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Barring last minute change of decision by the organized labour unions in obeisance to the restraining court ruling on its strike, the Nigeria society from the 3rd of October 2023 might witness another round of industrial unrest as championed by the NLC/TUC arising from their national executive council meeting, in reaction to the federal government response to the aftermath of the fuel subsidy removal on the Nigerian worker.





Before we proceed in this exercise, it is important for us to situate the issues in proper perspectives for understanding and clarity of purpose. However, in doing so, one is not oblivious of the fact that sentiments and emotions might becloud the reasoning of some persons whose only idea of objectivity, truth and pro people, is if one takes or support positions against government actions or policies in the absence of rationality, fact and logic. Nevertheless, we are unmoved and cannot be cowed from expressing our views on national issues which is a fundamental human right, no matter whose ox is gored.

On the issue of fuel subsidy removal, it’s an indisputable fact that Nigerians are collectively on the same page over the removal of this virus that has ravaged the Nigerian economy to our collective detriment and which must be exterminated to allow the economy and Nigerians breathe.

It is not in doubt that strike action by labour unions is one of the legitimate instruments employed to ventilate its grievances to employers or government over work conditions. From that premise, the resort to strike is a legitimate and fundamental right of the worker or workers which is indisputable and non-negotiable.

In addition, an indisputable truism is that strike action is a serious business that ought to be employed as a last resort and must not be turned into a blackmailing tool, else it becomes trivialized and loses its cherished import.

As regards the threatened latest round of strike by the organized labour, the question that should bother any discerning mind, is in whose interest is this strike?

One recollects that immediately after the presidential pronouncement of the removal of fuel subsidy, Mr. President also made a public announcement of the need to effect a positive change in the welfare of the Nigerian worker in line with economic reality and to put in place measures to ameliorate the conditions of not only the working class but the generality of Nigerians in the immediate and long term through the retooling of the economy for national prosperity.

Thus, following the removal of fuel subsidy and the attendant economic distortions, the federal government constituted a committee comprising representatives of the federal and states governments, the organized private sector and the organized labour to come up with recommendations on the way forward with regards to the economic conditions of the working class population.

Even while the constituted committee was work in progress, we are all living witnesses to the palliatives programmes of states governments like Kwara, Ogun, Edo, Lagos, Bornu, Oyo, etc who came up with policies such as reducing the official working days from 5 to 3, award of N10, 000 per month to workers, reduction of transport fares in BRT buses, purchase and deployment of mass transit buses at subsidized boarding costs among other relief measures to cushion the impact of the fuel subsidy removal.

In the midst of the economic dislocation and inconvenience caused by the removal of fuel subsidy which was expected and affecting all strata of the society, as a way forward, the federal government relinquished and decentralized some aspects of the distribution of the relief measures or palliatives to states governments and it’s a fact, that we are living witnesses to the distribution of the palliatives in some states of which we have seen reportage in the media, but in some others, we are in the dark about what is being done, but it is expected that in due course, all the states governments will be made to render account of stewardship in this regard.

One must also add that in Lagos State, where yours sincerely lives, one has experienced as an eye witness, distribution of palliatives not only by the state government, but also by local government council and local development council areas administrations.

Even as Nigerians battle the economic hardship which is a global phenomenon, the organized labour at every turn of its engagement with the federal government on the aftermath of the removal of fuel subsidy, threatened going on strike, went on a one day strike and rally and later, on a 2 days strike and public rally to ventilate it’s anger over the plight of workers and it’s disapproval of government response to the issue of the palliatives and other matters.

However, an aspect of the labour statement on why it is going on strike is its claim that it’s action is because of the suffering of the generality of the Nigerian people over the removal of fuel subsidy, which needs to be examined to determine the truth.

This statement in view of our present economic circumstances looks more like an attempt to pull wool over the eyes of Nigerians who have become traumatized by the broken record threat of strike by the organized labour at the slightest opportunity. That the Nigerian people are going through a lot because of the economic hardship is not in doubt, but the present situation though painful, is one in which the people have exhibited patience and understanding and are only looking for relief rather than the pains which the proposed strike portends.

So one wonders why the organized labour is trying to deflect from the truth that the primary focus of its present agitations at the federal level is the interest of federal workers which is legitimate and in order? In sincerity, one might be safe to assume that workers at the state and local government levels don’t need to be part of this strike, because some of the palliatives which the federal workers are clamouring for through the organized labour, is already being enjoyed in the states even by the federal workers too, save for wage issues which is a national matter and is already being looked into by the tripartite committee.

But this is not to assert that the society as a whole has not benefitted from the struggles of the organized labour in the past, absolutely not. Infact, we must commend the organized labour for its sacrificial role in nation building which is indelible and must continue to constructively engage with this institution of national unity for our collective benefits.

But on this planned strike, we must affirm that it is not in the best interest of the generality of the Nigerian people and her economy that will be at the receiving end of this action. At the moment, over 80% of our working population are in the informal sector where they live on daily earnings, without which, it will be economic catastrophe and so we ask, how will the interest of this mass of our population and their dependents be ameliorated by an indefinite strike? Also if workers go on strike, the economy that is being retooled for optimal governmental responsibility will be deprived of the expected returns of the retooling process for the good of the people.

As at the last count, the organized labour went on a 2 days warning strike between September 5th and 6th 2023, the effect of that strike on individuals, businesses and the economy was incalculably in the negative in all ramifications.

If the ideals of labour is to create wealth for a better and prosperous society for all, then the planned indefinite strike needs to be rethinked, shelved and the federal government given more time to engage with labour on all the issues.

Therefore, without doubt, the proposed indefinite strike by NLC/TUC is not in the interest of Nigerians and Nigerian workers.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,


Nelson Ekujumi,


Financial crimes in public, private space now national embarrassment – President CRAN



Financial crimes in public, private space now national embarrassment – President CRAN






Earlier, in his welcome remarks, the President of the Crime Reporters Association of Nigeria (CRAN), Mr. Lekan Olabulo, has frowned at the rate at which crime is increasingly committed in public and private space, insisting that the act is now becoming a thing of embarrassment to the nation.

Olabulo who lampooned corrupt public office holders, noted that those involved in syphoning the common wealth of the nation should remember that they are not insulated from being probed.

The President of CRAN, disclosed that the annual lecture cum.award series, which he said started about 30 years ago, has become a veritable platforms through which suggestions are made on how best relevant agencies and other stakeholders could tackle the menace of insecurity, bedeviling the nation.

” Outside the corridor of governance, many Nigerians particularly the youths are engaged in financial crimes such as internet fraud commonly referred to as Yahoo, Yahoo and other illicit financial businesses

” Inspite of the existence of laws to check crime in Nigeria, more youths are enlisting in the Yahoo Yahoo business with such conviction that what they are doing is illegal.

“Yahoo, Yahoo or cybercrime has come to be generally accepted by most parents as if it is a legitimate business and many communities are now in competition over the number of youths who have acquired humongous wealth through Yahoo, Yahoo”, CRAN President beamoned.

Olabulo hinted that the annual lecture cum.award series started about 30 years ago has become veritable platforms through which suggestions are made on how best the relevant agencies and other stakeholders could tackle the menace of insecurity, bedevilling the nation.

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In conformity with Sections 71(1), 72, and 73 of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act (2010), President Bola Tinubu has approved the appointment of qualified Nigerians to serve on the Governing Council and Management team of the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB):

(1) Sen. Heineken Lokpobiri — Chairman / HMS, Petroleum Resources

(2) Engr. Felix Omatsola Ogbe — Executive Secretary

(3) Oritsemyiwa Eyesan — Member / EVP Upstream, NNPCL

(4) Gbenga Komolafe — Member / CEO, NUPRC

(5) Bekearedebo Augusta Warrens — Member

(6) Nicolas Odinuwe — Member

(7) Rapheal Samuel — Member

(8) Sadiq Abubakar — Member

(9) Olorundare Sunday Thomas — Member

President Tinubu expects this highly qualified body of experts to discharge their duties with his patriotic resolve to significantly enhance indigenous industry participation in the energy sector as part of the Renewed Hope Agenda’s mandate to achieve the goal of 70% indigenous content and participation in the nation’s energy industry during the lifespan of this administration.

Chief Ajuri Ngelale
Special Adviser to the President
(Media & Publicity)
December 7, 2023

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19-yr-old Dies Of Drug Overdose During Intercourse With A Lady (photos) 



19-yr-old Dies Of Drug Overdose During Intercourse With A Lady (photos)




Sadly, a 19-year-old boy, known as Lucky, tragically died from a drug overdose during an intimate encounter with a young lady.





Trendygists gathered that the incident occurred at Oton, after the Vigilante Checking Point, Sapele, Delta state this morning, December 7.




19-yr-old Dies Of Drug Overdose During Intercourse With A Lady (photos) 


According to reports, Lucky took loads of drugs before engaging in intimate activities with the girl he took home the previous night.




Lucky paid the girl 50k for their encounter, an eyewitness at the scene said, adding that after two rounds, the young man tragically succumbed to the effects of the drug he had taken earlier.






The girl explained that after their sexual encounter, Lucky suddenly became distressed and hit her phone on the ground in the process. She further stated that she was unaware he was grappling with the effects of drug use.





The lady stated that she noticed that Lucky was no longer responsive at around 4 am. She hurriedly left Lucky’s house with his phone but later realized that she had left her phone at Lucky’s place. As she went back to take it, Lucky’s neighbors noticed his absence and began to question her. Her nervous behavior raised suspicions, leading to the discovery. She was apprehended and the police were subsequently involved in the matter.





It was gathered that the police collected both phones, and Lucky’s body was evacuated from the scene.




However, Lucky’s family is unknown, at the time of this report, but his neighbors revealed that he only spoke about his late mother and mentioned his grandmother.

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