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Unveiling Aisha Buhari: A Profile in Courage and Beauty.




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A man in the mold of General Ike Eisenhower of the United States, General Buhari is also universally acknowledged as the man who can pull Nigeria back from the edge of an abyss of no return. He is an abyss which corruption and unbridled greed has led us.   However, the General is not just an astute politician, a great lover of Nigeria, he equally has a softer side represented by   his delectable wife, Aisha Buhari, the Mammie Eisenhower of Nigeria. Like her famous husband, Mrs Buhari is equally a self-effacing but extremely articulate and charming woman. She is the softer side of the dour, mirthless and disciplined retired Army general.
Aisha Buhari, in her 40s is an elegant and stylish woman with deep passion for the under privileged. She is a woman with great entrepreneurial spirit. Aisha Buhari    was born in Adamawa state into the family of the   first Minister of defense, Hon. Mohammadu   Ribadu.   A thorough bred Fulani woman, she   was schooled in the best of Fulani traditions and cultures. A woman who can easily be described as the DAUGHTER OF THE REPUBLIC, she has become the DAUGHTER OF THE REVOLUTION ON MAY, 29, 2015    when the General takes his oath of office as the next president of Nigeria. It would be a day when Nigeria will rise from the ashes of corruption and hell, a day when Nigeria will embark on the journey to greatness.     Aisha Mohammadu Buhari   is also the granddaughter of the first CHIROMA OF   ADAMAWA.   A woman with a royal pedigree, Aisha Buhari was raised in the tradition of philanthropy which   has been a guiding principle in both her private and public life. An entrepreneur and employer of labour, Mrs. Buhari is universally known as a woman who gives educational opportunity to whoever needs it irrespective of class or   gender.
Underneath the famous FULANI ” PULAKO” is a woman who is fiercely devoted to Nigeria, her family and women issues. Mrs Buhari is a confidant of the husband and she never misses an opportunity to advocate for the empowerment of women in even traditionally male circles. With a woman like Aisha Buhari as the First Lady of Nigeria, it is certain that female issues will   take the front burner in the Buhari administration. Aisha Buhari, the shy girl from the rich lands of Adamawa has over the years grown to become a voice for the down trodden, the sick and the disadvantaged. Her can do spirit is reflective of her desire   to empower women through education; formal, informal and   technical education. Aisha Buhari is a thorough professional. She is an alumnus of the famous Ahmadu Bello University where she earned a Bachelor in Public administration. Her quest for more education took her into the field of Physiotherapy and beauty therapy. She is also   an alumnus of the famous Carlton Institute of London   and the ACADEMY    Esthetique Beauty Institute of FRANCE, Dubai where she earned post graduate diploma in cosmetology and beauty theraphy.
Following her certification in beauty and PERMANENT MAKE UP , Mrs Bughari was encouraged and supported by her husband to engage in private enterprise where she has since become an employer of labour, a mentor to all aspiring cosmetologists and a consultant to the KRCP/NNPC   on skills acquisition. Mrs Buhari is a member of the United Kingdom Vocational Training and Charitable Trust (VTCT), THE International Health and Beauty Council (HBC) .
Besides being an entrepreneur, Aisha Buhari is equally a consummate politician and a fierce devoted wife to General Buhari. A strong believer in the project, Nigeria, Mrs Buhari showed her political sagacity with a successful   fund raising dinner for all female candidates of the CPC. She   was honored by guests from all over the world and in various fields of endeavor. From New York to Dubai, Sokoto to Lagos and to the Creeks of the Niger Delta, Mrs Buhari pulled off an incredible crowd of successful women both in the public and private sector. Housewives and home makers were equally present and honored by this woman who spent the early years of her   married life as a home maker. Her exhortation to   women at this event was change and positive change for Nigeria and for all women. She assured women that her husband’s administration will give priority to womens’ health, education. Women will be given opportunities to contribute to the greatness of Nigeria. Never again will women be relegated to the posts of tea servers or tretaed as part of the home furnitures.

A devout Moslem and passionate wife of General Buhari, Mrs Buhari is currently a graduate student of International Affairs and strategic planning. She and her husband are blessed with children.

AISHA 3buhari


  1. Childhood
    Aisha Buhari was born in Adamawa state in the family of the first Minister of defense, Mohammadu Ribadu. She was schooled in the best of Fulani traditions and cultures. She speaks English and Arabic fluently.
  2. Education
    Aisha is a very educated person. She graduated famous Ahmadu Bello University where she earned a Bachelor in Public administration. She also has a post-graduate diploma in cosmetology and beauty, which she got in the Academy Esthetique Beauty Institute of France. Also she is an alumnus of the famous Carlton Institute of London. , Mrs Buhari is currently a graduate student of International Affairs and strategic planning.
  3. Family
    General Buhari’s first wife was the Hajiya Safinatu (nee Yusuf) Buhari. He married her when he was 18. After Buhari was released from jail, he divorced Safinatu for reportedly receiving financial assistance from IBB while he was in prison. . Buhari married Hajiya Aisha Halilu, a Fulani lady from Adamawa State in December 1989. Aisha, the wife of president-elect Muhammadu Buhari is no doubt the brain behind the success of her husband.

Cool, calm and collected, the mother of five (out of Buhari’s 10 children) has been a solid rock to ensure her husband’s ambition of becoming a civilian president come to pass.

  1. She asked Jonathan to resign
    After an assassination attempt on her husband in Kaduna, she said, that President Goodluck Jonathan should resign from his office.
  2. She tries to help people
    She is a board member of International human right with their head office in United Kingdom. She also helps women politicians to raise funds for campaigns





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