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” Why Leevenchy Brand is the fastest growing hair and beauty product in Nigeria”- Leesi vizor



Arguably, Leevenchy Brand is an internationally acclaimed fastest growing dealers of  100% quality  human hair, Lashes and beauty products in Nigeria.
In an exclusive chat with Sahara weekly,  the delectable founder and CEO of Leevenchy brand International limited , Leesi vizor, admitted that the unique selling point of the brand which stands it out among other brands is their originality,  creativity and quality which is second to none
” what stands Leevenchy out is the quality.  We don’t copy others. Creativity and originality is our unique selling point.
We travel out to get our raw materials.  We produce it ourselves.  We source our materials abroad and have partners In Vietnam, China amongst others and currently working on Malaysia. Thus, we manufacture our products by ourselves and our trademark is Quality.  The slogan is paying less to get more. “
Shedding more light on what brought about that unique name for the brand she admitted that because it’s an international brand,  she has to coin the name from her real name.
“Levenchy is coined from my name and our mission is to be different and go international with the brand”
According to her,  the massive response from clients home and abroad on the quality of their products and services was overwhelming.
” The response has been awesome. Though Rome was not built in a day and there were challenges but the massive response from clients home and abroad has been overwhelming and quite encouraging.  The good part of it is that once they come they always want to come back. Surprisingly,  people say when you go Levenchy,  you will always want to come back. I sell quality at a
lesser price and we are available 24/7 “
“We are into hair,  beauty products,  lashes and make up  we also have our own beauty salon. And our products and services are guaranteed. We also delivered”

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