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TB Joshua Delivers Woman With Lesbianism Spirit




A YouTube video showcasing a heartbreaking tale narrated at a popular church in Lagos has been uploaded to the internet, a Nigerian lady confessing her sordid journey into lesbianism and its horrific consequences upon her young family.

According to Mrs Blessing Okoma, a happy marriage blessed with five children was thrown into turmoil at the premature death of her husband.

Whilst mourning his demise, Blessing had a sickening nightmare. An elderly lady slept with her, ending the inhumane act with the weighty words, ‘Do you know your husband gave you to me?’ Continue…
Blessing awoke in a cold sweat. She knew that gnarled, ugly face. Casting her mind back to their initial courtship, Blessing recalled a ‘covenant’ her husband insisted she agree to. “He took me to a spiritualist in his village,” she recounted to the sombre congregation.

“That spiritualist then took my blood and my husband’s, cooked it with soup and we ate it together.” The same female witchdoctor who intimated the ‘covenant’ was the one that intimately met her that fateful night.

From that day forward, ‘the spirit of a woman’ entered Blessing and everything changed. “I no longer had affection for men,” she confessed.

“I used to go for beautiful girls. Because of this power in me, when I approached a girl, she would accept immediately and I would behave as a man to her. I am the husband; she is the wife.”

Blessing would prowl schools to seduce secondary school students, under the ‘spell’ of a force beyond her control. “I felt like a man and behaved like a man,” she said, introducing countless young ladies in school and university into lesbianism.

Infatuated with a certain lady she encountered, Blessing took her home one day. “My children were outside praying,” she slowly recounted, wincing in remembrance of her dirty past.

Her youngest daughter walked into the house minutes later and met her mother in bed with her lover. She screamed. Embarrassed and incensed, Blessing’s partner gave her an ultimatum – ‘It’s either you choose me or your children.’

“Because I loved what I was doing, I sent my children away,” Blessing admitted, much to the shock of the crowd. “I didn’t care about them or have any motherly love. That spirit would make me beat the hell out of my first daughter. I wanted to kill her.”

She has now been healed by Prophet TB Joshua and her children whom she scattered around the country as domestic servants have re-united with her.