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Land Grabbing: Community Head writes SOS To Police, Ogun State Government Setting the record straight…….



Land Grabbing: Community Head writes SOS To Police, Ogun State Government Setting the record straight.......

Land Grabbing: Community Head writes SOS To Police, Ogun State Government

Setting the record straight…….


A rejoinder to the crocodile tears of one Segun Abayomi Lawal,a political jobber, impostor and hypocritical human being



Land Grabbing: Community Head writes SOS To Police, Ogun State Government

Setting the record straight.......

Erebe an ancient town in Odogbolu Local Government Area of Ogun State had being a peaceful society under the exclusive control of the eight (8) branches of the founding family of Erebe town, the OLOJA ADEKOYA (OFIRIGIDI) ANIKINAIYA FAMILY until recently when the Ogun State Government during the tenure of Otunba Gbenga Daniel (OGD) relocated the Sikiru Adetona College of Education, Science & Technology to Odo-Jobore directly beside Erebe. Mindful that Omu had no more vacant land in Ogun State as acknowledged in Omu’s Community’s submission before the Boundary Adjustment Commission of the Federal Government in 1976 and enviously motivated by the prime value of Erebeland due to it’s proximity to the said tertiary institution, one Oba Oludaisi Mosuro of Omu, Oba Segun Awokoya of Irete and one Obateru Akeem of Egbin near Ikorodu conspired amongst themselves with one Banjoko alias THREECO a popular land agent in the Lekki areas of Lagos State, one Jamiu Ojetete alias Jamani, Abayomi Adelaja alias Ogunyalu, Segun Lawal alias Eraser, Moshood Osinowo and others to create one ALADE OGBE ADELAJA SOKEFUN as their FAMILY name in Erebe in a bid to claim Erebeland. Our parent ruling House, the ANIKILAYA RULING HOUSE of the Awujale of Ijebuland, Ijebu Ode vide it’s letter dated 24/01/2007 warned the last Baale of Erebe, late Chief Moshood Osinowo to refrain from collaborating with the aforementioned land grabbers in their attempt to encroach on Oloja Adekoya Ofirigidi Anikinaiya’s Erebeland and advised them to tender their case before the ruling house if they have an iota of legitimacy in their claim to Erebeland.
The conspirators in issue rather than explore the opportunity offered by the Anikilaya Ruling House replied the Ruling House vide a letter dated July 21st, 2008 that they have no connection whatsoever with HRM Awujale Anikilaya’s family that HRM Anikilaya’s son Oloja Adekoya Ofirigidi was a refugee at Erebe.
These land grabbers in their aforementioned ALADE OGBE SOKEFUN ADELAJA name took the OLOJA ADEKOYA OFIRIGIDI ANIKINAIYA FAMILY, Erebe to court vide suit: HCJ/82/2009. Not wanting to beat a retreat after been overwhelmed by the traditional history of the Oloja Adekoya (Ofirigidi) Anikinaiya family with several documentary evidences affirming same from the Anikilaya Ruling House, Ijebu Ode as well as from Imota via Ikorodu, a town founded by same our ancestor, Oloja Adekoya (Ofirigidi) and records from independent sources such as the National Archives, Wikipedia and certain authored records of over 70years, the land grabbing conspirators in their fraudulent nature sometimes in November, 2015 went in the direction of abandoning their former name ALADE OGBE, created and adopted one SANGOKOYA OFIRIGIDI, a similar name to our family name; OLOJA ADEKOYA OFIRIGIDI, gave false information to the Ogun State Government and presented one of themselves Segun Lawal as Baale over our town, Erebe.

As a pretext to keep us away from our legitimate heritage these land grabbers took the Oloja elect to court that a letter addressed thus;
The Olori Ebi,
OLOJA ADEKOYA OFIRIGIDI ROYAL FAMILY, EREBE IJEBU signed by one of the land grabbers named ABAYOMI ADELAJA dated 5th February, 2016 was forged. Senior Magistrate Idowu Olayinka of the Odogbolu Magistrate court declared that the letter in issue subject of Charge No: MOD/46C/2018 is authentic and signed by the conspirators who were dubiously trying to deny reality as the said letter alone is an incontrovertible evidence invalidating impostors’ use of a similar name to our family name at the Ijebu Ode High Court to claim land at Erebe.

We had written several petitions to the Ogun State Government in this regard but the conspirators boasts of being backed by their Otunba Gbenga Daniel (OGD) who they claimed has the Nigerian Police, Ogun state Government and the judiciary in his pocket cannot be further from the truth as the land grabbers tendered forged documents, lied on oath and committed perjury to acquire 20.981 acres of the same land subject of suit: HCJ/82/2009 in another suit: HCJ/121/2015 with their new name SANGOKOYA. Contrary to the land grabbers misleading information to the public that they have a judgment covering entire Erebe land, the judgment is strictly on 20.981 acres of land and had been appealed based on the fact that it was fraudulently obtained as amongst other obvious reasons the judge rather than treating the facts of the case opted for technicality that the letter U as it appeared in EREBE IJEBU in the survey tendered by our family was traced in ink and not signed whereas we defined the location of the land as required in law.

The public are hereby informed that SANGOKOYA as son of Awujale Anikilaya WAS NOT part of the prayers sought and granted by the said court. While we have taken further steps to protect our heritage from the impostors latest (sangokoya) of Omu, the aforementioned land agents have recently being partitioning our lands, using the instrumentality of complicit police formations to take over the remaining Erebeland including 880 acres of land outside the 20.981 acres subject of appeal court litigation. To achieve their fraudulent objective the impostors have created several other aegis, such as a parallel Erebe Community Development Association and others which receipts they issue for Erebe lands illegally being sold. As at the time of making this public notice our lives are in danger as these illegal money crazy conspirators have engaged cultists and hired assassins to kill the Oloja elect of Erebe, Omoba Olawunmi Samuel, myself and other members of our family.

The parties sometimes in the year 2009 went to the Association of Osugbo Ijebuland which gave judgment in 2009 that Erebe is the exclusive business of the Oloja of Erebe, Oba Adekoya Ofirigidi descendants.

The conspirators are not only forgers of documents and history to grab land but men whose love for cheap land money has been made slaves to their stomachs.

For the records, Omu town became a landmark for Erebe area being the place where a market for sales of mat “Eni” a general trade of Erebe and environs was first established and as such visitors from Ibadan, Oyo, Ikorodu and other places usually refer to the area as Omu Eleni which earned the town her undisputed popularity this day. However, the fact remains that Erebe granted its fern farmland “Oko Imu” corrupted to Omu this day as a settlement in 1849 to refugees of the Owu war and some Igbehin-Egba migrants as approved by our ancestor, HRM Awujale Anikilaya after the Owu Ipole war of 1822 – 1829.

Sometimes in May, 2023 the conspirators ganged up with others at large with their thugs unleashed terror on Erebe community, burnt Oloja’s ancestral palace, demolished same, forcefully entered the community’s farmland – destroying our cash crops, removed traditional totems causing mayhem and using Police to harass innocent people and still went to report to the police that our people perpetrated those crimes in a bid to implicate us over very straight land matters. Our family members were unjustly charged to court over false information raised to the police by Segun Lawal that we burnt his fathers house at Omu till the Ogun State Directorate of Pubic Prosecution’s legal advise to the court exonerated our people and exposed the fact that there is no extent which these land grabbers could not go in the pursuit of cheap land money.

These land grabbers and their client one Banjoko alias THREECO whose thugs and complicit police formations have continued to find means to kills my humble, other members of our family while parading the fraudulently acquired 20.981 acres of land judgement to be selling part of the remaining 880.981 acres of Erebe land to unsuspecting members of the public. The general public, Odogbolu Local Government, the Senator-Representing Ogun East Senatorial District, Ijebu Traditional Council, the Awujale Place and the Ogun State Government are hereby alerted of these developments and should note that;
1. Erebe towns’ founding family, OLOJA ADEKOYA OFIRIGIDI ANIKILAYA FAMILY is neither the same nor connected to Owu Omu’s SANGOKOYA’s recently created to expand and annex Erebe land.
2. No Baale or any chieftaincy whatsoever in history has ever being made over any section of Erebeland outside the consent, approval and supervision of the OLOJA ADEKOYA (OFIRIGIDI) ANIKINAIYA FAMILY who are the legitimate owners of Erebe land.
3.Baale as erroneously been recently misrepresented by the land grabbers is relevant only in communities whose founders are not royals, it is a taboo for a Prince of credible background to be appointed a Baale.
4. Oloja which is the ancestral title of the Oloja Adekoya Ofirigidi descendants is not in the category of Baale or Rarun in Ijebuland.
2. SEGUN LAWAL and anyone else made Baale by the Olomu on Erebe territory against the interest and consent of the OLOJA ADEKOYA (OFIRIGIDI) FAMILY is an impostor who has neither authority nor connection with Erebeland.
3. It is a generally acknowledged fact that our ancestor OLOJA ADEKOYA OFIRIGIDI son of AWUJALE ANIKILAYA founded Imota town via Ikorodu, anyone trying to change the name to SANGOKOYA as is being attempted by these landgrabbers are fraudsterds and undoubtedly men with questionable character.
4. The ANIKILAYA RULING HOUSE, Ijebu Ode where late Prince Adebola Sanya was General Secretary and the incumbent Treasurer, Prince Onabanjo Segun both from our branch, OLOJA ADEKOYA OFIRIGIDI is not for sale and as such the impostors should be mindful that their days to answer for all acts of impersonation is numbered.
5. Government should sanction Obas who on the guise of chieftaincy privileges create Baales over traditionally superior territories as it is the case with Omu, Irete in relation to Erebe in a bid to grab, incite violence to benefit land for personal gains and as fronts for politicians on which behalf they deal in lands.
6. Any Obaship candidate whose business is land related should sign undertaking not to involve in land in his area as it it is the case with Onirete who has not turn a new leaf from the plethora of land grabbing accusations against him in Lekki area of Lagos and has now found Erebe town and villages as his next line of business, in company of his friend THREECO signing agreements with several Omu families to claim Erebe villages.
8. If these impostors could come out and be making false claims which we hereby disclaim, one could understand the kind of information they used to persuade His Excellncy, Otunba Gbenga Daniel (OGD) whose influence and name they claim to usually employ to circumvent the police and the judicial processes in their bid to grab our land and even claim certain acres of our land is allotted to OGD which we are anxiously waiting for him to come and take possession and tell us if one has money, influence and position, getting other people’s properties and ancestry is the next line of business as his allies are claiming he does in this case.

Though, the undersigned has done all along several petitions at various times to the following governmental offices for help, which are to no avail before now
1. Ogun State, Governor’s office
2. Ogun State ministry of Justice
3. Commissioner of Police, Ogun State command
4.The State Director
Ogun State security services ( SSS)

And it was discovered that same impostors went extra miles to misinform the general public and government agencies that they have a judgment declaring SANGOKOYA as a son of AWUJALE ANIKILAYA as well as covering the entire EREBE landmass. IT WAS ALL LIES FROM THE FIGMENT OF THE NARRATORS IMAGINATION. WE CHALLENGE THEM TO TENDER SAME TO THE PUBLIC
We wish to inform the public that the latest false information from these land grabbers through Segun Lawal is a ploy to defend to change the narrative for evading police service of invitation letter, evading arrest, damaging of police vehicles, shooting at police and using cultists to prevent police in exercise of their lawful duty which caused pandemonium at Erebe on the 31st of January, 2024 in which cultists engaged police in shoot out to pave the way for the shedder of crocodile tears (Segun Lawal).
He who commits no crime needs not to run away from police invitation, we as a responsible family have always honored every invitation even arrest including the unlawful arrest and detention of our over 80 years old head of family, Omoba Titilola Olawunmi at the behest of frivolous charges orchestrated by Segun Lawal. Hence if the police are investigating a claim of raising false information to the police occasioning malicious prosecution of opponents and other issues perpetrated by the land grabbers why running away and manufacturing lies to the public in search of sympathy.
The baseless narrative being pushed by these land grabbers mischievously branding our family, who are the legitimate owners of Erebeland as land grabbers is a reflection of the debased level which our society has found itself in terms of morals and integrity.

Please, I am using this medium to get to all well meaning people to come to our aid. Save us from the grab of these Owu war refugee Ajagungbales paying the good intentions of our ancestors with evil such that this expansionist campaign of the present Omu leadership won’t be a repeat of what transpired in 1862 when the quarrelsome attitude of their ancestors as reported by the Europeans visitors to Ijebuland culminated in the avoidable loss of human life at Omu. We pause here.


Omoba Yisa Akintunde Mumuni

For and on behalf of the
Erebe Ijebu Town, Ogun State.


The SUN names Dr. Olufemi Bakre as Banker of the Year 2023



The SUN names Dr. Olufemi Bakre as Banker of the Year 2023.

The SUN names Dr. Olufemi Bakre as Banker of the Year 2023.


In acknowledgment of his outstanding leadership at Parallex Bank, The Sun Newspapers, organisers of The Sun Award, have conferred the title of Banker of the Year 2023 upon Dr. Olufemi Bakre, the Managing Director of Parallex Bank. In his opening remarks at the elaborate event at the Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos on Saturday, Mr. Onuoha Ukeh, the Managing Director of Sun Newspaper, said the Sun Awards annually aim to recognise and celebrate Nigerians who have demonstrated remarkable success in their respective fields, despite the challenging economic conditions in Nigeria.


The SUN names Dr. Olufemi Bakre as Banker of the Year 2023.



According to Ukeh, the year 2023 was particularly noteworthy for Nigeria, marked by political events and the removal of petroleum subsidies. Despite the myriad challenges faced by individuals and businesses, some Nigerians exhibited resilience, utilising their skills to succeed in their endeavors. He added that the individual awardees have made a significant impact on their chosen careers and interests.


The Chairman of the occasion and Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator George Akume, said nation-building is a collective effort, and the choice of Sun Newspapers to celebrate and reward individuals who are making great strides in nation-building is commendable. Akume congratulated all awardees and urged them not to relent in giving their very best to the nation.


Among the notable Nigerians recognised for their milestone achievement in 2023 is Dr. Olufemi Bakre, who, according to The Sun, has utilised exceptional skills to position Parallex Bank as a leading technology-driven financial institution in the country. Within less than two years of its operation as a deposit money bank in Nigeria, Parallex Bank, under Dr. Bakre’s leadership, has demonstrated strong indicators of being a sustainable and profitable institution.


Dr. Bakre, a seasoned banker, commenced his flourishing career with MBC International Bank, later assuming the position of General Manager and eventually becoming the Group Head, Multilateral, Financial Institutions, and Global Custody at First Bank after MBC’s acquisition in 2006. He distinguished himself by initiating and delivering the First Bank of China Representative Office. He joined FCMB in 2011 and held various positions until he was appointed Executive Director of Corporate and Institutional Banking in the United Kingdom and Nigeria. He was appointed as the Managing Director of Parallex Bank in 2021, making him the pioneering Managing Director of the bank as a commercial bank.


According to Bakre, Parallex Bank’s substantial investment in digital technology has made it the preferred bank in the industry due to the efficiency, convenience, and reliability of its digital platforms. He emphasised that Parallex Bank has become highly attractive to customers due to its value-added services, such as zero account maintenance fees, free interbank transfers, free debit cards, and unique account numbers.


He said Parallex Bank is driven by a commitment to deliver premium value-adding services that meet the diverse needs of all customer segments, including individuals, corporations, and businesses, with a particular focus on SMEs and commercial entities.


Expressing humility in the face of the awards, Dr. Olufemi Bakre stated that it is fulfilling to see efforts, sacrifices, dedication, and passion being recognised externally, in addition to bearing fruit for the organization. Bakre considers the award a great honour and privilege, dedicating it to God, who has transformed his journey from grass to modest grace, and the passionate workforce of Parallex Bank.


Bakre said Parallex Bank’s vision to become the leading financial solutions provider, revolutionising the customer experience through innovation, coupled with the collective determination to redefine banking services and provide customers with unparalleled opportunities, was the driving force behind receiving the award. He added that the steadfast dedication of the Board, management, and the team to delivering limitless possibilities has also garnered the trust and acknowledgment of their valued customers. He expressed gratitude to the Board of Parallex Bank for their relentless support, and the management of The Sun Newspapers for deeming him worthy of the honour.


Other notable awardees of The Sun Awards 2023 include Tobi Bakre, who won the Nollywood Icon of the Year, the founder and president of Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, Mr. Tony Elumelu, and Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State, among others.

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Alanquadri Investment Boss, Amodemaja Adeboye Preaches Hope & Positivity On His Birthday



Alanquadri Investment Boss, Amodemaja Adeboye Preaches Hope & Positivity On His Birthday.

Alanquadri Investment Boss, Amodemaja Adeboye Preaches Hope & Positivity On His Birthday.


Life is on the upward curve for Amodemaja Adeboye, the compassionate philanthropist and chief executive officer (CEO) of Alanquadri Investment Nigeria Limited, a prosperous privately-owned Nigerian company with interests in key sectors of the Nigerian economy. For Amodemaja, it has been a story of onward and upward. His business has continued to thrive despite the economic hardship troubling the soul of Nigeria. All is well on the home front, too.


Alanquadri Investment Boss, Amodemaja Adeboye Preaches Hope & Positivity On His Birthday.



The high-flying businessman had a reason to celebrate yesterday. Amodemaja turned another year older in style. What a privilege to welcome another year full of grace in the land of the living. Expectedly, Amodemaja’s in a good mood at the moment. It’s a special event because it comes once in a year.

But Amodemaja wasn’t in the mood for a lavish celebration to mark the milestone. Better known for his philanthropic heart, Amodemaja opted for a low-key celebration due to the current economic crisis in the country. Reflecting on the current economic realities in the country; Amodemaja decided to reach out to the less privileged in honour of his special day.

Disturbed by the increasing hardship in the land, Amodemaja apart from his philanthropic gestures has urged Nigerians not to lose hope due to the economic crisis in the country. In his birthday media chat, the successful businessman encouraged his compatriots to exercise a little more patience for the government of President Bola Tinubu to get the country out of the woods. Commending Nigerians for their resilience and patience, Amodemaja said there’s light at the end of the tunnel. He said hope is on the horizon. And that this hardship shall pass, too.

A distinguished member of Nigeria’s business community. Under his guidance, Alanquadri Investment Nigeria Limited has grown in leaps and bounds. Described as a brilliant businessman, Amodemaja’s success is rooted in his commitment to excellence and integrity. He has built a strong reputation for excellence.

His company, Alanquadri, under his leadership became synonymous with quality and credibility. Today, Alanquadri Investment is one of Nigeria’s leading private companies providing job opportunities for hundreds of Nigerians in the private sector.

Amodemaja’s Alanquadri has interests in livestock farming, plantation, agriculture and so much more. Beyond his business prowess, Amodemaja is famous for his philanthropy championing various empowerment initiatives aimed at lifting his people out of poverty.

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Born in Enugu to proud parents from the vibrant community of Ekwuoke Umuekwune in Ngor/Okpara local government area of Imo state, Okereafocha Ifeanyi Darlington’s journey embodies the spirit of resilience and determination deeply rooted in the Nigerian ethos.




Darlington’s educational journey commenced in his hometown in Imo state. However, his quest for broader horizons led him to the bustling city of Lagos, where opportunities abound for those willing to seize them. While some might have opted for opportunities abroad, Darlington’s heart remained steadfast in his commitment to contribute to the growth and development of his homeland.

Embarking on a career in construction initially, Darlington demonstrated a knack for success. Yet, his entrepreneurial spirit urged him to explore new avenues. It was then that he ventured into the dynamic world of freight and logistics, establishing SWISSDARL Freight & Logistics LTD.

The journey wasn’t without its challenges. Despite the evident potential in his venture, Darlington faced obstacles in securing financial support from traditional lending institutions. Undeterred by setbacks, he pressed forward, relying on his unwavering belief in Nigeria’s economy and his vision for SWISSDARL.

SWISSDARL’s rise to prominence was fueled by Darlington’s steadfast commitment and the unwavering support of clients who shared his vision. With the influx of investments from Indian companies, the company’s trajectory soared, cementing its position as a leader in the industry.

In a symbolic move reflecting his dedication to Nigeria’s progress, Darlington acquired No.28 Western Avenue, Ojuelegba Surulere, Lagos, where he erected SWISSDARL TOWER. This monumental edifice, unveiled on 17 June, 2023, serves as the company’s headquarters with over twenty braches nation wide standing as a testament to Darlington’s faith in the nation’s potential.

The unveiling of SWISSDARL TOWER was a momentous occasion, attended by dignitaries including Bishop Osaretin Ben-Naigbe and Chairman of BOZAC Group, Patrick Chibueze. Their admiration for Darlington’s achievements echoed the sentiments of many, who recognized the company’s invaluable contributions to the nation’s economy.

Darlington’s efforts were further lauded when he received the prestigious “ICON OF SOCIETAL DEVELOPMENT” award from the National Association of Northern Nigeria Students (NANNS) in 2023. This accolade underscored his significant role in driving economic growth and fostering national development.

Despite these accolades, Darlington remains grounded and focused on the future. His active involvement in the company’s operations, as evidenced by his social media posts, reflects his enduring commitment to its success.

As SWISSDARL continues to expand its reach, Darlington’s vision extends beyond mere business success. He envisions a future where the company’s growth translates into tangible benefits for Nigeria, including job creation and socio-economic development.

In Okereafocha Ifeanyi Darlington, Nigeria has found not just an entrepreneur, but a visionary leader dedicated to harnessing the nation’s potential for the greater good. As SWISSDARL paves the way for a brighter future, Darlington’s legacy as a pioneer in Nigeria’s freight and logistics industry is firmly secured.

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