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Nollytainment partners silicon Valley to introduce Nollycloud Technology for fast movie downloads in seconds.




Just when you thought you have seen it all, Nollytainment is here again to hit your imaginations with a shocking development which looks like a magic in Nollywood. Its all about a new application that enables you download heavy movies, movies that are as large as 2gig, in less than 1 minute, without the use of internet.

It’s no doubt a shocking but amazing development in the movie industry and the country as large as this has never happened in the country. We have found ourselves in a country where downloading even a 10Megabyte file online is an issue due to the epileptic internet services available and bad network.

Nollytainment is set to solve this problem in conjunction with a USA based company, silicon Valley through the invention of  an application called Nollycloud, a Revolutionary Wireless Movie/Video Download App That Does Not Use Internet Data or bandwidth. According to the inventors, the application is at an advanced stage of completion and is already being beta tested.




Dr. Ope Banwo, Founder and CEO Nollytainment Inc during his return from  Silicon Valley USA said: “We are so blessed to be the first company to solve a major problem that has limited the growth and development of the movie industry in developing nations where the cost of internet access is ridiculously expensive and prohibitive for users. Many people who have been frustrated from being able to enjoy full length movies or videos on their mobile phones, laptops or desktops can now do so with astounding speed at no cost of internet bandwidth. I honestly can’t overstate the importance of this app to the growth of the movie industry”.

Explaining how NollyCloud works, Dr. Banwo said: “to download a full length two-hour movie from the interne, before Nollycloud was created, will typically take anywhere from one hour to three hours, depending on the time of the day and country. The process will also eat up a huge chunk the user’s internet access bandwidth, but with ‘NollyCloud’ it’s totally different. There is no need to use your internet service or give up any part of your internet plan’s allocated bandwidth. Nollycloud uses a new proprietary technology that works like Wifi but on steroids.”

“A two-hour movie will typically consume about two gigabytes of internet data. Therefore, for any internet user to download and watch a movie of two hours, they would have to give up about two gigabytes of data. This is a huge cost in an environment where a two gigabytes internet device would cost about $10 or more.”

“To make matters worse for internet users, more often than not, because of the erratic and unstable internet service in most parts of the developing nations, the movie or video downloading process is often interrupted before it is fully downloaded. When that happens, the user would lose the bandwidth already used before the download attempt. The user would then have to start all over again by using another two gigabytes of data to download the movie or video. With ‘NollyCloud’, this expensive and frustrating problem has now been solved in a way that is nothing short of amazing.”

One of the things it will also eliminate is the use of exorbitant amount of money to buy data in order to gain access to the internet because with Nollycloud, a user wouldn’t need to even have his internet service on, It’s an applications that is set to blow the minds of everyone.

Presently, the ‘NollyCloud’ is being positioned to be one of the key products in the Nollytainment’s blockchain-powered movie distribution ecosystem, and would be officially available as an exclusive utility for holders of the Nollycoin Cryptocurrency from August 1st, 2018. The Nollycoin ICO crowdsale is currently on at from 1st April to 30th April, 2018


Other qualities of the Nollycloud includes:

  1. Nolly Cinemas (A Blockchain enabled screening of movies at cinemas complete with a blockchain Nolly box office that lets people purchase movie tickets using cryptocurrency:
  2. NollyFlix360 (An online Movie Streaming Platform that has been described by knowledgeable observers as a kind of Netflix on Steroids:
  3. NollyShopper (An Amazon styled Marketplace/Online Mall for buying and selling of entertainment products and services that will be open to all artistes and products creators to sell their products and services. This will be accessible at
  4. Nolly Varsity (An online and offline training and certification academy for aspiring entertainers, industry technicians and support personnel:
  5. Nolly Funder — (A special crowdfunding platform for movie producers This will help qualifying producers raise funds for their projects through their fan base.

For more about Nollytainment’s ecosystem and participate in its ongoing crowdfunding campaign visit