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Religion N Business: Meet Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix (JP) “Ororo Emirate Prophet” 





Who is Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix ?

Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix is a Nigerian preacher, Christian author and a businessman, who’s popularly referred to as *Ororo Emirate Prophet* , he is the founder of the Assembly Of Christ Crusader Ministry (ACCM) Worldwide, and presiding Prophet of the Imole Cathedral church in Alagbado, Lagos State, Nigeria. A Celestial Church of Christ.

Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix hail from Ogun state, born into the family of  Ven. Sup. Evang  Alebiosu.

Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix was born in January 25th, 1980 at Iyana-Ipaja area of Lagos, he attended his primary education at Oki Primary School lyana – lpaja, high school  was at Iganmode High School, Otta, Ogun state, before he later graduated at University of Ado Ekiti with  a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2002.

Alebiosu Abiodun Felix received divine calling and started Ministration in 2003 during the space of 2003 to 2006, he worked, learned and was groomed as a minister in God’s vineyard under Baba Owodunti and Oki Parish Alimosho, lyana – Ipaja.

He later went on to CCC SEMINARY in 2006 – 2008 after his pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 2006, he also  attended to United Bible Theology school in the year 2008 – 2010.

Alebiosu Abiodun Felix was appointed divinely as the Wolida at Imole Cathedral
Alagbado, Lagos State and  Wolida at District level (Abule  Egba to Sango Otta ) in the year 2006 – 2010.

He founded ACCM (Assembly Of Christ Crusader Ministry) in the year 2010 under Imole International Cathedral
Alagbado, Lagos State.

He was ordained as a Reverend at the year 2010 and went for his Master’s Program at APPLIED DIVINITY School, Ojodu in 2011.

Alebiosu was serving as a Shepherd at Imole International Cathedral and  later moved  to United Arab Emirates in the year 2017 to found the FIRST CELESTIAL
Church of Christ Imole  International Parish AJMAN UAE in the year 2017.

In the year 2021, Prophet Alebiosu founded another Imole International
Parish at Ikorodu area of Lagos state.

He then proceed to Georgia in the year 2022 and founded the First  Celestial Church of (Imole International Parish).

Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix, no doubt, is a well rooted man in CCC. He has paid his dues and rose through ranks before getting to his current position. He is well read, exposed and loved by all and sundry within and outside the CCC family. He is a prayer warrior.

He also has a very rich educational C.V. Having started his journey into God’s vineyard at a tender age.

In a chat  with him , the ORORO EMIRATE PROPHET said “I was given several award, but the most important award I love most is the Celestial Achievers Award i collected May 27th 2022,”

Prophet Alebiosu was called to the pulpit in January 2009 and was ordained as minister, he has led a number of ministries including Christian Education, Security, Music, and served as Executive Pastor until God led him to Pastor Imole Cathedral Church.

Prior to his calling as a minister, he served as a member of the Deacon Board.

Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix Ororo Emirate Prophet(Ebony) Jp. is a “leader” and has devoted himself to the betterment of man through the spiritual and educational process.

He has also served as a member of the United Bible University where he served for 3 years in various capacities.

Alebiosu matriculated through a number of college degrees including Doctoral degrees (PhD) in Management and Religious Studies, a Master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling, and a number of other academic accomplishments.

Prophet Alebiosu has completed a post doctorate advanced degree in Leadership from United Bible University.

Based on research his Networth is about  $480,000

Prophet Alebiosu Abiodun Felix at a glance ‘

Date Of Birth: Jan 25th 1980
Current city: UAE & Georgia
State of Origin: Ogun state
Country: Nigeria
Marital Status : Married
Nationality: Nigerian
Social Media: ProphetAlebiosu
Skills: Business management
Interests and hobbies : Music, Comedy, Preaching, therapy, & Reading
Religion- Christian
Affiliations – Imole Cathedral Church
Race- Black African

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Three-Storey RCCG Building Collapses in Lagos



Three-Storey RCCG Building Collapses in Lagos

Three-Storey RCCG Building Collapses in Lagos

By Olorunfemi Adejuyigbe


Three-Storey RCCG Building Collapses in Lagos



A RCCG three-storey building under construction has reportedly collapsed in the Mushin area of Lagos.

Saharaweekly understands that nobody was trapped when the building went down at about 6.30 pm.







The building, located at 17, Cardoso Street, off Martin Street, was reportedly owned by the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

The cause of the collapse could not be established at press time.









The Coordinator, Lagos State Territorial District, National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), Ibrahim Farinloye, confirmed the incident.

He said the personnel of Lagos State Building Control Agency (LASBCA) were on the ground at the time of this report.








It was learned that the rubbles will be cleared overnight.

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Golden Rhythms of Africa Band, led by Yomi Peters is a group of multitalented artistic members that perform a unique kind of African cultural heritage in a traditional and crossover style of singing and dancing. Generally, the orchestra in their type of stage live show and concert are composed and choreographed of total number of Ten (10) members including the band Leader, Yomi Peters who performs with or without an instructor.

The kind of instruments use and the type of music perform on live stage is so unique that make the musical group to gain an overwhelm request by the African community in the United States.
Yomi Peters and his Golden Rhythms of Africa Band, is a group of talented artists that sing, dance and perform unique West African traditional and cultural crossover music, popularly known by Nigerian communities all over the world as Afro Crossover Juju Music. The musical band love to perform this type of live stage concert in a less formal and shorter than other concerts. It features African traditional music instrumental

Yomi Peters and his Golden Rhythms of Africa Band, also perform this type of stage concert which consists of the whole musical band members to play the African music percussion and wind unique music instruments, but other types of western cultural music instruments may be added depending on the music piece they are intending to perform. The live band stage concert is also called African heritage wind ensembles, wind bands, symphonic bands, etc. The repertoire varies; from African classical to contemporary music, the lyrics and the rhythms are performing with energetic dancing style in unique costumes appearances.

This musical band is so unique by raping with African languages but rich with philosophy songs like western Hip-hop music, with several other elements including unique costumes, stage design, singing and dancing, that can attract the interest of Africans / Americans generation in the United States.

Yomi Peters and his Golden Rhythms of Africa Band, usually make use of notable African musical instruments like African Traditional Talking Drums called Apala, Sakara, Omele and some percussion beat equipments like Baata, Sekere, Konga. They also make use of some western musical equipment like Drum-set, Guitar, Keyboard, Trumpet and others.

Glory International Music & Arts Promotions, base in the United States of America has concluded all arrangement to organize three months musical tour of some notable states in the United States for Yomi Peters and his Golden Rhythms of Africa Band.

The President / CEO of Glory International Music & Arts Promotions, Prince Dr. Adeniyi Shobaloju disclosed the organization plans to promote and propagate the musical and dramatic talent of Yomi Peters and his Golden Rhythms of Africa Band in the nooks and crannies of the United States of America by the summer period of 2023.

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House owners complain about how people do not value their property but what they fail to do is assess the real problem(s). To be realistic, if people are not getting anything worthwhile from your property, you can’t blame them for their lack of enthusiasm.


I know a house where tenants suffer dryness for 8 months of the year from their well. The only time they get to enjoy water is that month of the year when it rains consistently and once the rain stops being frequent, they go back to experiencing drought.






Renting out your house is not the problem but the question is does it have all catchy facilities? Facilities go a long way in helping a rental property get tenants in no time.

Facilities are important. We can’t do without them. And any house lacking some of these facilities is not considered to be a complete house.









What are these facilities?


  1. Water supply


We all know how important water is to our daily lives. Having a house for rent which has a borehole is a big plus. This is essential especially in Nigeria where we rarely get water from the water cooperation, so making provision for that is one of those things people look out for before renting an apartment.








A standard house for rent must have a security personnel guiding the property. Asides this, all security measures must be in place to the extent that not just anyone can gain access to the property. Security doors are not left out as well.










A proper house for rent should have a cleaner that ensures the cleanliness of the environment. This facility is one of those things that attract potential tenants. You may feel the tenants are supposed to be the ones to do that like what most people grew up to know, however, things have changed and house owners need to put a class/standard on their property.


  1. Bathroom amenities

The plumbing fixtures, shower/tub should be in good condition. For older homes, if you know you will need to do a remodel or renovation in future, you should be prepared to know this reality when looking at the home, not after you move in.










5.Parking facilities


For tenants who own cars, parking is a very important facility. Homeowners for rent should consider a large parking space for their tenants. Unfortunately, parking spaces are no longer a priority in Nigeria. Some wouldn’t even mind building on a space meant for cars.









6.Properly tiled floor


By now, it is expected that houses in Nigeria are meant to be tiled. Gone are the days when floors are left bare. In this present age, a house without a tiled floor is not considered modern.


  1. Gated compound


Unlike foreign countries, one of the things people look out for before renting a house is how tall the gate is. Now imagine that your property doesn’t have a gate at all, it might be a little difficult having interested people rent the place. Apart from security, people like to have their privacy. No random person on the street needs to know the activities going on in the compound.













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