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From left, Dr. Babatunde S. Asenuga, Faculty Member, Dr. Adaobi Ariguzo the Program Director and Dr. Humphrey Akanazu, Country Director Rome Business School Nigeria.

Rome Business School (RBS) has engaged Dr Babatunde Asenuga as a faculty member in its Nigeria study Centre. This was announced by the Country Director Rome Business School Nigeria, Dr. Humphrey Akanazu on a press release. Rome Business School is an international managerial training and research institute of excellence with a target to develop strategic entrepreneurs, managers and professionals with a high level of excellence, competence and ethical approach to business and work in over 140 countries, Nigeria inclusive. Dr Babatunde Asenuga who is the National Coordinator, Society of Educational Administrators of Nigeria was engaged to further enhance strategic knowledge transfer goal of the business school towards developing professionals that will be globally accepted for different management positions. The highest levels of educational quality possessed by different faculty members will meet the scrupulous attention of the student’s needs in the business school.


“The Secret Of My Success As Classic Queen International’s Top Model”- Racheal George



“The Secret Of My Success As Classic Queen International’s Top Model”- Racheal George









Sahara Weekly Reports That Delectable Racheal George believes the future holds out for those who believe in the future of their dreams. She dared to pursue her dream as a beauty queen in Classic queen International pageantry where she emerged 2nd runner up. In this exclusive interview, she opened up on her life, success story, and future plans…






“The Secret Of My Success As Classic Queen International’s Top Model”- Racheal George




Can you tell me about yourself and your background?









My name is Racheal George, I’m 27 years old and I’m a graduate of Crawford university, I studied political science and international relations, and I served in 2018//2019.



“The Secret Of My Success As Classic Queen International’s Top Model”- Racheal George



I own a logistics business and I decided to go into pageantry. My first pageant was CQI and I came out 2nd runner-up.










Can you tell us how your journey into pageantry started?






How my journey into pageantry started is quite interesting, I usually follow pageantry like Miss World, and Miss Universe on television. So I loved it and I Normally tell myself I will go for this someday. I have never done pageantry before but I just knew that I love watching pageantry and I do tell myself I will go into something like this one day. So this year 2022, someone told me about a pageant called CQI. I said to myself that I was going to give it a try then that was how I went for the CQI competition because It is something I have always wanted to do, I gave my best in the camp and I was open to learning and I was always giving it my best during the rehearsal. I gave it my best at the finals and although it was something I wanted to give a try to know if I’m capable. So I did. Although it was not an easy journey, I put in a lot of hard work and was happy it ended well. I came out 2nd runner-up as CQI’s top model and I was grateful because I decided to give it a try, it was a success.






How did you feel emerging classic Queen?




I felt really good knowing I gave it a try and also put in my best and it ended well






What stands you out among others?




I will say my personality because I wasn’t the best at camp but I know I comported myself and was humble because I believe that as a beauty Queen, you should portray a good character so others can follow.








\What is your source of inspiration?






My source of inspiration is when I see young people who are successful at what they do and I tell myself that one day I will become one of the most successful people in the world and be the best at what I do.








What are the challenges and how did you overcome them?






My challenges back then were that I’m a shy person and I do normally have stage fright and I’m not really outspoken but going for this competition has helped me build myself to what I’m now, I can boldly say I can talk confidently now and I’m no longer shy and I’m able to interact with people.










What’s the pet project you plan to work on as Classic Queen Top Model?








As Classic Queen’s top model, the pet project I plan to work on is helping the less privileged because while growing up, I have been passionate about helping the less privileged by giving to the poor and making sure they have a roof under their head and donating to orphanage home is what I plan to do as my pet project.











What’s the secret of your success?







The secret of my success is putting in hardwork in whatever I’m doing and I’m always open to learning.









Who is your mentor or role model in pageantry










My role model in pageantry is Queen Tosin Adeduro. I have been watching her since she went for miss tourism Nigeria and she became the winner. She is representing Nigeria in miss tourism world 2020 and she came out 4th runner up. All I can see is dream comes true if you believe you can do it.

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…Marks Children’s Day With Special Evening Of Arts


Lagos State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode on Sunday evening acknowledged the efforts of exceptionally talented children and youths in contributing to the excellence which the State is known for, saying they deserved to be commended and celebrated.


Speaking at a Special Evening of Arts held at Lagos House in Alausa, Ikeja to celebrate Children’s Day, Lagos at 51 and the third anniversary of his administration, Governor Ambode said it was gratifying that the frontline position of Lagos in the area of performing arts was now globally acknowledged, and attributed the recognition to the young ones who are doing the State proud with their talents. 


Describing children in the State as the most cherished assets of his administration, the Governor said any nation desirous of realizing its full potential could not afford to toy with its youth, which according to him, was why deliberate policies were put in place to support them to use their talents for the benefit of the State.


“No nation achieves its full potential without the human capital that the children and youth represent. Our State as you know has the largest concentration of such beautiful, brilliant set of children and youths anywhere in the black world. Whether in education, in innovations, arts and literature or in sports, Lagos excels because of the exceptional talents of our young ones.


“This is why we have chosen to specially celebrate them this evening with one of the gifts that the world now acknowledges the frontline position of our State – performing arts. This of course is in line with our promise to make Tourism, Hospitality, Entertainment and the Arts together with Sports the centrepiece of our development agenda for the youths in our State,” Governor Ambode said.


He said it was satisfying that the critical stakeholders in the sector appreciated the efforts being made by his administration to nurture and grow the performing arts industry, just as he assured that no efforts would be spared to sustain the drive to place the State on a sound pedestal for growth and development via the sector.


“In three years of renewed vigour and commitment to the finer things of life like the Arts and Culture, we are pleased with the fact that our critical stakeholders appreciate our modest intervention and are encouraged to do more.


“This evening we have chosen four of such stakeholders today not only for the beautiful performance they have treated us with; but to also specially honour them too for their contributions in uplifting the standard of performing arts in our State, especially as it concerns children and the youth,” he said.


The Governor specifically celebrated the parents and members of the youth groups which performed at the event – The Dream Catchers, Dance Na The Main Thing (DNMT), The Q Dance Company and Footprints of David, among others, just as he urged them to keep up the good work.


“These children mean so much to me and I love them all from the bottom of my heart. I am and I reiterate once again committed to the upliftment of the culture and the heritage of Lagos. I will do it with it with all my strength and I also promise that I will keep the performing arts growing by investing in the sector.


“Already, we are in the process of having a Lagos Museum and we will do everything to create the atmosphere that will allow these young ones to thrive and also become additional celebrities that we want them to be,” the Governor said.


Earlier, Governor Ambode performed the official kick-off of the finals of the Channels International Kids Cup football competition held at Campos Mini Stadium, where he rewarded the top four teams with N5million.


The winner, LGEA Central Primary School received N2million; Baptist Primary School which took second place was given N1.5million, while Emmanuel Anglican Primary School in third place received N1million.


X-planter Private School from Lagos in fourth position was also not left out as the Governor rewarded them with a sum of N500,000.

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“Nollycoin Is Designed To Transform Entertainment Industry And Generate More Employment” …Dr. Ope Banwo, Founder



To say he has earned respect through sheer doggedness and determination would be an understatement. Dr. Ope Banwo, a lawyer, author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and internet business consultant, is a man, who, in spite of repeated challenges of any terrain he ventures into, is persistent until he is successful. Ope is also a strong force in the entertainment industry. His intrepid exploits some years back with Stingomania Records, combining music label, recording and artistes management, became the standard by which the growth of Nigeria’s showbiz industry is measured.

A US registered legal practitioner, Ope Banwo is back on the familiar terrain with Nollycoin, a blockchain technology-powered idea aimed at revolutionizing the Nigerian movie industry. With Nollycoin partnering with Nollywood, he explains in this interview, an avenue is unlocked for stakeholders to make mega money via quality movie production, distribution and also ensures compact guide against fraud and piracy. Excerpts…

The Nollycoin idea is offering itself as an advanced technology that movie makers in Nigeria can benefit from. How much have your resource team done to sell to movie stakeholders the prosperity that may arise from this beautiful synergy?

We are already engaging top influencers in the movie industry to share this vision and seek their support. As a matter of fact, we are having an exclusive media parley on the 10th of February, 2018, where we will meet openly with most of them and answer questions on how this can benefit them and their industry. Some of the stakeholders including producers; movie executives, actors and actresses; even cinemas are already on our advisory team and we hope to get many more on board on my trip to Nigeria in February. As you know, its always a challenge to be a pioneer in the entertainment industry, and this blockchain and crypto technology is still new to a lot of them and many of them even see it as a bubble with no lasting influence. Fortunately, I am very comfortable being a pioneer and have been a pioneer in the entertainment industry before, so I know the work that must be done. I know we must do a lot of work to make them see beyond the misconceptions about the technology, and make them see how it can revolutionize the industry. We know, going in, that no matter how revolutionary this is, or how beneficial to the industry, some will get it now, some will get it later, and some will never get it. But we shall continue to work with the few visionaries who can glimpse what is inevitable to the movie industry.

With this partnership you are introducing, the volume of movie sales would be increased, access to grants for project financing, and other benefits; are you also going to work with movie makers to ensure that the qualities of movie production are improved on?
Yes. A big part of the Nollytainment initiative with Nollycoin, is to use it as a platform to improve the quality of African movies while also providing financial support for the talented producers who are already doing great things with little capital. To get quality products, you have to have access to quality finance and it is part of our game plan to provide access to adequate financing to create international standard movies that we can all be proud of on the global scene. To ensure that picking a good movie project does not rest with one man or myself, thereby leading to mistakes one had made in the past, I am putting together a 7-man Creative Advisory Team to evaluate any movie project we would be investing in to ensure transparency and verify that the movie meets all standards required for international success.

Explain what the shared interests from this scheme would be like.

There are different levels of interest that would be shared by people who will participate in the Nollytainment ecosystem powered by Nollycoin.
I would like to call the shared interest the Nollycoin value proposition for the movie community.Nollycoin also offers a lot of win-win opportunities to stakeholders in the entertainment industry excluding the pirates and copyright thieves. Some of the solutions and opportunities that Nollycoin is bringing into the entertainment ecosystem include one, Hardworking movie producers win. This means that contrary to what some companies in entertainment may think at first blush, they will definitely benefit from the NollyCoin Economy that will be heralded by Nollycoin. Under our ecosystem, the entire entertainment market scale can be enlarged to enhance long term exploitation of the copyrighted creative works. All stakeholders will enter their copyrighted content onto Nollycoin blockchain and harvest the profits worldwide ad infinitum. Two: Collaborators and Creative Artistes in The Movie Production Chain Win. This means that, with blockchain technology and the Nollycoin, collaborators can now be compensated accurately per contract without need for any third-party intervention. The terms of ongoing compensation for key collaborators like cinematographer, director, editor; writers, main actors etc are coded into the ‘smart contract’ governing the uploading of the specific movie into the blockchain powered marketplace and everyone is automatically compensated per terms of that contract without the need for any third party intervention. Three; Movie financiers and stakeholders in each completed movie win. By this, proportionate payments to movie financiers can also be worked into the smart contract that would form the basis of distribution of income from all movies on the Nollytainment network. No longer will financiers or stakeholders have to chase movie producers to get repayment of loans or capital investment in any movie project. Four; Open and transparent record-keeping ledgers for all stakeholders. This means that, Nollytainment platform, with its underlying blockchain technology, will provide all players in the movie making industry including movie makers, movie producers, cinematographers, and writers with digital recording of all transactions in copyrighted works that is accessible to all stakeholders on an instantaneous and permanent basis.

Does the government have a role to play in your own arrangement, given that it has set up a similar funding plan to assist movie production and distribution across Nigeria?

We are a private organization and like to keep our activities in the private business arena since most things that involve government tend to get politicized. We all can benefit more from government support of initiatives in the entertainment sector but more often than not, government initiatives have not really lived up to the hype. The issues of the Entertainment Fund and its accessibility is a strong case in point. So, while we hope govt will support by providing the right climate for the technology to take off, we are not relying on them for this. The private sector will drive this and make it more efficient

Apart from making money for yourself as a business person, and money for the contents owners, what are the plans being worked on to ensure that other elements like theft of intellectual property rights and piracy are dealt with? Also explain how your idea can generate jobs for persons in the entertainment industry.

The very concept of blockchain protects the registration rights of copyright holders and even allows different constituent collaborators in making a movie to preserve their own part of the copyright by recording all of that in the ‘Smart Contract’ that will be executed as the movie gets on our platform. That contract cannot be changed by anyone and compensation agreed to by the collaborators will be disbursed automatically without the intervention of a third party. When people really understand the power of blockchain to preserve, protect and compensate their artistic products, everyone will want their works released on a blockchain protected platform. Blockchain technology is tailor made for protection and compensation for copyrighted works. As for how these will generate jobs for participants in the movie industry; more international level movies will be sponsored and produced and thousands of people from actors to set hands will be employed in the process and more importantly the key players will not need to sue anyone for enforcement of their rights on the platform since blockchain handles everything without the intervention of weak third parties. I honestly see blockchain transforming the entertainment industry and generating millions of jobs for everyone as the concept gets clearer and implementation of its promise becomes real to people.

You are a busy man. How do you now find time to relax with and entertain your family?
I work hard and I also play hard. I am able to find time for my entire crowded schedule because I only do things I really enjoy doing now. At this point of my life, I don’t get involved in any projects unless I am really passionate about it. Money is the last consideration though I am also an unapologetic businessman. So, I wake up every day excited to go to work. In the midst of it all projects, I still find time for five or six vacations each year. In fact, I just came back from a one week Caribbean cruise with my wife, and the year is only one month old. We are also scheduled to be in Hawaii for five days in about two weeks, and then we visit Nigeria. Life is always good, and there is always time when you are doing what you love.

You are no doubt a tested hand in the entertainment business who is always out to make a success of his innovation. How is this massive project going to be funded?

Apart from the initial heavy capital investment by myself and a few partners, this massive project is being fully funded by the project itself. That is why we are having a massive ICO that will not only generate the funds to execute the ambitious project, but also provide participants and supporters of the initiative with huge compensation and high returns commensurate with their support and business risk far into the future.

These days, when people hear of any ‘coin’ related business idea, it creates fear and suspicion probably due to past experiences. What are the strategies being deployed to bring back the confidence people hitherto had in this kind of idea?

We recognize and understand that people are generally suspicious of cryptocurrency projects. Some of the fears are founded on past scammers while most of it is based on lack of knowledge how an ICO works. The main selling points of the Nollycoin initiative that we hope will help people overcome their initial reluctance to embrace the initiative includes the following: Our team includes top executives with decades of experience in managing major business projects and in bringing timely and innovative solutions to different industries including entertainment, business, stock trading, real estate etc. We have a solid team and network of partners with creative talents and movie executive experience. We also have a solid technical team in cryptocurrency. On the crypto technical side, we are avid cryptocurrency technocrats and enthusiasts who have been involved in all levels of the cryptocurrency world, including mining, token development, trading, and networking with like-minded individuals and communities. Also, o ur partnership with Top Influencers in Nollywood on Social Media with combined followership of over 50,000,000 followers. These top influencers have social media pages (Facebook; twitter; Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube Channels pages dedicated to Nollywood films.

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