, we now have automatic plate number recognition cameras”.








He said that Lagos has become the number one startup ecosystem in Africa in terms of performance and share numbers in start up creating value between 2019 and 2021.







“With over 12 percent increase resulting to 1.5billion dollars in venture capital funding, in 2022 alone we recorded over two thousands start ups, creating and contributing value across agriculture construction and health.








“We have enabled a better collaborating technology in the ecosystem with 25 thousands online and offline registration”.









He point out that the continued progress is a testimony provided to both private, public sector and stakeholders to procreate and drive value in this ecosystem which the state is particularly happy for the growth.








“Lagos has provided the central core of business and technological development in Nigeria for decades.





“Our administration’s contribution is evident in different implementation and initiatives of our organization.








“Through the first Art of Technology we were able to identify the need to access talent development inclusion of both male and female.









“In this start up, there are initial funding of activities in deepening internet Penetration, we have included over 2900 kms of fiber optic deployment across the state which has connected about 100 Schools.









“Also we have partnered with telecoms industries and using our optics dusk to power their 5G distinction”,he added.









“We also reinstating our identity management programmes through our Lagos agency that will seek to identify all inhabitant of Lagos for this project.










Hakeem Fahn, the Commissioner, Ministry of science and technology, in his welcome address, said the event brought together the commercial and public stakeholders to explore policy and strategy that will help Lagos become efficient, and digitally competitive.









Fahn urged stakeholders to work together to speed up ideas and adoption of effective techniques which is the only way they can gain success in the digital world.









“With our tireless efforts this program will assist the youth in achieving their objective, he added.







Victor Afolabi, the founder of Eko Innovative Centre noted that there is a gap between technology and policy making which need to be bridged.









Afolabi said that the conversation should be about talent and that has become the new goal of Eko Inovative Centre.








“There is no other way in getting them but rather catching them young and that is what we are trying to do.







“Before these youths get into university we have to expose them to experiences in the technical system so that they can be well skilled and equipped”.










Another speaker Olatunbosun Alake the Special Adviser on Innovation and Technology to the Lagos State governor, highlighted the talent challenges is part of issue that we have .








According to him,a speaker said he does not see relocating as an issue but exploiting and we are also preparing a ground work for more talent to be exploited like if you have a talent and Nigerian’s in UK use Nigeria product which will serve as more revenue to our status.







Finally ,he stated that today was an opportunity to discuss the strategies we have and create more value for Nigeria








Art of Technology (AOT) 4.0, Lagos is an annual tech conference curated by Eko Innovation Centre, one of the largest and leading tech hubs in Nigeria.


Lagos has attracted over a billion dollars in data session - Lagos Govt






On 21st September 2021, the Charity Commission notified the trustees of the MFM UK that it had reviewed the Initial Order under which the Interim Manager was appointed to continue the said appointment whilst varying the terms of the Initial Order to permit the Interim Manager to manage the Charity.
to the exclusion of the trustees of the Charity. (The order as so varied is referred to as the “2021 Order”).
This 2021 Order, like its predecessor appointing the Interim Manager, provided canon fodder for further unbridled criticism and vicious maligning of MFM and its General Overseer in the social media, championed by Sahara Reporters and one Maureen Badejo, a British based Vlogger.
On 28th September 2021, the trustees of the Charity submitted an appeal against the
decision of the Charity Commission to issue the 2021 Order. The trustees of the
Charity set out the grounds of their appeal under three headings: –
– the actions of the Respondent and his agents were generally unlawful
– the operations and actions of the Interim Manager/Respondent were
procedurally unfair; and
– the decisions of the Interim Manager/Respondent were generally irrational.
The notice of appeal submitted by the trustees of the Charity (referred to as the
“Appellant” in the decision) set out in some detail the grounds on which this appeal was being brought. The Appellant stated that the outcomes that the trustees were
seeking from the appeal were as follows: Firstly, that the 2021 Order should be set aside.
Ruling on the appeal, the 3-member Tribunal unanimously quashed those parts of the 2021 Order, including the Schedule, that appointed the Interim Manager to the exclusion of the Trustees.
The Tribunal directed the Charity Commission to permit the trustees of the MFM (UK) to remain in office with such powers and responsibilities as are necessary or useful to enable them to work with the Interim Manager in amending the constitution of the Charity and in implementing and
operating effective systems and controls across the whole of the Charity.
By this decision, the Tribunal effectively stripped the Interim Manager of the powers of a sole administrator of the charity to the exclusion of its
trustees and is therefore tantamount to a return to the  status quo, where the Interim Manager continues to work hand in glove with the trustees.
The hearing lasted two days. 29/09/2022 and 03/11/2022.
As at the time of going to press, the Solicitor acting for MFM, Mr Tayo Arowojolu of  Freeman Solicitors in London could not be reached for comments.

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Gateway City Project: Otegbeye Lied to Imams – OGSG



Gateway City Project: Otegbeye Lied to Imams - OGSG 

Gateway City Project: Otegbeye Lied to Imams – OGSG


Sahara Weekly Reports That The Ogun State Government has advised the people to be wary of political opportunists who take delight in lying to get sympathy and votes.

Gateway City Project: Otegbeye Lied to Imams - OGSG

This call was made following the claim by the Governoship candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) in the March 11 election, Biyi Otegbeye, that the Government spent N7bn on the Gateway City Gate Project at the Sagamu Interchange, whereas the cost was less than 5 percent of his claim.


A statement issued in Abeokuta on Friday by the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Dapo Abiodun, Mr Kunle Somorin described Otegbeye’s assertion as “monumental falsehood”.


According to him, “Otegbeye does not have an idea of how Government runs  hence dishes out lies that catches his fancy to whip up sentiments against the people’s governor, including this manner of unpardonable lie”.


The statement reads:


“The attention of the Ogun State Government has been drawn to a video clip of the governorship candidate of the African Democratic Congress, ADC, one Biyi Otegbeye, purporting that the Gateway City Gate Monument at the Sagamu Interchange was erected at a whooping N7bn.


“While we do not intend to join issues with Mr Otegbeye and his likes over barefaced falsehood and puerile attempt to sell his candidacy to the good people of Ogun State, it is pertinent to state that his claim is not only pure falsehood, but also absolute fallacy, complete calumny and a figment of his warped imagination.


“Having failed to clinch the APC gubernatorial ticket, Otegbeye has been wandering round parties, shopping for cheap and less known parties’ ticket, trying to get on the ballot through the back door – fair or foul.


“His attempt to hoodwink the public through his appearance before the revered League of Imams and Alfas. spewing falsehood around the City Gate  Monument shows the kind of mindset he has if he were to be Governor of the State


“The fact of the matter is that the iconic Gateway City Gate Monument that has received rave reviews and endorsements by a wide segment of the public, including the Presidency costs less than 5 percent of his imagined cost. Mr. Otegbeye must probably have thought or believed that a project of such magnitude could not have cost less than N7bn. He probably would have spent this or more if he or any of his kind were to be in charge of the people’s Commonwealth in Ogun State.


“The custodian of this Commonwealth today – Prince Dapo Abiodun – is a proven prudent manager of men and resources, whose track records in the private sector justifiably earned him the people’s trust and mandate, which he equally brought to bear on public service and governance in the last 44months!


“He has deployed people’s resources to build more than 400km of roads, rehabilitated over 1000 public schools, built 1,500 affordable housing units, revamped the health sector, created thousands of jobs in ICT and agriculture, digitised the state economy  and turned Ogun State to investors’ first destination of choice and the Industrial Capital of the country.


“We are confident that Ogun State people are too sophisticated for this kind of infantile politics of Mr Biyi Otegeye and other mudslingers and fake godfathers


“We would not be deterred from delivering the dividend of democracy by the antics of people like Biyi Otegbeye. While calling our people to ignore him, it is in his enlightened self-interest to seek knowledge in order to address his ignorance and apologise to the people of Ogun State,  especially the League of Imams and Alfas for his lies. The people deserve to know how Mr Otegbeye arrived at this bizarre figure. Of course, it was simply concocted!


“Otegbeye, probably out of ignorance thought the Gateway City a fancy flight. No. It is a more fundamental symbolic depiction of our diversity and strength.


“The Gateway City Gate Project is not just a Park or beautification project, it is a welcome sign to visitors, investors and everyone that something new is happening in Ogun State.


“It is our welcoming brand to the entrance of the State Capital and centre point of our State and an ICON depicting the joining of hands for Building the future Together in our State. It is a symbol of our unity and a unifying structure that binds our people together”


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Sen. ‘Soji Akanbi Commends President Buhari’s New Petroleum Committee, acknowledges Tinubu’s role



Sen. ‘Soji Akanbi Commends President Buhari’s New Petroleum Committee, acknowledges Tinubu’s role




Oyo State frontline politician, Senator Rilwan Adesoji Akanbi has commended President Muhammadu Buhari for his recent setting up of a 14 man petroleum committee which he is heading, in order to resolve the current petroleum scarcity.

Senator Akanbi pointed out that the action is worthy of note and goes a long way to show the humane side of the president and the fact that he cares for the citizenry.

The Senator went on to recall the President’s recent visit to Lagos and his cutting of the tape to put in process the operational opportunities of the new Dangote Refinery in the Lekki area of Lagos as being one of the major highpoints of President Buhari tenure, which will galvanise commerce and development in the whole of Africa, since the new Dangote Refinery, happens to be the biggest refinery so far in Africa.

“Time has finally come through this present dispensation, to offer Nigerians, an economic breakthrough that will eventually, and soonest too, see a huge number of employment opportunities in Nigeria, and a roll out of more multiplier economic benefits in the land,” said Senator Adesoji Akanbi.

“And I must also commend Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, his Deputy, Obafemi Hamzat and the entire Lagos State government for the Blue Rail mass transportation project and the Rice Mill project, both capital intensive development projects which are targeted to change the entire face of the state into a mega city, where there is ease of transportation and easy access to rice, a staple food which has come to be one of the most loved by the entire Nigerian populace.

“But the best is even yet to come, and more shall we see once Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu wins the upcoming presidential election. You can recall that these new Lagos development projects were all laid out during the governorship of Tinubu in Lagos, of which subsequent governors ensured it’s continuity. I can assure you that, there are more people waiting to build more gigantic refineries and so many investors waiting right now in the wings for Asiwaju to win the election, so that they can commence their different projects. Definitely, with Tinubu in the saddle as president, Nigeria will be great again. It’s the private sector that drives any economy and its takes a leader like Tinubu to provide such enabling environment for such infrastructure s to take place. The Lekki free trade zone and the airport and the other good things happening in Lagos, are just a tip of what a President Tinubu in office, will do to replicate in the entire country.”

Senator Akanbi also said that some people are saying that the change of money by the Central Bank of Nigeria, was targeted at Tinubu and the APC. “That is very wrong,” he replied. “Everyone knows that elections are costly. In some countries, trillions are spent on elections. The change of money affects all the political parties because we all need money to pay for logistics. And I am hereby using this opportunity to call on the Central Bank, to extend the deadline, because as at today, some banks are still paying customers the old notes, so extension of the deadline is now a must.”

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