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Mohbad: More Celebrities Speak Up As Nigerians Sign Petitions To Ban Marlian Music Label



Mohbad: More Celebrities Speak Up As Nigerians Sign Petitions To Ban Marlian Music Label









































Sahara Weekly Reports That Following the death of the Nigerian music artiste Mohbad (nee Ifeoluwa Oladimeji Aloba) Nigerians have begun to sign a petition calling for the ban of the Naira Marley-owned record label, Marlian Music.













Mohbad: More Celebrities Speak Up As Nigerians Sign Petitions To Ban Marlian Music Label




























The petition launched on by Mohbad’s fans had garnered over 200,000 signatures.









































It will be recalled that before his death, singer, Mohbad had alleged threats to his life, as well as malicious damage of property and oppression by Marlian Music record label owner, Naira Marley and his friend Sam Larry, post his controversial split from the label about a year ago.










































Meanwhile, celebrities have begun to speak out since the death of the artiste, who left behind a wife and a 24-month months old child.










































He said that some music executives have vowed that artistes who left their record label will never gain the spotlight, while some force their signees into illicit lifestyles.










































“In life, we win some and lose some. Record label owners (in fact, senior colleagues in the entertainment business) must know when to let go. “I am leaving” shouldn’t be a death sentence. Don’t make yourself the alpha and omega over anybody whose talent you were not the giver.










































“Some of you have sworn that talents that left you will never rise. You block them from radio, TV and shows. You call the shots because you are mini gods. Nobody fit beg you. Ok o.










































“In your gatherings, anyone who can’t smoke or drink is not man enough. Drugs everywhere. The young ones must blend in. people who have no business in entertainment are in control of young destinies because of cultism.










































“Don’t kill another man to live because everybody will go one way or another. Your wealth isn’t a tool to buy another man’s life,” wrote the comedian on his X page.










































Meantime, On Air Personality, Chinedu Ani Emmaneul, aka Nedu has described the Nigerian music industry a dark one.










































The artiste and presenter who has been in the music industry for the past 13 years said despite the real hunger for fame and wealth by artistes in the industry, it barely lasts more than two years. few, he said has the grace to enjoy decades of fame, to become legends.










































It’s only when you are popular that people will come around you. But you see the one wey nobody go ever forget you na Rest In Peace (RIP), Including those who forgot to post your pictures on your birthday will never forget to post it for RIP.










































“Now see our wonderful brother Mohbad. Did you know that the EP he dropped, and nobody downloaded, but after his death, the song has become top three on Naija Apple Play. May God rest his soul,” he concluded


















































Sahara Weekly Reports That Today, we’re delving into the realm of real estate, specifically focusing on how your property portfolio should shape up in 2024.











































Whether you’re a seasoned investor with a track record spanning five, ten, or just a couple of years, or if you’ve taken your initial steps into investing this year, this discussion is tailored to guide you through the nuances of crafting a property portfolio that aligns with the opportunities and challenges that the year 2024 holds.










































It’s a practical example designed to offer insights regardless of your level of experience in the real estate journey. So, let’s embark on this insightful exploration together.














































Real estate is like having money-making machines. You buy properties and they make you money regularly. There are three main ways they do this:


Rental Income:You can own a house or apartment and let someone else live there. They pay you rent every month, and that’s your income.


Short-Term Rentals:If you own a place in a cool location, you can rent it out for a short period, like a vacation home. People pay good money for short stays.


Equity-Based Returns:This is like having a share in a property. Even if you don’t own the whole thing, you still get a piece of the profit.


It’s like having different money streams – some from homes, some from businesses, and even some from farms.












































Imagine buying land like planting seeds for the future. Here’s how:


High-Yield: Some lands grow in value super fast. You buy low, and before you know it, it’s worth a lot more. Quick and exciting!


Joint Venture (JV): Team up with others to make something big. You have the land, they have the skills to build. Everyone wins.


Short-Flip:Buy land, hold it for a bit, and then sell it quickly for a profit. It’s like the fast lane of land investing.


It’s like being a smart farmer – planting seeds in different fields, each with its own strategy.











































Think of real estate like playing a game of chess. You want to position your pieces (properties) in the right places:


High-End Zone: It’s like the VIP area. People pay big money to live or do business there. Eg Ikoyi


Student Zones: Where there are students, there’s always a need for housing. Universities and colleges are like gold mines for real estate.


Business Areas: If there are offices and companies, there’s a need for commercial spaces. Invest where the businesses are.


Upcoming Regions:Like predicting the next big thing. If you can spot an area on the rise, investing there can bring huge returns eg epe ,ibeju lekki


It’s like placing your chess pieces wisely on the board to win the game.



Let’s talk about addition tips that will help you;











































Managing your real estate portfolio is like taking care of a garden:


Check Your Plants (Current Investments): See how your properties are doing. Are they growing well or need attention?


Balance Your Garden (Real Estate Types): Like having a mix of flowers, veggies, and fruits. Balance different types of real estate for the best results.


Get Professional Gardeners (Portfolio Managers): Sometimes, you need experts to help your garden flourish. Similarly, professionals can manage your portfolio for better outcomes.


It’s like having a beautiful garden that keeps growing and blooming.











































Planning your real estate journey is like mapping out a trip:

Careful Analysis: Study the map and plan your route. Similarly, analyze your options and plan your investments.


Consider Different Stops (Cash Flow, Land, Positioning): Like planning where to rest and refuel, think about your cash flow, land investments, and where you position your properties.


Create a Roadmap:Plan for the long term, just like planning a road trip. Know where you want to go and how to get there.


It’s like having a well-thought-out plan, ensuring a smooth and successful journey in real estate.



So, as we wrap up our chat about building your property portfolio for 2024, remember, it’s like creating a map for your real estate journey. Whether you’ve been in the game for a while or you’re just starting out, the key is to mix things up – a bit of renting here, a piece of land there, and maybe even a joint venture.










































Don’t forget to position your properties wisely, like chess pieces on a board.


Taking a closer look at your existing investments and balancing them out can lead to a portfolio that’s not just strong but also ready for whatever the real estate world throws your way.


Planning for the long term is like setting out on a road trip with a well-thought-out map – it may take time, but it’s worth it.


So, let’s get out there and turn those property dreams into reality. Unlock the door to your success in real estate – the keys are in your hands.










































Happy investing!


Dennis Isong is a TOP REALTOR IN LAGOS.He Helps Nigerians in Diaspora to Own Property In Lagos Nigeria STRESS-FREE. For Questions WhatsApp/Call 2348164741041

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France Based Nollywood Actress, Hannah Ojo Drops The Wedding Jitters On Birthday



France Based Nollywood Actress, Hannah Ojo Drops The Wedding Jitters On Birthday 

France Based Nollywood Actress, Hannah Ojo Drops The Wedding Jitters On Birthday










































Sahara Weekly Reports That France based Nollywood actress, Hannah Ojo is no doubt having a double celebration for her birthday anniversary this year.





































France Based Nollywood Actress, Hannah Ojo Drops The Wedding Jitters On Birthday 





The beautiful actress who’s celebrating her birthday tomorrow, October 19th is dropping a new project, a short movie she titled, The Wedding Jitters.










































The Wedding Jitters, according to the producer, Hannah Ojo is a story of a bride-to-be-Laura whose gym-instructor-fiancé-Tony gets lost in a sexual fantasy to a half caste video vixen.













France Based Nollywood Actress, Hannah Ojo Drops The Wedding Jitters On Birthday 





























The story comes to roost when Laura catches her fiancé pants down with the video vixen.










































The short movie, The Wedding Jitters stars notable Nollywood faces such as Joseph Momodu, Hannah Ojo, Age Anthony, MaryGold Adams and Zuhara Babatola; the short movie is billed for movie festivals.






















France Based Nollywood Actress, Hannah Ojo Drops The Wedding Jitters On Birthday 




















Directed by one of Nollywood’s best hands, Febano Films and produced by actress Hannah Ojo, The Wedding Jitters hits the movie shelfs soon.

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President Tinubu Makes Fresh Appointment



Umahi Reveals Why Nobody Can Stop Tinubu From Becoming President In May











































Sahara Weekly Reports That President Bola Tinubu has approved the appointment of the following men and women to serve in the Office of the President under the Media & Publicity Directorate with full respect for the tenets of Nigeria’s federal character principle and the supremacy of merit:


































President Tinubu Makes Fresh Appointment








(1) Mr. Fela Durotoye (Senior Special Assistant to the President — National Values & Social Justice)


(2) Mr. Fredrick Nwabufo (Senior Special Assistant to the President — Public Engagement)


(3) Mrs. Linda Nwabuwa Akhigbe (Senior Special Assistant to the President — Strategic Communications)


(4) Mr. Aliyu Audu (Special Assistant to the President — Public Affairs)


(5) Mr. Francis Adah Abah (Personal Assistant to the President — Special Duties)










































President Tinubu has further approved the secondment of Mrs. Linda Nwabuwa Akhigbe to serve as the Communications Adviser to the President of the ECOWAS Commission.










































The President tasks all new appointees who are serving in the Media & Publicity directorate to uphold the highest standards of decorum and decency in their engagements with all members of the public as they advance the President’s determined bid to renew the hope of Nigerians in a restructured economy and unified society that caters sufficiently to the needs of all, regardless of any differences.










































Chief Ajuri Ngelale


Special Adviser to the President


(Media & Publicity)


October 9, 2023

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