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UKA, not a myth, will restore its Origin*—Ogechukwu, Foreign Affairs Minister, UKA



UKA, not a myth, will restore its Origin*—Ogechukwu, Foreign Affairs Minister, UKA

*UKA, not a myth, will restore its Origin*—Ogechukwu, Foreign Affairs Minister, UKA






The Foreign Affairs Minister of the United Kingdom of Atlantis, UKA, Hon Amb Newman Grace Ogechukwu, has expressed optimism over full establishment of UKA, stating that the country is far from being a myth.






The Minister in a statement, also said that UKA is an offshoot of the historic Atlantic City’s offspring, recorded in Plato’s writing, that existed some 9,200 years before Plato’s writing, which represents the birthplace of western civilization.


She stated further that the history was passed down to Plato by his grandfather CRITIAS, and his great grandfather DROPIDES.




According to her, Africans has woken up to the understanding that; it had a root in the ancient Atlantis kingdom, for it’s not a myth and we determined to restore its Origin & introduce a modern face of Atlantis civilization, called: UNITED KINGDOM OF ATLANTIS DECENTRALIZED SMART CITY & its Capital City known as the “Promised Land”.

She stated that the kingdom prides its Government as a Constitutional Monarch system of Government, adding that it has adopted the 17 SDGs of the United Nation which is one of her duty to create relationship ties to implement the design of UKA VISION.

The Minister averred that UKA leadership is on the verge of migration to our island in the Oceania Continent. All plans has met 70%

She also emphasized that UKA has since inaugurated a functional government in which Her excellency Hon Newman Grace Ogechukwu was the first functional Minister, adding that as a Minister of Foreign Affairs, her contribution was enormous for the realization of the vision.

The statement reads in parts;
She states “The vision of Foreign Affairs is to ensure that the Kingdom of UKA National and International interest are cordial, negotiate diplomatic relations, supervise foreign missions, Immigration service of which progress is been made, especially in formulating National Foreign policy for UKA as Sovereign Kingdom, which are:
1). Establishing Diplomatic Representations;
2). Creation of Embassies/High Commissions;
3). Authorization of Documents to the Third International Organizations.
4). Establish International Security Agency (National Security);
5). Establish Diplomatic Ties With Other Countries;
6). Establish The Ambassadors/Diplomatic Corps, appointments and Termination, provide Diplomatic Secrecy Plate for The United Kingdom of Atlantis;
7) Establish the Intelligence Network, Research and Results, Interests, Recognition of other Countries, Embassies Recognition; and
8) Manage the Diplomatic Corps Deployment, Finances, Logistics.
“The Ministry organizes Meetings, in which Resolutions are made on Passport Identity (Certificates and many more); supervises Commissions, Establishments, protocols.

In view of the above, Citizens’ Nominee Certificate have been issued to citizens;

b. Negotiation in priniting is on going for our International passport which has been designed;

C. Foreign policies of United kingdom of Atlantis UKA have been established;
and progress have been made in establishing Diplomatic Ties/Organizational Recognitions and Affiliations.

d) Soverngn state currency known as Atlantean Crown 👑
and our coins known as Atis. has been on process for printing and series’procedure following through for International acceptance.
She states that this will promote and enhanced our trade relations internationally.

She further mentioned on other achievements, Recognitions and affiliations with UKA Nation
In her statement, she said UKA has been issued with Sovereign State Certificate by the First registra foundation in accordance with Monte Convention Rules on formation of a State or Country.

The minister state that the Kingdom is Collaborating with the International Police Commission, and this commission being recognized by countries, regional organizations, Trade agreements will be made easily, and Diplomatic ties.

These are proof of progress in the actualization of UKA, and Atlanteans are happy that progress is being made. .

She states further, Immigration commission is set and positioned for the management and control of immigrants, and border management.
She mentioned that the draft of the Act, Regulations and other documents needed for immigration commission to work are ready for Parliament ratification and passage.

We are also expanding our International Relations and Diplomatic Ties drive with many more nations, as Atlanteans are represented in all the Continents of the world and they are willing to return back to their ancestral home, UKA.

Based on the above pronunciation, we approached United Nation for approval and enlistment of United kingdom of Atlantis amongs Nations.

We are working closely with the United Nations for guide and positioning, including European Union and other Regional bodies.

We have written to ISO INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ORGANIZATION in Switzerland as regards of our Country Code ISO 3166 and Currency ISO 4217 for our Atlantis Crown currency.

Also, we have received dipomatic tie with
International Police Commission, Philippines Headquarters with
Recognition and comfirment of His Imperial Majesty Dr Solomon Uchenna Wining as Royal Chairman UKA.

Trade relations/ partnership on investment with Cholwe company in the mining field. Acceptance Letter has also been received by Foreign Affairs Ministry from Zambian company. Paperwork is on going after which MOU will follow suit for strong bilateral ties with the Government.

Additionally, diplomatic relations tie with Isreal was submitted via mail, also with Israeli Embassy in Nigeria. We are waiting for their rapid response and other diplomatic tie with other nations which are generally ongoing.

“In line with our vision, International Academy for sustainble development and executive training gives United kingdom of Atlantis Government reconignition in making sure, her vision on SDGs Goal is well implemented.

In United kingdom of Atlantis, we have six regional king’s from different countries of their birth and decensdant of Atlantis.
This are head of kingdoms in respective Regions
This Region’s will be fully discussed in our next interview and publication.

We are ever ready to put UKA Nation to center of attention for the world to come in and have a strong tie with us and where Citizens’ including visitors can call a home.
In conclusion, she said Bi-lateral and multi-lateral agreement are on ground.


UKA, not a myth, will restore its Origin*—Ogechukwu, Foreign Affairs Minister, UKA



Sanwo-Olu, Cabinet Members Visit Obasa Over Father’s Demise



Sanwo-Olu, Cabinet Members Visit Obasa Over Father's Demise

Sanwo-Olu, Cabinet Members Visit Obasa Over Father’s Demise












– Governor presents condolence letter to Speaker







– Obasa says Lagos Assembly is governor’s support base









Sahara Weekly Reports That Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Friday led members of his cabinet to the Agege home of the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mudashiru Ajayi Obasa, on a condolence visit over the demise of Alhaji Suleimon Atanda Obasa.










Alhaji Suleimon Obasa, father of the Speaker, passed away on Tuesday at 83 with Governor Sanwo-Olu describing the incident as shocking especially as he was hale and hearty a few days before his demise.










“On behalf of the government and the people of Lagos State, I want to extend my sincere condolences to you and the entire Obasa family.






Sanwo-Olu, Cabinet Members Visit Obasa Over Father's Demise






“No matter how old one’s parents are, one can never want them to go. So one can imagine the shock that the incident came with, but we have the belief that it was the appointed time.


“This is something that all of us owe life. We only pray that we live long and leave good legacies.


“It is clear that having produced you, your dad actually left a good legacy. So the onus is now on you to carry on with his good works as a community leader and one that brought together the entire family,” the governor said.


Sanwo-Olu also commended the Speaker for his effective leadership of the Assembly and his service to Lagos. He prayed that the Speaker will continue to have the capacity to lead the legislative arm as he had always done.


In his response, Dr. Obasa described the House as the Governor’s support base adding that the legislative arm is poised to ensure the success of the current administration.


Obasa said the visit by the Governor and his cabinet is a confirmation of the love, cooperation, unity and friendship that radiate in government.


“The truth is that I hold you in high esteem always. And because we have the same father in Asiwaju Tinubu, we have always worked for the same goal which is service to the people of Lagos.


“I always say there is no amount of money one can acquire that would sustain one better than what one has done in one’s community,” the Speaker said noting that Agege has experienced massive progress because of the Governor’s collaboration and intervention.


“Like I continue to say, we should continue to be particular about the people, not ourselves because there will come a time when we will leave office and people will make reference to what we have done.


“Mr. Governor, you’re my brother anytime and day. Whatever we achieve in the House of Assembly is because you support us. We are there to work for your success and that is why as part of our religion, we must pray for you, the deputy governor and every other person before ourselves. That’s the only way one can grow,” Obasa added.


Eromosele Ebhomele

Chief Press Secretary to the Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly

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Yahaya Bello: Anti-Corruption CSOs question alleged unusual collaboration between opposition parties, EFCC



Yahaya Bello: Anti-Corruption CSOs question alleged unusual collaboration between opposition parties, EFCC

. Those still calling for Bello’s arrest ill-informed, sponsored by opposition figures

. We refuse to support lawlessness, EFCC should reform its activities



Again, scores of Anti-Corruption Civil Society Organisations have kicked against what they described as the perceived use of the platform of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission by politicians to fight their political battles.

They said this during an emergency Press conference on Friday, in reaction to a joint press conference by “a civil society organisation and a group, which called itself Kogites United Against Corruption Coalition.”


The frontline CSOs, led by the Centre for Anti-Corruption and Open Leadership, CACOL, wondered why a few Nigerians were not seeing the persecution in the current case against the former Governor of Kogi State, considering the anomaly in the undending calls for arrest, mainly by members of the opposition party in the state, in collaboration with alleged sponsored CSOs, when the matter was before the courts.

According to them, the line-up of lawyers, both at the Tribunal and as seen on the current charge sheet against the former Governor, throws up the name of the same lawyer standing for the opposition party at the Tribunal and for EFCC in the suit against the former Governor.

Addressing the press on Friday, Chairman, CACOL, Debo Adeniran, said, “One wonders how opposition politicians and the EFCC now collaborate on a case of corruption allegations as is so glaring in this matter. We are aware of all the clandestine meetings by opposition political parties with some activists with a view to sponsoring protests and Press Conferences against us. For as long as they do that, they’ll continue to spoil their own case in public view and justify the fact that this is beyond corruption investigation but direct persecution.”


They described those who addressed a press conference, calling for the arrest of the former Governor and attacking their activities as “ill-informed folks” allegedly being sponsored by opposition political parties who had seen the EFCC as a reliable ally in actualising their interests.

“Today’s Press Conference by those ill-informed folks, who we have reasonable suspicion are being sponsored by opposition political Parties who are fighting their own political wars on the matter and, even, the Commission against us, was filled with a poor comedy of judgment and an apparently orchestrated blackmail against our coalition. This is why this is so political rather than prosecutorial,” the activists said.

According to them, the EFCC would be doing itself a lot of good by ignoring characters asking the Commission to disobey lawful court orders and apply maximum force by bringing in the military “with a view to violently arresting a defendant we are repeatedly told by the Commission is being investigated for ‘white collar crimes.'”

Adeniran said, “Anyone who has even a little knowledge of our pedigrees in the fight against corruption should know that we have fought many battles against corruption and at the same time against all forms of injustice in this country, even at the risk of our lives and livelihoods. We do not pick and choose which injustice to fight against. We invest time, energy, resources and relationships into pursuing the cause of justice throughout this country for decades now.

“We are not emergency activists and we are beyond compromising even with all the billions in the world. We stand for the cause of humanity which is about justice, fairness and the highest ideals of a decent and free society.

“Therefore, any individual or a group of individuals who allege us of supporting corruption is either ignorant of the subject matter or doesn’t know us at all and, therefore, cannot make an informed judgment on us or our activities.”

The CSOs said their struggle was not only against corruption but also against injustice, adding that they would not be intimidated into silence in the EFCC/Yahaya Bello matter because there was a clear case of injustice and disrespect for the rule of law, which in itself was corruption.

Adeniran stated, “We are not politicians and we are not in the business of partaking of the loot by corrupt public officials, we fight them. Even as a sitting president, we came out vehemently against Olusegun Obasanjo because we believed he had a case to answer. Who paid us to do that?

When the current EFCC Chairman was nominated and there was brouhaha about his qualification for the job due to him not having a security training background, I was among the leading figures who stood by him and insisted that he was qualified enough for the office. Many groups were sponsored against his confirmation, some of whose leaders I personally called to convince them to drop their opposition and they did. How much did the EFCC chairman or anyone pay me for that?

“When he was eventually confirmed, we not only congratulated him but we also cautioned that he should avoid the pitfalls of his predecessors by doing everything according to law and must never act contrary to the orders, rulings and judgments of courts of competent jurisdiction because that would be a recipe for anarchy and his own downfall like the others. We were confident that as a lawyer, a senior one for that matter, he wouldn’t follow the route of disobedience to lawful court orders.

“Therefore, when we saw that the commission under him was tilting towards that direction, we decided to speak up as a reminder to the chairman that this wasn’t the way to go. Nobody should take this as a crime against us. We refuse to be intimidated into silence. We refuse to stop speaking out against injustice. We refuse to support lawlessness.”

The activists said an EFCC chairman should engage in less of media celebrity show and concentrate on the critical assignments of making the Commission work.

“An EFCC chairman should not be someone you see everyday in the media exposing critical information that should even be secret in order to assist in the effectiveness of their investigation. An EFCC chairman should be seen lesser but be heard by the competence and capacity he brings to bear on his office. That is why the Commission has a publicity department. Let them do the talking whilst you provide effective leadership,” they insisted.

“I don’t know Yahaya Bello, I’ve never met him, I don’t intend to meet him. But the same way that the June 12 actualization struggles were not about M.K.O Abiola as an individual is the same way that this intervention is not about Yahaya Bello as a person,” Adeniran noted.

“Already, many of Yahaya Bello’s supporters are alleging an assassination plot. The government would do well to avoid anything that could confirm these suspicions and the only way to avoid this is by playing by the rule of law to the letter,” he said.

Those who represented over 80 Anti-Corruption Civil Society Organisations on Friday were Comrade Sina Loremikan (Campaign Against Impunity); Comrade Olufemi Lawson (Centre for Public Accountability); Declan Ihekaire (Activists for Good Governance); Gbenga Soloki (CAIDOV); and Ganzallo Gbenga (Transparency Advocacy for Good Governance).
Others were Comrade Funmi Jolade (Community Women Forum); Princess Ada Nwandu (Ohaneze Youth); Alh. A. Abdullahi (Justice and Peace Centre); Comrade Adeshina Ishola (Transparency Agenda); Comrade Daniel Oyesola (Stop Impunity Coalition); Comrade Leke Adebanjo (Committee for Amnesty); and Kayode Sampson (Democracy and Justice Forum), among others.

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Rivers’ Journey of Transformation Under Fubara* By Paul Thomas



*Rivers’ Journey of Transformation Under Fubara*

By Paul Thomas



As I stepped into Rivers State, I was bracing myself for accounts of a prolonged and bitter conflict, perpetuated largely through social media and fueled by a dominant narrative that has come to define the state in recent times – one of incessant strife and unyielding hostility. Expecting to witness chaos and turmoil, I was prepared to encounter a state mired in political squabbles and clashes, as sensationalized by the headlines. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find a vastly different reality. Instead of the anticipated disorder, I was met with a transformative landscape that told a more comprehensive and optimistic story, one that is frequently obscured by the din of political theatrics. Under the visionary stewardship of Governor Sim Fubara, Rivers State is undergoing a remarkable renaissance. In a mere 10 months, Fubara has spearheaded numerous projects, effecting a radical overhaul of the state’s infrastructure and ushering in an era of peace and security, thereby redefining the very fabric of the state.

One of the most striking aspects of Governor Fubara’s administration is his commitment to peace and security. During my visit, I observed a palpable sense of calm and safety. People went about their daily activities without fear, a stark contrast to the tense atmosphere that once pervaded the state. This peace is not accidental; it is the result of deliberate policies and actions by the governor. His administration has prioritized security, investing in the police force and implementing measures to curb crime and violence. The once-turbulent state now exudes an aura of calm, an evidence to Fubara’s commitment to security. But it’s the infrastructure development that truly left me in awe.


In this last 10 months, Governor Fubara has embarked on an ambitious journey to reshape Rivers state. From the bustling city of Port Harcourt to the serene rural areas, the signs of progress are evident. Roads are being constructed and rehabilitated, schools are being renovated, and healthcare facilities are being upgraded.

One of the most impressive projects is the reconstruction of the Port Harcourt-Aba Road, a critical artery connecting the state’s economic hubs. This thoroughfare, once notorious for its deplorable condition, has been transformed into a modern, safe, and efficient transportation route.

Governor Fubara has recently reaffirmed his commitment to delivering the highly anticipated 12.5km Trans-Kalabari Road project, and has taken a significant step towards realizing this promise by paying 30 percent of the contract sum to mobilize the contractors to commence work on the project, thereby ensuring its timely completion. This development has brought immense joy to the people of Kalabari Kingdom, who have long awaited the transformation of the swampy areas, and are eager to reap the economic benefits that the completion of the road project will bring. By taking concrete action to fulfill his promise, Governor Fubara has demonstrated to his people that he is a leader who not only makes promises but also manifests them, thereby earning their trust and admiration.


Fubara’s team has also made significant strides in healthcare, with the establishment of world-class medical facilities and the revitalization of existing ones. The Rivers State University Teaching Hospital, a flagship project, has become a beacon of hope for quality healthcare in the region.

The realm of education, a crucial facet of societal advancement, has been accorded significant consideration by Fubara’s administration, which has undertaken a multifaceted approach to enhance the sector. Not only have schools been constructed and renovated, but also a conducive learning environment has been fostered, enabling students to thrive academically. Moreover, the introduction of innovative programs and scholarships has empowered the youth, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in an increasingly complex world, thereby brightening their future prospects.

Furthermore, the governor’s unwavering commitment to infrastructure development has extended to the state’s waterways, with the construction of modern jetties and terminals, which has not only augmented transportation but also stimulated economic activities, creating novel opportunities for trade and commerce to flourish.

The incessant unveiling of projects serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of Governor Fubara’s administration to crafting a more affluent and thriving future for Rivers State. These projects, while indispensable for the state’s advancement, transcend mere physical edifices; they embody the very essence of a revitalized Rivers State, one that is forging ahead with unyielding resolve and unwavering purpose.

What left an indelible mark on my psyche was the palpable sense of pride and proprietorship exhibited by the residents. They spoke of Fubara’s projects with an air of possessiveness, expressing heartfelt gratitude for the profound and transformative impact on their daily lives, thereby underscoring the profound connection and sense of belonging that has been fostered between the government and the governed.

Fubara’s administration has tackled the state’s longstanding challenges with a multifaceted approach. From road construction to healthcare and education, every sector has received a boost. The governor’s dedication to creating a conducive environment for growth and prosperity is palpable.

Yet, despite these positive developments, the narrative about Rivers state in the media remains largely negative. The feud between Governor Fubara and his predecessor, Nyesom Wike, dominates the headlines, overshadowing the transformative work being done in the state. This focus on conflict is not only misleading, but it also does a disservice to the people of Rivers state, who are eager to move beyond the past and embrace the future.

Governor Fubara is not a man easily swayed by distractions. He remains focused on his vision for Rivers state, a vision of growth and prosperity. His commitment to this vision is evident in his actions. Despite the challenges and obstacles, he continues to push forward, undeterred by the noise and distractions.

My journey through Rivers State revealed a narrative beyond the feud – a tale of transformation, progress, and hope. Governor Fubara’s infrastructure revolution has set the state on a path towards sustainable growth and prosperity, inspiring a new generation of Rivers indigenes. The old narratives of conflict and feud are slowly being replaced by stories of progress and development. And at the center of this transformation is Governor Fubara, a leader who is not just building infrastructure, but also building hope.

It is imperative that we redirect our attention away from the protracted and contentious rivalry between Fubara and Wike, and instead devote our energies to acknowledging and appreciating the transformative initiatives underway in Rivers State. Let us commemorate the significant advancements achieved thus far, confront the obstacles that lie ahead with courage and resilience, and offer our unwavering support to the ongoing pursuit of a more prosperous and enlightened Rivers State. For ultimately, it is not the conflicts and discord that define our character, but our capacity to transcend them and pave a path towards progress and growth. And under the visionary leadership of Governor Fubara, Rivers State is indeed charting a course towards a brighter future, one marked by tangible progress and unwavering determination.

This is a call to action. A call to change the narrative about Rivers state, to focus on the positive developments, and to support the transformative journey being led by Governor Fubara. For it is in this journey that the true story of Rivers state lies, a story of resilience, progress, and hope.

Rivers under Governor Fubara is a state in transformation. It is a state that is shrugging off the shadows of its past and embracing a brighter future. It is a state where the daily lives of its residents are improving, where security is being restored, and where development projects are being executed with impressive efficiency. Amidst the noise of political rivalry, this is the narrative that deserves to be heard. This is the Rivers that I saw, and this is the Rivers that Governor Fubara is building.

As I left the state, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of optimism, knowing that Fubara’s vision will continue to shape a brighter future for Rivers.

Thomas is a UK trained freelance journalist writing from London.

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