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Top 5 Actors From Osun State and the name of their Town (Photos)



Top 5 Actors From Osun State and the name of their Town (Photos)


They are popular celebrities in the movie industry. These top five popular actors share a common bond. They are from the same state, Osun.





Top 5 Actors From Osun State and the name of their Town (Photos)

Bolaji Amusan, born October 15, 1966, is a Nigerian comic actor, filmmaker, director, and producer. He was born on October 16, 1966, at Gbongan, the headquarter of Aiyedaade Local Government Area of Osun State southwestern Nigeria. He married Ronke Amusan in 1999 and has two kids. He began acting in 1988 and featured in a movie titled 50-50, produced in 1992 by the late Akin Ogungbe, and joined ANTP in 1989. He has produced over 40 movies mostly comedies.




Top 5 Actors From Osun State and the name of their Town (Photos)

He is the current director for organization and business in the professional association known as Theater Arts and Motion Pictures Producers Association of Nigeria Before he got to this level he served at local and state; Mr. Latin is the CEO of Mr. Latin TV an Mr. Latin Foundation.


  Femi Jacobs 



Femi Jacobs, born Oluwafemisola Jacobs on 8 May, is a Nigerian actor, speaker and singer from Osun State.

He came into prominence for playing Makinde Esho in the film The Meeting, which also stars Rita Dominic and Jide Kosoko.




For his role in The Meeting, he received a nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards. He also won the award for Best Actor in a Comedy at the 2015 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA).

Femi jacobs studied mass communication at Lagos State University and marketing management at Lagos Business School. He also trained as a pilot in South Africa, stopping short of a commercial pilot license.

For his role in The Meeting, he received a nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role at the 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards. He also received nominations for Best Lead Actor in a Film at the 2013 Nigeria Entertainment Awards, for Favourite Male African International Emerging Screen Talent at the 2014 Screen Nation Awards, and for Best Supporting Actor of the Year at the 2015 City People Entertainment Awards. He won the award for Best Actor in a Comedy at the 2015 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) and Best Supporting Actor (English) at the 2014 Best of Nollywood Awards (BON






























Antar Laniyan



Antar Babatunde Laniyan who is simply known as Antar Laniyan is a Nigerian actor, movie producer, and director born on May 26.

He is known for his action roles in most Yoruba movies.

He is from the Osun state part of Nigeria and grew up at the Army Barracks, Ilaro.






He attended a Muslim primary school and Baptist secondary school in Lagos before he proceeded to the University of Ibadan where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts.






He started acting at an early age around 1976 while doing stage dramas but began professionally in 1981, about 37 years ago under Ben Tomoloju. His first role was as a “Major general” in the film” Everybody wants to know during his days at the Kakaki Art squad

Antar Laniyan has also starred in several films including Amiwo, Arewa, Durodola, and Sango, a film scripted by Wale Ogunyemi, and produced by Obafemi Lasode.

Antar was the director of the first episode of the award-winning television soap opera ‘Super story” produced by Wale Adenuga. He also directed “Oh Father Oh Daughter” produced by Wale Adenuga.

Antar Laniyan is married with three sons. One of his sons, Ifeoluwa Laniyan had described his father in a recent interview with Vanguard that he is a friendly and disciplinarian at home

The talented actor has won numerous awards for his efforts including The AMVCA, Yoruba movie awards, and so on.















 Damola Olatunji





He is a popular Nigerian actor and movie producer born on February 2

Damola is the second child in a family of six and hails from Edo Agbo in Osun state.

He had his primary and secondary education in the Ife part of Osun state and studied Engineering at Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) in Lagos.

He is well known for his energetic roles in Yoruba movies.









Damola started acting at a very tender age while joining the drama group where he performed on stage plays.

He was introduced into acting by fellow actor Yomi Fash Lanso and got his role in the movie “Ojo (Rain)” produced by Opeyemi Aiyeola and directed by Yomi Fash Lanso.




Damola is married to actress Bukola Awoyemi and their union is blessed with twins, Dave and Debby. Not too many people know that Damola had a first wife who is based in the UK, her name is Raliat Abiodun Olatunji. Their marriage only lasted for a year before he met Bukky on the set of a movie location.




In case you don’t know who Bukola Awoyemi is, she’s a Yoruba actress popularly known for the movie “Arugba”. She was born in 1988 in Kwara state and studied Performing arts at the University of Ilorin.

Damola Olatunji who acts mostly in romantic roles in movies has starred in more than 50 movies which include Oro Inu and Semilore.
























Murphy Afolabi





The famous Nigerian actor was born in Osun State. He is from the town of Osogbo. His birthday is celebrated by his fans, his friends, his family, and himself on May 5th. This year the celebrity turned 44

After completing school, the future actor entered Ire Polytechnic. His main field of study was movie production, mass communications, and theater art. The Nigerian celebrity graduated 17 years ago, in 2001





Murphy Afolabi began acting long before his college years and graduation when he was a little boy. His first experience was a movie titled ‘Ifa Olokun’ under Dagunro’s guidance.

Today the actor is well-recognized for his movie such as ‘Owowunmi,’ ‘Jimi Bendel’ and ‘Mafi Wonmi.’ He is also a famous film scriptwriter in Nigeria and boasts a big number of nominations. His talents have been noticed and he has been nominated as the best director, actor, and producer by City People.

Murphy Afolabi’s biography in the movie industry features more than 60 films. Besides being fond of writing scripts and producing films in the Yoruba language, the actor enjoys an exciting life full of entertainment, and happy and sometimes scary moments.

There was a time when Murphy Afolabi was returning from a nightclub to one of Lagos hotels he was staying in. A gang of armed robbers attacked when he got to the hotel. He was attacked and lucky to escape their bullets. This could have been a horrible tragedy, but the actor was blessed (that night at least two people were killed, and the actor was robbed of his money, handsets, laptop, and other things kept in the car).

However, Murphy Afolabi reportedly has no wife and had no wedding yet. He keeps dating new women, and posts impressive photos of him with gorgeous actresses, his ‘sisters,’ ‘brothers’ and daughters on his Instagram account but there is no word from him about his current second half.

Murphy has at least one child. Her name is Fathia Afolabi, and the famous actor periodically mentions her name in his Instagram posts. For example, he recently congratulated her on graduating from primary school and going to secondary school. However, the actor does not share information about her mother with the public.

There are also rumors about the second child, a girl name Moyosoreoluwa (according to different sources). However, the popular Yoruba actor denies that this girl is his child.

He seems to love his daughter and posts images of the girl on his Instagram account. However, you will not find photos of Murphy Afolabi’s wife or their wedding, because the actor is keeping his private life a secret. We don’t even know if he is truly married or not.

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Our Mission To  Rebuild Kebbi State Remains Sancrosant—Aminu Bande, PDP Guber candidate Tells Voters



Kebbi PDP Candidate, Aminu Bande Votes, Optimistic Of victory, Urges Supporters To maintain Peace

Our Mission To  Rebuild Kebbi State Remains Sancrosant—Aminu Bande, PDP Guber candidate Tells Voters




Despite the inconclusiveness of the March 18 governorship election in Kebbi State, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP candidate, General Aminu Bande, ret’d, has, once again, told the people of Kebii State to vote out the All Progressives Congress, APC, saying the party has taken the State backward by liquidating her potential.










Bande who spoke Monday morning with journalists after the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, declared the State guber contest “inconclusive,” lamented the manner APC has squandered the prospects of the State on the alter of selfish and personal interest.
















He explained that before the March 18 election, he had intelligent information about the planned rigging across the state.

According to him, the anti-democratic elements actually got involved in electoral malpractices, serious ballot box snatching and stuffing with ballot papers, manipulation and intimidation on March 18. 















“We discovered a day before the election, a grand plan and a paper written by APC on how to manipulate the election. We got this information from our own intelligence.



















So, what we did was to safeguard our votes. And we did the best we could but unfortunately,  it turned this way and INEC declared the election inconclusive.
















However, Bande emphasized that INEC action has further inspired him and the PDP family to ensure that Kebbi is rescued from APC.














He stressed that “Our PDP government will involve our traditional rulers and fathers in our administration and ensure they play vital roles in our overall developmental plans.












“We will revamp our institutions of learning for our young ones to develop skills and  run an open administration where critical stakeholders including civil servants will have the opportunity to make inputs.”















Aminu Bande added that past administrations especially the APC have taken Kebbi State backward in great measure and in several ways.













“Our health sector will be revamped and agricultural potential re-activated. The infrastrustructural deficit in Kebbi has partly been a discouraging factor to investors and we are going to tackle that frontally,” he promised

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Adaobi Alagwu Blasts Tunde Ayeni, Berates Him for Insisting on DNA Test for Love-Chil



Adaobi Alagwu Blasts Tunde Ayeni, Berates Him for Insisting on DNA Test for Love-Child


Go To Hell! Tunde Ayeni’s Side-Chick, Adaobi Alagwu, Berates Him for Insisting on DNA Test for Love-Child*His Plot to Warm His Way to Tinubu’s Govt Through Timbo Ayinde Unveiled Deflated. Defeated. Distraught. These adjectives aptly describe what has become the present status of the former chairman of the now-defunct Skye Bank, Tunde Ayeni.

Still smarting from the callosal electoral loss of Atiku Abubakar, with whom he pitched his tent in the just held presidential election, the businessman is presently being cut to sizes by his side-chick, Adaobi Alagwu, who once worshipped the ground on which he walked. The basis for this embarrassing upbraiding and confrontation he is facing from Adaobi emanated from his decision to surreptitiously carry out a DNA test on their love child, whom has become a subject of controversial paternity. Against all known facts, Tunde Ayeni has suddenly chosen to deny the child he had with Adaobi; while Adaobi has decided to take the battle to him in equal measure.Sources privy to the ongoing imbroglio between the estranged lovebirds reveal that Adaobi, an Abuja-based lawyer who happened to be a classmate of Ayeni’s daughter, has dared Ayeni to come close to her and her daughter if he would not be disgraced. When she got wind of Ayeni’s plan to disentangle himself from the child as it has become worryingly difficult for him to take care of certain responsibilities based on the present parlous state of his finances, Adaobi berated him, called his bluff, then ask him to “go to hell with whatever test he is planning to conduct.” 











In a letter, she wrote to him Adaobi was unsparing, acerbic, and direct in calling him unprintable names. She let him know in unmistakable terms that she would not let go of the property and that she knew he has become flatly broke and desperate, which was why he was looking for anything to cling unto.Adaobi has also vowed to drag Ayeni through the mud until he took full responsibility for the baby girl. “She is ready to drag him through the mud if he continues to deny the paternity of her daughter. She said he was the one who encouraged her to get pregnant and many witnesses can attest to it. According to her, early last year, she was a constant face at his Solween house as she lived with him in his Rhine street address.“Ada also told us that many times in the past, she had actually walked out of the relationship with Ayeni only for him to run to her mother and other family members on bended knees to beg,” a source revealed. 
















According to the sources, Ayeni has been running from pillar to post to salvage what is left of his diminishing resources and has therefore chosen to go the DNA test route to determine the girl’s paternity in the hope that the test would return negative. Adaobi, when she heard of this, was said to be furious and battle ready for Ayeni over the matter. Adaobi was quoted to have told Tunde to go rue his losses and steer clear of her child, as he is too flatly broke to be embroiled in any paternity tussle at the moment. Tunde Ayeni has since recoiled to his shell; though sources say he has really fallen on bad times and has been struggling to keep up with his lifestyle of luxury for which he was hitherto known. He is said to be left with the hard option of retrieving some of the properties he bought for Adaobi, including an office building he reportedly gifted her.Meanwhile, Adaobi’s mother has advised those close to Tunde Ayeni to warn him to desist from making dirty moves against her daughter, as she would not intervene when he comes back to Adaobi begging for forgiveness, as he is in the habit of. According to Adaobi’s mother, Ayeni was only seeking unnecessary attention which he does not have enough strength of character to see through. “This is not his first time of embarking on such frivolous moves. He always comes back begging. If you know him well, warn him to stop this childish behaviour. I would not beg on his behalf this time around when he reaches out to me to beg Ada,” she said.




























It will be recalled that Ayeni’s tales of woes started when he outsmarted his friend, Greg Nwanseru, to poach Adaobi from him. Adaobi was Greg’s former babe before Ayeni lured her with expensive gifts and money. Adaobi was about 24 when she fell for Ayeni’s antics. Ayeni even had send his daughter, who was Adaobi’s friend, to the Lagos campus of Nigeria Law School, so she would not be a clog in the wheel of his romantic whirlwind with Adaobi, who was posted to Abuja like his daughter. Not that Adaobi was a saint before meeting Ayeni; in fact, reports have it that he already had a child and was crusing G-Wagon in Abuja, as she rolled with big-time politicians and rich corporate dudes. There are reports that she was older than she claimed. She contested the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MGBN) 2014, and it has been revealed she got into modelling in 2007.














 Well, Ayeni might have found a worthy company in Atiku Abubakar who also has made a mess of the marriage institution with his divorce case with Jennifer who is far younger than Atiku’s first five children. Ayeni was once close to the powers that be and wielded huge influence in the nation’s socio-economic milieu so much that he could get whatever he desired. Unknowing to him, he was embarking on a journey of perdition that has seen him record huge losses and collateral damage that has plummeted his wealth. Not only has he lost a huge chunk of his estate, as AMCON and EFCC are on his neck trying to recover huge debts he is owing; he has also gone ahead to make enemies of people who were once his friends, family, and support structures. He has reportedly confided in few of his friends that he knew Adaobi has been a bad luck to him since their ways crossed. He was reported to have said that Atiku’s loss at the poll might not be unconnected to Adaobi’s ill-luck.Ayeni’s once-upon-a-time closely knit family has since become a shadow of its old self. His dutiful wife, Biola, was not only heartbroken by Tunde’s betrayal and his lecherous ways, but also turned a prayer-warrior when Tunde almost sniffed life out of her. His kids were deeply saddened by the harrowing experience he made them and their mother go through.






















 Overtly clever and covetous, besides being instrumental to bringing Skye Bank to its knees through his sleight of hand, his records of fraudulent deals to dispossess his business partners (alive and late) and shareholders in companies in which he was a stakeholder of their hard-earned monies remain subjects of rave reviews in the conventional media as well as the new media. From late Captain Idahosa Okunbo to late Dipreye Alamiesiegha, Ayeni was brutal in his attempts to take over their estates and even continues to fight them in their respective graves. Recently, Ayeni reportedly entered a plea bargain with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission over the N25.4 billion corruption case it filed against him and the Managing Director of defunct Skye Bank, Timothy Oguntayo. According to reports, the EFCC entered into a secret settlement with Ayeni and Oguntayo that might have involved the forfeiture of N15 billion in cash and assets.The EFCC under the leadership of Ibrahim Magu had on March 7, 2019 arraigned him, Oguntayo, and two other companies before Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu of a Federal High Court, Abuja on 10 charges bordering on money laundering to the tune of N25.4bn. One of the counts had read, “That you, Tunde Ayeni, whilst being the Chairman, Board of Directors of the defunct Skye Bank Plc, between the 1st of January, 2014 and 31st December, 2014 at Abuja within the jurisdiction of this honourable court did commit an offence, to wit: converting the aggregate sum of N17,415,080,000 taken in cash from defunct Skye Bank Plc Suspense Account and delivered to you by the staff of the defunct Skye Bank Plc, which money you reasonably ought to have known forms part of the proceeds of an unlawful act, to wit: fraud and thereby committed an offence contrary to and punishable under Section 15(2)(b) and (3) of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, 2011 (as amended).











”Nemesis might be catching up with Ayeni, as his underhand dealings at one point or the other have fleeced thousands of depositors and shareholders of their monies. Karma, they say, bides its time, and can be unforgiving when it is payback time. After all, the evil that men do live after them.In the meantime, Ayeni has been perfecting plots to warm his way into the imminent Asiwaju Bola Tinubu-led government, now that he has lost out in his miscalculation that Atiku would win the presidential election, which he had hoped to use as a launchpad back to reckoning and the corridors of power. He was said to have boasted that he would use his suspicious relationship with a popular city lady named Timbo Ayinde (who is reputed to have dated many powerful men in the corridors of power and is well-connected in the oil sector) to gain access to the Tinubu-led administration. Timbo is reported to be close to Tinubu. It is not clear how Ayeni intends to do creep into Tinubu’s government but people in the know claim that he sounded so confident that he would win over Timbo’s heart and use her for his ulterior motive. It is yet to be seen how he intends to achieve this, with the methodical and strategic Tinubu who knows how to ward off the activities of bad luck and saboteurs like Ayeni.While he wielded influence in the corridor, Ayeni was notorious for using state agencies to threaten and intimidate his perceived foes and even friends who attempted to stand up to him. He was one of those fingered to have compromised the professionalism of many men of these agencies through inducements and coercion. He recently boasted that he would “deal with a lot of people, especially in the media,” a source said. The source said he had a list of Nigerian journalists to clamp into jail for “maligning him” if Atiku won the election. His now estranged side-chick is also culpable of using state agents to intimidate people. Not too long ago, she ordered the arrest of a journalist.















 The arbitrary arrest was roundly condemned by the media and well-meaning Nigerians. Meanwhile, the National Alliance of Media Practitioners (NAMP) has condemned the arrest of the journalist instigated by Adaobi. In a strong-worded media release by the body, Adaobi was warned to desist from using state agencies to harass journalists again, as “doing so would incur the wrath of its members who go to any length to get justice.” The statement also admonished the Nigerian Police and other law enforcement agencies to stop being willing tools in the hands of some Nigerians. “There are fair and just ways to address issues relating to media practice in Nigeria; Nigerian law enforcement agencies should also educate this group of Nigerians about exploring these laws, rather than being willing tools in their hands,” the statement read.

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2023 Election: Speaker Obasa Thanks Lagos Electorate



2023 Election: Speaker Obasa Thanks Lagos Electorate

2023 Election: Speaker Obasa Thanks Lagos Electorate

– Promises more Vibrant House of Assembly



The Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Obasa, has commended residents for their participation in the governorship and House of Assembly elections in the State saying the exercise is a further call to duty.


2023 Election: Speaker Obasa Thanks Lagos Electorate



Dr. Obasa said this in a ‘thank you’ message to residents of Agege for returning him to the State legislature as lawmaker representing Agege Constituency 1 and for electing Jubril Abdulkarim, a former local government council chairman, to represent Agege Constituency 2 at the 10th House of Assembly Lagos.






In the message released by Eromosele Ebhomele, his Chief Press Secretary, Dr. Obasa also commended residents of the State for the love they showed the All Progressives Congress (APC) during the period leading to the election and while the exercise lasted.

He noted that the victory recorded by the APC in the election was proof that the residents of the State had confidence in the party to deliver more dividends of democracy in the next four years.

“We give glory to the Almighty Allah for the success of our party in this election just like He made us victorious in the presidential election.

“The victory which has recorded by the APC in Lagos State is proof of the trust and confidence our people have in us. The victory is a further challenge on the incoming government and all of us who are elected to work more for the benefit of the people.

“To the good people of Agege, ‘thank you’ for your love and active participation as well as your support for our great party. I also commend Lagosians for voting to return Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for a second term.

“Now that the elections are over, it is time for all of us to come together to work in unity and achieve greater positive results for our State.

“We remain committed to the collective desires of our people to sustain the tempo of development and progress of our dear State.

“At the House of Assembly, we will continue with laws, motions and resolutions to meet the needs of our constantly changing society. There are better days ahead,” the Speaker said.

Eromosele Ebhomele
Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly.

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