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Tinubu risked his life for Nigeria’s democracy, group says




A group, the South West Professionals Forum, has said that Bola Tinubu, a national leader of the All Progressives Congress, risked his life and resources to ensure that Nigeria remains on the path of democracy.

In a statement issued in Lagos, Tuesday, the group said that Mr. Tinubu’s leading role saved the country from economic and political pitfalls.

“Since 1999, Asiwaju (Tinubu) has been a pillar of democracy. He puts his hat in the ring not for himself but for the benefit of all Nigerians,” said Segun Ajibulu, the president of the group.

Mr. Ajibulu said the APC leader had played more roles than any living Nigerian since 1993 to ensure the sustenance of Nigeria’s democracy.

The group also stated that Mr. Tinubu’s vision was instrumental to the integration of Lagos State’s politics and economy into the greater South West family.

“In the campaign to make the South West a model, we commend the efforts of Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu. We urge him not to relent in his efforts to unite the people of the South West for the overall interest of Nigeria,” said Mr. Ajibulu.

SOWPROF was established in 1999 and hosts over 5,000 Yoruba professionals in Nigeria and in the Diaspora, according to the group.

On the economic recession, Mr. Ajibulu, a public administrator, said the future of the South West region lay in an effective and professional civil service, creative exploration of untapped natural resources and regional integration of the state’s political, economic and cultural structures.

“We are concerned with the fall in the Gross Domestic Product, (GDP) of Nigeria,” he said.

“We are worried that states are not able to pay salaries due to no fault of theirs. We are concerned that the civil service is currently weak and needs to be strengthened to meet the new challenges. The future of the people of the South West lay in economic and political unity of purpose.”

The group further said that there is a need to initiate a social security system for the millions of people in the South West to take care of the needs of the aged, children and the unemployed.

“We need a system that will take care of those without the economic means to survive,” said Mr. Ajibulu.

“No state can do it alone. All the willing South West states need to work together. This is the best way to minimize violence and tame the tide of instability in the South West region for the overall peace and well-being of Nigerians.”

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