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“Turning ugly faces to Beauty inspires me”- Damilola Adegoke ( CEO, Face Turns Makeover) ..{Photos}




Damilola Adegoke is a makeup artiste and CEO of the popular brand Face Turns Make-over. In an exclusive chat with Sahara Weekly Magazine, she opened up on the secret of her success. Excerpts…

Q- Can you tell us about yourself?

R- My name is Damilola Adegoke and I’m into make-up.

Q- Can you tell us when it all started?

R- I started last year June/July. I had no money then but there was a friend of mine who is into makeup. She taught me and asked me to pay later which I did. When I finished, I started my own fully by December


Q- There are so many make-up artistes in Nigeria. What makes face turn make over different?

R- Not everyone that is perfect. I see it as something I’m interested in and that is why I chose that name. I do my work perfectly.

Q- Some people will say they only do bridal make up, some say they do video makeup. Which one do u do?

R- Actually I do all because my boss taught me everything. We’ve worked with Goldie, Chidinma,

Q- What are the challenges so far?

R- I’ve faced so many challenges but the major one is mixed feelings about my work. Some say it is beautiful while some say it is not.

Q- What inspired you? Why did you decide to go into makeup?

R- I’ve passion for it but there was a day I woke up and called my friend who is a make-up artiste that I want her to teach me because I know how much she has made in a little period of time. When she started, she used my face for practice then. She was surprised when I asked her.

Q- Aside make-up, what else do you do?
R- I do shoes and bags too but I just have passion for this make up and that is why I decided to go into it full time. I am fully into cosmetic jobs as I do nails too.

Q- One thing about makeup is that it turns ugly people into beautiful. How do you feel when you turn an ugly person into beautiful?

R- I feel good

Q-. Can you tell us the secret of your success?

R- Nothing really. It just the quality of the instrument I make use of.

Q- Who do you look up to in the industry?

R- ‘Arewa’…..because she has been so good and kind to me.

Q- Can you tell us about your background?

R- I’m from Osun state. I grew up in Lagos. We are four in our family and I’m the third born of my parent

Q- Your educational background?
R- I went to Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, (MAPOLY), Abeokuta. I studied business administration and graduated in 2007.