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Maureen Badejo’s Days Are Numbered By Femi Oyewale




Some weeks ago, I brought to you the kind of person Maureen truly is, her life’s resume and her person as a human being, and most of all, some of her pending atrocities, and would like to reintroduce her to you again before I clear out her shameless lies. Behold Maureen Badejo, Mama Nike, Multiple fraud offenders, who Committed Bigamy, Defrauded Celtel NGN10, 000,000, Case still open in Nigeria. Founder FARIM Church UK (dead on arrival), eloped from Nigeria out of Matrimony, and escaped from Dublin over cargo business Fraud.


MFM: Maureen Badejo's Lies Exposed During Live Show (video) Just like I promised to keep the people of God and the entire populace informed with the truth and the current state of things, I am here again to burst yet another Maureen’s bubble of new set of 32 lies told so far but I will focus on 2 or 3 allegations that has made her the oaf that she is . I believe that after this, most of you watching and listening to her propagating her false stories will need to question the state of her mental health and if you are a follower its high time you thought twice. Let us check out a scripture before I expose her show of shame of the past few days. John chapter 8 verses 44. “Ye are of your father the devil (Maureen) and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, AND ABODE NOT IN THE TRUTH, BECAUSE THERE IS NO TRUTH IN HIM. WHEN HE SPEAKETH A LIE, HE SPEAKETH OF HIS OWN: FOR HE IS A LIAR AND THE FATHER OF IT” . Maureen is the mother of lies from the pit of hell where her father lives. She alleged in one of her recent live streams that a building called Shiloh has been pulled down because an investigation was launched based on her findings, She alleged that MFM KEEPS VIRGINS IN THE PROPERTY FOR RITUAL PURPOSES. What a laughable and terrible prejudice, this woman must really think highly of herself, to think that MFM LEADERSHIP AND THE GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA WILL CONDESCEND SO LOW TO LISTEN TO HER BASELESS DISPLAY OF STUPIDITY AND ACT UPON IT, SHOWS THAT SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH HER STATE OF MIND. The only reason I take my time to write and publish these nefarious streams, are for CLARITY and the sake of the young Christians and the gullible viewers who are actually her target in this whole matter.. Some of the core values of MFM as a ministry IS SOUL WINNING, DELIVERANCE, REHABILITATION OF PEOPLE, and SPIRITUAL AND PHYSICAL SUPPORT TO MANKIND. For these reasons, MFM HAS BUILT OVER 22 FURNISHED BUILDINGS fondly called hostels, that house the needy, destitute, bereaved, widows, orphans, homeless students of universities, and lots more. Sometime ago, one of these properties, SHILOH, was noticed to have a defect in structure. As a matter of fact, it was sinking, and the state Government was invited for a thorough evaluation (THE LAGOS STATE GOVERNMENT BUILDING TASK FORCE ) of which they gave a report that the building be knocked down. (The new building ) In order to make provisions for the OCCUPANTS that lived in it, the MFM authorities built another structure and relocated the occupants before knocking the building down, AND THE NEW ONE WAS COMPLETED SOMETIME IN SEPTEMBER. These occupants are widows, male students, families that are in distress and many more, but not VIRGINS like Marine Maureen claimed, neither was the place investigated and pulled down because of her nonsense and empty allegations that have no bearing. Her second show of shame was a video she played in her stream of a fracas that took place during a political gathering in South America in 2018 where there were Gunshots and serious commotions, SHE CLAIMED THAT THIS HAD TAKEN PLACE IN ONE OF THE MFM BRANCHES IN THE UK. Without further ado, I would like to ask this woman of no self-value and proper understanding, one that obviously needs psychological treatment and mental evaluation these salient questions; 1 which mfm branch in the UK holds services under an open roof as the video suggests? 2 How come people in the video are not predominantly Africans like you see in typical mfm gathering? 3 How come the people there are mainly South American and not Caucasians? 4 How come the church service has no women and children in the gathering taking cover? 5 How come there was no MFM LOGO present in the hall rather it was another logo entirely? 6 How come we didn’t hear of this DISRUPTED CHURCH gathering in the UK all these while?. if indeed it transpired in the UK, because if this had happened as you CLAIMED , it would have made headline news AND THE UK POLICE WOULD HAVE MADE ARREST don’t you think?. (CAN THIS BE MFM LOGO) Simply put, this is not an MFM GATHERING, NEVER WAS, and that event didn’t even happen in the UK but in her usual manipulative way to sway her followers and viewers she displayed HER IGNORANCE AND FOOLISHNESS by putting up this nonsense. The one that actually got to me in all of her shenanigans WAS WHEN SHE HOSTED THE PICTURE OF THE DEAD on her live stream and lied!!! That the man’s death was related to MFM, and started allegations and accusations on DR DK OLUKOYA UNTIL THE SON OF THE LATE MAN CALLED IN LATER ON THE SHOW and told her to pull her father’s picture down and that his death had nothing to do with MFM. Instead of Maureen to repent and apologise, she acted like she had done nothing wrong and remorselessly continued with her slanders and inhumane activities. I have drawn my conclusions that this woman needs mental evaluation and has serious issues and I would advise her friends and followers to ask her to seek counsel before its too late. Furthermore, I will leave Maureen and her follower with these 2 scripture one for Maureen -Proverbs 19:5 A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaketh lies shall not escape. (Tears will not help you now) and Exodus 23 for her followers- Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness. I am ready to shade out all Maureen’s lies; as far as this matter is concerned we will update you with the facts and true picture of these satanic allegations as we continue with our investigation. FEMI OYEWALE Watch video 1,2

This woman Lives on government Benefit in UK, Jobless with no reasonable engagement, Husbandless, after having 3 kids for 3 Men whose lives are in shambles till date as a result of copulating with Maureen, Spends about 35hrs weekly on Facebook with no pay. That is 140hrs monthly for US minimum wage; any job will give you $1680 a month working those hours. She Has 6 open Court cases in the UK presently both civil and criminal.




This is the kind of person that openly speaks ill of the Mountain of fire and Miracles ministries as well as bent on assassinating the character of one of the true men of God that is doing the work of God on the face of the earth. Furthermore, let me drop a little info about this man so you understand better why the devil is at work through Maureen.






Dr Olukoya is a First Class graduate of the University of Lagos and holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and two Doctorate Degrees from reputable Universities. He is a man with multiple awards on humanitarian achievements, the first Nigerian scientist to clone genes and the General Overseer off the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry. If money or earthly lucre were his main drive, he would have been extremely rich by following his profession as a scientist. But no, Dr Olukoya’s interest is not in acquisition of wealth or financial gains by any means. He is in Ministry strictly in obedience to the call of God upon his life, and that obedience has blessed men and nations globally.




It is foolhardy and strange for someone without any track record of running a house fellowship or pastoring a single branch of any church or running a successful home to stand to correct people who have global ministries

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Since MARINE Maureen will not cease to speak lies and fabricate allegations against the man of God Dr. D.k Olukoya, preying on emotions and sentiments of people whom have had issues in the past with MFM AND USING THEIR CALLS TO traumatize people and get followership, I will not stop investigating and bringing out the truth to the people of God.




We may understand the grievances of some suspended or relieved pastors from the ministry, as a result of their very questionable characters, OR SOME PEOPLE THAT HAVE HAD ISSUES UNRESOLVED. But for any so called Pastor to call into Maureen’s show and begin to question the source of mountain of fire and miracles ministry’s growth and PRESENCE OF GOD as well as the efficacy of the call of the General Overseer DR DK OLUKOYA and the miracles taking place there in, as displayed through the ministrations of the General Overseer and other authentic ministers of MFM, then that person must be looked into, for people like Maureen will always be tilted towards her satanic call.



One of such findings is the one called Sunday that spoke about MFM altar and so on.  This is a man that has been suspended from the church for different questionable activities, due to embezzlement, forgery of document, Misappropriation of church fund, unruly behavior towards members of the ministry, at a time was arrested by church members without the knowledge of the headquarters , and all sort of unchristian like behaviors. These are the likes who called into Maureen’s show and speak ill about the ministry and the Man of God DK Olukoya. It’s a shame!




Maureen, You claimed that Olukoya’s source is the altar at the headquarters! WELL LET ME SHED SOME LIGHT ON YOUR ABYSMAL IGNORANCE. for your information, MFM IS ONE OF THE LARGEST AND FASTEST GROWING MINISTRIES IN THE WORLD. My question  now is that are all the altars worldwide connected to Yaba? And does he take the altar with him when he goes all over the world to preach? Better still, during this  pandemic period, the Man of God was busy ministering and still preaching from home and the testimonies recorded and being recorded are still dumbfounding.  Does that mean  he has an altar in cyberspace?





MFM is the only ministry that teaches practical DIY COMBAT PRAYERS where no one needs to touch or do anything with you before you can witness the power of God.

Maureen claimed that one of the recent deaths of the regional overseer was caused by Dr D.k Olukoya but refused to acknowledge the letter that the son of the late R.O wrote to her concerning the allegation, AND SETTING THE RECORDS straight.

In the matters of administration and welfare, do you really think that as a global and organized ministry (MFM ), OLUKOYA IS THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR REMUNERATIONS and welfare of pastors ?,  if so ,why are there regions and zones in terms of organization structured ? You must have a very narrow mind and obviously don’t know how ministry or rather institutions work




(Below is the letter pasted on her wall from the son of the late Regional Overseer I bet it will be deleted)

Calvary greetings to you in the name of the Lord

My name is Olusanya Richard Oluwafemi, the first son of Pastor Lawrence Oluwatoyin Olusanya, the Regional overseer Kaduna NC II, who slept in the Lord on the 16th of October 2020.

This video post came to my notice a few days before his funeral, and it really saddened our heart to see such lies hit the social media. I stand to say here that everything said about the cause of my father’s death in respect to the General Overseer of Mountain of fire and Miracle Ministries, Dr D.K Olukoya, having a hand in it is a big LIE from the pit of hell. I was with my late father all through before he passed on, and none of the story said here is true.

Daddy Olukoya who is personally my spiritual father has been absolutely good to us. My trip to kaduna was funded by him, and all night during my dad’s sick period, daddy Olukoya called to check up on my dad’s health. Again I reiterate, that everything about my trip to kaduna to see my dad when he was admitted in the hospital, was sponsored by daddy Olukoya.

Without any apology, I can say publicly that he is more to me than a General Overseer, he is my father as well.

My biological father rested in Lord after a brief ailment, while he was right in the CT Scanning machine to scan his brain to find out the cause of his ailment and I was right there beside him. I have too much evidence to whatever is being said today concerning his death.

My father was one of the righteous men I know, he showed me Jesus, and the footprint he left for me to follow, it will take God to bring me up to speed. He was a GENERAL, and majority of his attributes emanated from studying the lifestyle and personality of Dr. D.K Olukoya up close for years. He was one of the G.Os favorite Regional Overseers, to the point of being nicknamed “devil must cry” by Dr. D.K Olukoya.

I therefore implore you to get your facts right. Whoever gave you this news is obviously a bad person, a failed destiny and a total disappointment to his/her creator in God Almighty.

I’ll also say and advise that Madam, you better stop this while grace is still available. To everything in life, there is time & nothing lasts forever. The way you want your children to remember you is the way you should live. God bless you and rewards your labour of love.

Please note: Any legal action we take against you, I hope you know, you will pay dearly for dragging our fathers name into your charade, be warned.

Maureen you seem not to understand that grace is running out very fast and there is still room for you to repent and refrain from blasphemy.

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I will keep investigating and making sure that the world knows the truth. I  hope to bring you up to speed with the latest on the court case as matters unfold.

Femi Oyewale