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We have better days ahead – Speak Up Nigeria



We have better days ahead – Speak Up Nigeria


By Ifeoma Ikem


Convener, Speak Up Nigeria, Amb. Steve Nwose, in his new year message has called on Nigerians to trust and keep their faith alive.

Nwose noted that with God all things are possible and Nigerians believe that better days are ahead no matter the situation.

“As we cross over to 2022 hours from now, this New Year will be brighter and will bring restoration.

“Let us go into the new year with even a stronger commitment to unity, cooperation and mutual love. Let us work as a team under one God with one country to call home.

“I wish every Nigerian a prosperous Year 2022 and I do pray that every family shall find renewal in this coming New Year”.

He called on the government to be fair to the present situations Nigerians are passing through especially to take the problem of insecurity very serious before it worsens.

“Without security, nobody can do anything freely. In fact today many people are scared of travelling by road for fear of being kidnapped.

“This is not fair in a country where we have law and order. Our leaders and government are not doing anything to address the problem, they should all wake up in 2022 before these terrorists, bandits and kidnappers send us out of Nigeria.

According to him, ‘there is too much bloodshed on daily basis, even highly placed people are not free from kidnapping and bandits are operating freely and in some areas people can not cultivate their land because of bandits or terrorists.

“The economy is another area I want the government to look into as prices of food items are becoming unbearable for the ordinary citizens”.

Nigerians are going through hard times occasioned by the increase in the cost of living.

In the area of security, the government should take drastic measures in curbing the security challenges.

“let the issues of kidnapping, armed robbery and banditry be tackled these are the two major areas that requires urgent attentions.”

He urged the government to do something about the economy and it should start by ensuring stability in the exchange rate. The exchange rate as it is today has left our economy in comatose.

“We cannot carry on with the present exchange rate because our currency has become very weak when compared to those of neighbouring countries and something urgent has to be done.

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