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LEAVE AND LIVE…A touching story of Didi and Mimi



LEAVE AND LIVE…A touching story of Didi and Mimi.


Didi and Mimi were an idea of a perfect couple in a rosy relationship. The definition of true love,even angels on assignment often stop to see this angelic romance and wish they had something as close to that. They were like angels in human form. They were  inseparable pairs, had new ideas of romance to bring to the table of love and they acted as if they invented love. Love itself had a crush on them!

Didi curdled Mimi like a baby in her mothers arms!

Her touch to him,was like the sun and snow caress!

Her smiles was strong enough to strangle sorrow!

He will sing her to sleep every night.

When he is at work,he will send her roses and love letters.

He was swift with words,his lips was crafted with beautiful words and the vein of his biro bleeds endlessly shading inks of poetry that even shake spare needed some tutorials from him!

He had rivers of words for all seasons!

….One day he came back home and put a challenge to her that she can’t stay off his arms for a night.

She laughed and told him that she could do it. It was an easy bone to chew that she is even tired of hearing him bore her to sleep.

They  both laughed and she took some pillows from the bed and went to the other room. She stayed awake gazing at the time,hoping that God will just shine His touch light on earth. But the night was her longest night ever. She was so uncomfortable,the bed was sandy,she couldn’t sleep but she wanted to prove a point. So she endured her most horrible night on earth till the next morning. She rushed to the room shouting, “swiddy I made it. Swiddy, I made it”. But she met her husband lifeless in front of his computer with his head on his computer table like he used to sleep when he is working late.

….On the computer screen he left a message that says” I had just three days left on earth and I spent the most amazing two days of my life on earth with the most amazing woman on earth but the third day I taught her how to live without me. Leave and live without me”


Welddy Sheddy


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