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Lagos has attracted over a billion dollars in data session – Lagos Govt



Lagos has attracted over a billion dollars in data session – Lagos Govt By Ifeoma Ikem




Gov. Babajide Sanwolu, the Lagos state governor says the state government has attracted over a billion dollars in data session in the last one year.





Sanwolu said this during the Art Of Technology ; with theme ,Talent Acceleration and A Smarter Lagos on Thursday in Lagos.







The governor was ably represented by his deputy Dr Babafemi Hamzat.







“In the past one year, Lagos has attracted over a billion dollars in data session investment.








“Our smart city implementation has deployed over six hundred smart intelligence video cameras as well as intelligent transport cameras.




” Over the past years through our initial ITs deployment which is the intelligence traffic system, we now have automatic plate number recognition cameras”.








He said that Lagos has become the number one startup ecosystem in Africa in terms of performance and share numbers in start up creating value between 2019 and 2021.







“With over 12 percent increase resulting to 1.5billion dollars in venture capital funding, in 2022 alone we recorded over two thousands start ups, creating and contributing value across agriculture construction and health.








“We have enabled a better collaborating technology in the ecosystem with 25 thousands online and offline registration”.









He point out that the continued progress is a testimony provided to both private, public sector and stakeholders to procreate and drive value in this ecosystem which the state is particularly happy for the growth.








“Lagos has provided the central core of business and technological development in Nigeria for decades.





“Our administration’s contribution is evident in different implementation and initiatives of our organization.








“Through the first Art of Technology we were able to identify the need to access talent development inclusion of both male and female.









“In this start up, there are initial funding of activities in deepening internet Penetration, we have included over 2900 kms of fiber optic deployment across the state which has connected about 100 Schools.









“Also we have partnered with telecoms industries and using our optics dusk to power their 5G distinction”,he added.









“We also reinstating our identity management programmes through our Lagos agency that will seek to identify all inhabitant of Lagos for this project.










Hakeem Fahn, the Commissioner, Ministry of science and technology, in his welcome address, said the event brought together the commercial and public stakeholders to explore policy and strategy that will help Lagos become efficient, and digitally competitive.









Fahn urged stakeholders to work together to speed up ideas and adoption of effective techniques which is the only way they can gain success in the digital world.









“With our tireless efforts this program will assist the youth in achieving their objective, he added.







Victor Afolabi, the founder of Eko Innovative Centre noted that there is a gap between technology and policy making which need to be bridged.









Afolabi said that the conversation should be about talent and that has become the new goal of Eko Inovative Centre.








“There is no other way in getting them but rather catching them young and that is what we are trying to do.







“Before these youths get into university we have to expose them to experiences in the technical system so that they can be well skilled and equipped”.










Another speaker Olatunbosun Alake the Special Adviser on Innovation and Technology to the Lagos State governor, highlighted the talent challenges is part of issue that we have .








According to him,a speaker said he does not see relocating as an issue but exploiting and we are also preparing a ground work for more talent to be exploited like if you have a talent and Nigerian’s in UK use Nigeria product which will serve as more revenue to our status.







Finally ,he stated that today was an opportunity to discuss the strategies we have and create more value for Nigeria








Art of Technology (AOT) 4.0, Lagos is an annual tech conference curated by Eko Innovation Centre, one of the largest and leading tech hubs in Nigeria.


Lagos has attracted over a billion dollars in data session - Lagos Govt


Apostle Edith Grace urges Patience and Prayers amidst National unrest



*Apostle Edith Grace urges Patience and Prayers amidst National unrest




Apostle Edith Grace, the esteemed national convener of the National Prayer Conference, (pray for Nigeria)has called on Nigerians to exercise restraint and patience during the current administration of President Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Her remarks come in the wake of announcements regarding an impending national protest.

In a recent media engagement, Apostle Grace emphasized the importance of faith and prayer during these trying times. “We should be prayerful that the Nigerian government will be established on a keystone. We strongly believe in God and must show restraint; this is a time of temptation and tempest, but all is well,” she asserted as she quote from the Holy Bible ” After you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace who has called you to His eternal Glory in Christ, will Himself restore, confirm, strengthen and establish you” (1 Peter 5:10).

Addressing the concerns fueling the protest, Grace urged Nigerians to reconsider their actions. “There is no need to organize this protest over nothing. This is like making a matter perilous and even more perilous. There is a need to give the government time to cement the economy,” she said.

Apostle Grace concluded her address with a reminder of divine faith. “We can’t underestimate God! His mercies abound, and we must recognize that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. It is essential to look up to God.”

Beyond her role as a spiritual leader, Apostle Edith Grace is celebrated for her multifaceted contributions to national growth and community development. As a devoted mother, she has instilled values of compassion and service in her children, ensuring a legacy of kindness and philanthropy.

Grace is also a talented singer whose soulful music has uplifted many, blending messages of hope and faith. Her songs often echo the themes of resilience and divine trust, resonating deeply with her audience.

A prolific writer, she has authored several books that delve into spiritual growth, prayer, and the Christian journey. Her writings have become essential readings for many seeking guidance and inspiration in their faith.

Her evangelistic efforts have seen her travel across the nation, spreading the gospel and engaging in charitable works. Apostle Grace’s philanthropy is widely recognized, as she has been instrumental in various community development projects, including providing for the underprivileged and supporting educational initiatives.

Apostle Edith Grace’s steadfast commitment to prayer and community service embodies the spirit of national unity and progress. Her call for patience and faith during these challenging times reflects her deep-seated belief in a brighter future for Nigeria, grounded in trust in God and collective effort.


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Invasion threat: Stay off Kogi, indigenes warn anarchists, say ‘consequences won’t be palatable’



Invasion threat: Stay off Kogi, indigenes warn anarchists, say ‘consequences won’t be palatable’


Youths in Kogi State have warned those they described as agents of enemies of the state to desist from painting the wrong picture to outsiders, saying that the ex governor lives in government house, and any attempt by outsiders or defeated politicians from within to go near the Kogi Government House in the guise of occupying the government house will be vehemently resisted.

The youths, who described those threatening to occupy the Kogi Government House as a faceless group of ethnic jingoists doing the bidding of embattled paymasters, dared anyone to try such and test the popularity of the immediate past Governor of Kogi State, Yahaya Bello and his successor, Governor Usman Ododo.

Thousands of youths, who are registered member of the Kogi Youths Stakeholder Forum, said this in a joint statement made available to the press on Tuesday by the Coordinator, Comrade Tunde G. Muhammed, and signed in Lokoja by Yunisa Idris, Yusuf Ndako, Idris Kabir, Osovehe Jimmoh, Itoba Momoh, Agali Oluwafemi, Mayowa Williams, Ocholi Idris, Hassan Gambo and Oloruneffa Jegede.

“Our patience has been tested enough, no one should try anything to undermine democracy in Kogi State or the consequences will not be palatable. They will be shocked,” they warned.

The youths condemned the talk of invasion being spread by political actors and echoed by ethnocentric agents of destruction in the state as suspicious and an attack on democracy, saying any further oppression would be met with stiff resistance.

According to them, there is a pending court case that has been adjourned and the illegally obtained warrant of arrest is a subject of appeal as it was obtained against a valid court order.

“This needless noise is clearly persecution taken too far as we, the bona-fide citizens of Kogi State, know that no Governor has performed better than Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello since inception. His successor is riding on this solid foundation to deliver even better dividends,” they said.

“We categorically reject even the thought of disrupting the peace and stability of our state through unlawful occupation. Our dutiful Governor Usman Ododo was duly elected and the current occupier of the Lugard House. Such threat from whatever quarters is an attempt to overthrow democracy and pave way for anarchy.

“We know the voice of Jacob and hand of Esau and warn all those trying to cause chaos because they have lost at the polls, those conniving with enemies of Yahaya Bello outside, to desist. We have been patient enough in the face of the endless persecution and defamation. We will not allow anything that will be counter-productive to the peace, progress, development and well-being of all bonafide residents of Kogi. Our dear State is currently undergoing a critical period of development and consolidation of democratic values.

“It is on this basis that we enjoin all indigenes of our dear state to ignore the empty and baseless threats arising from ethnic jingoists. The Confluence state has witnessed transition from Igala to Igala and heavens did not fall then.

“The transition process from Ex-Governor Yahaya Bello to Governor Usman Ododo has come to stay,” the youths stated.

The Stakeholder, reacting to a statement “by a group that called itself People of Kogi, calling for the ex-governor to be handed over to the EFCC”, said those making that demand were illiterates, who don’t understand the process of law.

“For us in KYSF, we consider this as a joke taken too far. For the sake of clarity, it has become imperative to highlight the achievements of the former Governor, His Excellency Yahaya Bello, during his tenure as governor and his legacies of visionary leadership.

“This is an incontrovertible fact, that under Ex- GYB, Kogi State witnessed significant infrastructural development, improvements in healthcare and education sectors with notable strides in agriculture and youth empowerment. Undoubtedly, his administration’s efforts toward peace and security are commendable and have contributed to the stability we currently enjoy in our dear state today. Whatever haters peddle can’t erase this.

“It is important to clarify that the allegations against His Excellency Yahaya Bello are primarily driven by political opponents who have yet to come to terms with the outcome of the previous election. We firmly believe that these accusations will be proven baseless in due course, and Yahaya Bello will be vindicated.

“To those being misled into tribal politics and manipulated by vested interests, we advise you to stay off Kogi State. We urge all citizens to remain vigilant as we collectively protect the interests of our people. Furthermore, we urge all stakeholders and concerned parties to seek accurate information and refrain from being misled by politically motivated agendas. The legal matters concerning His Excellency Yahaya Bello are being addressed through appropriate channels, and we are confident that justice will prevail.

“In conclusion, we call upon all genuine residents of Kogi State to prioritize peace, unity, and adherence to the law of the land. Let us continue to work together to build a brighter future for our state, free from unnecessary strife and division,” the youths stated.

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Edo 2024: Obaseki Inflammatory Statement on Sen. Monday Okpebholo Convoy attack capable of causing unrest in Nigeria…. Daniel Eromosele a.k.a PIKOLO



Edo 2024: Obaseki Inflammatory Statement on Sen. Monday Okpebholo Convoy attack capable of causing unrest in Nigeria…. Daniel Eromosele a.k.a PIKOLO


It is an established fact that the Convoy of Edo state Apc Governorship flagbearer senator Monday Okpebholo was attacked alongside his entourage while coming out from the Benin Airport, leading to the lost of life of one of his Security aides.

It is also confirmed with Video evidence that shortly after the attack on Senator Monday Okpebholo, the Edo state Governor, Obaseki in one of his Political Meeting made and incisive statement that anyone stopping his Political calendar will be burnt. He said “We just kept quiet with what they tried last Thursday, if they try what they tried last Thursday Nigeria will burn and I will lead it”. Too bad for a seating, Governor, Haba, is politics a do or die affair?

Also ahead of the proposed Nationwide protest on August 1st, by some Nigerian youths, this statement from the Edo state Governor might incite the youths and turn the protest into a similar violent end sars protest, that was hijacked and ended violently.

A Governor is not supposed to make such statement, by threatening violence and also claimed he will lead it. This statement is daring the president of the nation.

To this development Many Edo state indigenes Frown at the inflammatory statement said by the Edo Governor saying the statement can cause chaos in the state leading to Political instability and security threat to the life of the good people of Edo state.

According to reliable sources APC has petitioned the perpetrators of the tragic attack to the inspector General of police and the fingered suspects have gone into hiding, thereby frustrating the police in doing investigation.

Meanwhile Edo State Government has petitioned the Inspector General Police over the Thursday, July 18, 2024 breakdown of law and order in the State which was orchestrated by the former Deputy Governor of the State, Philip Shaibu under the pretext of executing a judgment of the Federal High Court in Abuja for which a stay of execution had been filed and an appealed entered.

In the petition signed by the State Solicitor General, Prof. Faith Osadolor on behalf of the State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, the State Government said Shaibu, contrary to the rule of law, recruited a throng of heavily armed thugs, including Tony Adun (Aka Tony Kabaka), Daniel Eromosele (Aka Pikolo), Efe Stewart, Joseph Okonigene, Noah Amiolemen Idemudia, among others, resorting to self-help, leading to the wanton destruction within the Benin metropolis and death of a Police officer.

Why is Obaseki witch hunting Daniel Eromosele a.k.a Pikolo? is it because he is making videos and campaigning for his principal. He wasn’t even there at the crime scene.

Therefore they are calling on all the Good people of Edo state to come out and Vote for change, Vote for the APC at the forth coming Governorship Election, saying what the Good people of Edo state needs now is Development and they insist that the Person tested and trusted that can bring the expected change and development is not other person than the APC candidate Sen.Monday Okpebholo
At this stage, what we need is a leader that has vision and a good mission that will transform the state, not people planning to use Force on the People.

We have learned our lesson, and we will decide now for the interest of our state and for generations yet unborn, the Edo Indigene Laments.

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