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New Music Artist ‘MMT for Social Change’ Unveiled in Nigeria



New Music Artist ‘MMT for Social Change’ Unveiled in Nigeria

The Radisson Blu Ikeja was the epicentre of a groundbreaking event on Thursday, July 4, 2024, as MMT for Social Change was officially unveiled. This innovative initiative, spearheaded by the budding but influential Nigerian musician Masked Mykatee (MMT), aims to harness the transformative power of music to promote unity, social development, and the empowerment of Nigerian citizens.

The highlight of the day was the unveiling of the Artist MMT, and the keynote address delivered by the esteemed Nigerian lawyer and human rights activist, Mr. Femi Falana (SAN), who commended the event’s organizer, the budding but influential musician Masked Mykatee (MMT), for his unwavering dedication to using music as a tool for social transformation.

Mr. Falana’s keynote address was a powerful and inspiring call to action. He began by praising Masked Mykatee for his innovative approach to addressing Nigeria’s social challenges through music. “MMT has shown us that music is not just an art form but a powerful medium that can inspire, unite, and mobilize people towards positive change,” Falana stated.

Falana delved into the historical and contemporary significance of music as a catalyst for social reform, resistance to authoritarian governments, injustice, and transformation for national building and economic development. He highlighted the role of music in various global movements, emphasizing its ability to transcend barriers and foster a sense of shared identity and purpose. “In Nigeria, where tribalism and ethnic divisions have often hindered our progress, music offers a unique opportunity to promote unity and collective action.”

He reflected on his experiences as lawyer to the legendary Afrobeat King Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and the struggle for social change and transformation of the Nigerian society in particular, Africa, and the world in general. He spoke about the significance of the music for transformation by legends such as Bob Marley, Sonny Okosun, Peter Tosh and many others.

Falana’s speech underscored the importance of unity for national development. He addressed the challenges posed by tribalism and ethnic divisions, proposing music as a unifying force that can bridge these gaps. “Through music, we can create a narrative that celebrates our diversity while promoting a sense of common identity and purpose,” he said.

He also touched on the transformative power of music in engaging and empowering the youth. “Our young people are the future of Nigeria. By using music to inspire and mobilize them, we can foster a new generation of leaders committed to social change and national development,” Falana asserted.

Following the keynote address, the event featured a panel session moderated by Prof. Silk Ugwu Ogbu of the Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos. The panel included distinguished speakers such as Zakka Bala, Nkechi Ali-Balogun, Dr. Desmond Ekeh, and Dr. Omotola Bamigbaiye, who each brought unique perspectives on leveraging music for social change.

Zakka Bala discussed the cultural and governance dimensions of music and its role in bridging gaps between the government and the people especially on issues of governance and accountability and the curbing of government malfeasance and corruption of the different spheres of the society. Nkechi Ali-Balogun emphasized the importance of effective communication strategies in amplifying messages of social change through music. She gave a specific example of the significance of the music of such Nigerian artist as Onyeka Onwuenu of the ‘One Love’ fame, and Mike Okri, the ‘Time na Money’ crooner. Dr. Desmond Ekeh explored the socio-political climate in Nigeria and the potential of music to empower the youth towards cultivating dignifying social values that can promote the growth and development of the country. He emphasised that the choices made by the youth are motivated by their values. He encouraged music artists to focus on music that encourages the youths to embrace noble values to promote the upliftment of the society. Dr. Omotola Bamigbaiye advocated for integrating music education into the curriculum to nurture socially conscious and culturally neutral Nigerians. She recollected how storytelling and music were used to pass knowledge and information in her formative years as a child. She emphasised the need to develop school curriculars that use music for education and social enlightenment.

The interactive sessions allowed attendees to engage directly with the speakers, fostering dynamic exchanges of ideas and experiences. These discussions underscored the collective commitment to using music as a means of uniting and transforming Nigerian society.

Fielding questions from a battery of press reporters comprised of newspapers, radio, television and digital media, Masked Mykatee, the inspiration behind MMT for Social Change spoke passionately about his mission to use music as a tool for social change. “The mask I wear represents neutrality and an unbiased commitment to unity and collective progress in Nigeria,” he explained. He shared his experiences and the challenges he has faced in his journey, as well as his vision for a culturally neutral Nigerian identity.

He also discussed upcoming projects aimed at furthering the cause of social change through music and emphasized the importance of engaging and empowering young Nigerians. “Our youth are the key to a brighter future for Nigeria. Through music, we can inspire them to take active roles in driving social change,” Masked Mykatee stated.

The “Music for Social Change” event successfully highlighted the transformative power of music in fostering unity, social development, and youth empowerment in Nigeria. The insightful speeches and discussions provided attendees with a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in using music as a medium for social change.

The event also served as a platform for networking and collaboration among individuals and organizations committed to promoting social change through music. Attendees left with a renewed sense of purpose and a collective commitment to supporting initiatives that leverage music for social transformation.


Hollywood actor George Clooney, others withdraw support for Biden



Hollywood actor George Clooney, others withdraw support for Biden


What if Hollywood, a key Democratic financial pillar, cut off Joe Biden’s campaign funding? That possibility now looms large after actor George Clooney and other wealthy donors urged the US president to withdraw from the White House race.

“I love Joe Biden. But we need a new nominee,” Clooney wrote in a column in the New York Times on Wednesday, after Biden’s disastrous performance in a televised presidential debate against Republican rival, Donald Trump rekindled fears around the 81-year-old’s fitness for office.

The statement dealt a serious blow to Biden, coming just three weeks after Clooney headlined a major fundraiser in Los Angeles for his reelection campaign.

At the gala, the president was able to raise more than $30 million in one evening, a record amount that showcased the industry’s might in financing the American left.



“If all these big donors pull out, he’s sunk,” said Steve Ross, professor of history at the University of Southern California who wrote a book on the influence of Hollywood on American politics. “Hollywood is still the one shop stop for candidates.”

Clooney is not the only one worried. In recent days, Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings, Walt Disney’s granddaughter Abigail and Hollywood mega agent, Ari Emanuel, whose brother, Rahm served as Barack Obama’s chief of staff — said they would not be financing Biden citing concerns over his age



Even though the millions generated by the American entertainment industry are essential to both parties, Hollywood’s hearts and wallets have predominantly leaned left for decades.

Both Bill and Hillary Clinton relied on Hollywood support in their respective White House bids. In 2007, Obama famously benefited from the “Oprah Winfrey effect,” receiving a boost to his profile after the star TV host organized a dinner to promote the man who was then still only a senator.

During the presidential race in 2020, the entertainment industry gave $104 million to Democrats compared to $13 million to Republicans, according to Open Secrets, a nonprofit that tracks campaign financing.

It wasn’t always that way.

In the 1980s, Republican president Ronald Reagan, himself a former actor, enjoyed the support of stars like Frank Sinatra and relied heavily on Hollywood’s coffers.

“Hollywood started as a conservative base for the Republican Party,” Ross told AFP.



“When Louis B. Mayer took over MGM Studios in the late 20s, he turned it into a fundraising publicity wing for the GOP, and he raised enormous amounts of money,” Ross said, referring to the Republican party.



The four Warner brothers, on the other hand, supported Democrat Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1930s with their studio and their stars.

It was the election of John F. Kennedy in 1960 that marked Hollywood starting to shift to the left, as the era of blacklisting actors for suspected communist sympathies came to an end.

“It was a new era of free speech for movie stars who weren’t going to be blacklisted if they said anything deemed too radical,” the expert said.

Just hitting pause?

But even with its cultural and financial prowess, does Hollywood have the power to axe Biden from the race?

Clooney’s New York Times op-ed “is another pressure point, for sure,” said Steven Maviglio, a Democratic adviser who worked with former California governor Gray Davis.

But Maviglio believes the panic of certain donors to be “a temporary phenomenon.”



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After Successful Cinema Exhibition of “Blacksmith,” Jaiye Kuti Celebrates Her Birthday



After Successful Cinema Exhibition of “Blacksmith,” Jaiye Kuti Celebrates Her Birthday



Nollywood’s radiant star, Jaiye Kuti, is basking in the euphoria of her triumphant cinema exhibition of “Blacksmith” as she celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, July 10.


The exquisite actress, who has carved a unique niche for herself on the global cinematic stage, expressed heartfelt gratitude to God for the blessing of another 365 days. “It’s not my making or being perfect; it’s just the grace I have received from Almighty God. I can’t thank Him enough. This year’s celebration is special—special because it marks the successful exhibition of my project ‘Blacksmith.’ It was a dream I asked God to let me see through to success, and it came to pass. This birthday is unique in so many ways, and I can’t stop acknowledging all those who were part of ‘Blacksmith’s’ success. The triumph of this project granted me a special reason to celebrate, even though I kept it low-key.”


Jaiye Kuti, renowned as one of the highest-rated actresses not only in Nigeria but across the world, has transcended borders with her compelling performances. Her films resonate with audiences globally, epitomizing the power of storytelling and cultural exchange.

Happy Birthday, Jaiye Kuti. Here’s to many more years of inspiring performances, groundbreaking projects, and unending grace. The world eagerly awaits your next masterpiece, standing alongside you in celebration and admiration.

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Gen Z Takes the Stage: ‘Chatter that Counts’ Premieres July 12




The highly anticipated TV show “Chatter That Counts” is set to premiere on July 12, bringing a refreshing take on entertainment and meaningful dialogue. The show features five vibrant Gen Z hosts who engage in inspirational conversations, dance, games, music, and much more. “Chatter That Counts” promises to be a standout in the world of television as it delivers an unusual mix of fun and inspiration.


“In a world where so many shows and podcasts are full of noise, ‘Chatter That Counts’ is set to bring a breath of fresh air,” says Seyi Banigbe, the show creator & executive producer. “We aim to showcase the capabilities of Gen Z folks, proving that they are a force to be reckoned with and can host a show that actually shapes society.”

The unique format of “Chatter That Counts” sets it apart from other programs. Despite the many fun segments on the show, each episode will showcase an exceptional SME founder who will share details of his/her business growth journey. The combination of engaging conversations, energetic dance routines, fun games, and vibrant music, creates an entertaining and insightful viewing experience.

Viewers of Chatter that Counts can look forward to learning from distinguished SME founders who are driving economic transformation through their innovative efforts, providing inspiration and business insights.

The show’s focus on genuine dialogue and entertainment reflects the diversity and talent of our Gen Z generation. “We want to affirm that Gen Z folks, despite many doubts, are a formidable force,” Banigbe states. “They offer a fresh perspective and are fully capable of hosting a show that distinguishes itself from the rest.”

“Chatter That Counts” is not just another TV show; it’s a platform that empowers young voices, SMEs and brings meaningful conversations to the fore. Tune in on July 12 for the premiere and join the hosts as they embark on this exciting journey of entertainment, enlightenment, and engagement.

New episodes of “Chatter That Counts” will be posted on YouTube weekly and will air on TV Stations Nationwide.


Click HERE to Subscribe to their YouTube Channel

Click HERE to watch the Show Teaser

Chatter that Counts will air weekly on these TV stations:


■NTA Network: Saturdays at 10.30AM

■Silverbird: Saturdays at 1.30PM

■Views Channel: Saturday 6:30PM; Repeat: Mondays at 9:30PM; Wednesdays at 9PM


■Africa Magic Family: Sundays at 3.30PM: Rpt:Wednesdays 1.30PM

■TVC: Sundays at 5.30PM

■NTA2: Sundays at 5.30PM

■Wazobia Max: Sundays at 5.30PM; Rpt Mondays 7PM

■Wazobia TV:Sundays at 5.30PM;Repeat:Mondays 7PM


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