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What Buratai Cannot Do?



BURATAI: Sahara Reporters Stop this campaign of calumny, Defend Yourself in court

What Buratai Cannot Do?


“Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.” Orison Swett Marden.





Nigeria is an interesting country. I love the country because today, you are a hero. The next day, you are hanged in the court of public opinion by some mischief makers whose stock in trade is to propagate and spread half-truths and figments of their imaginations.






Some online news platforms are notorious for such. I laughed when I read its recent diatribe against the former Chief of Army Staff and Ambassador of Nigeria to the Republic of Benin, Lt.Gen. TY Buratai.





The story is such that the unsuspecting general public would be tempted to believe it. But some of us privileged to have understudied the TY Buratai era in the Nigerian Army would not agree with the mischief. We would linger around thoughts such as “Could this be the same TY Buratai? Or another?



What Buratai Cannot Do?




Half-truths, outright insinuations, and illogical conclusions are the hallmarks of the story by the news platform linking the former army chief to the trial of a Major General facing court martial for the sale of Nigerian Army properties while he was the managing director of the Nigerian Army Properties Limited.


Wonders shall never seize. I almost puked after reading the story; it was more of a brutal attempt to give a dog a bad name to hang it. Interestingly, in the online platform, the blind pursuit to nail Lt.Gen. TY Buratai at all costs ensured that things that could happen only in dreamland were ascribed to his personality.




According to the gospel of the news platform, the former army chief used his office to siphon public funds and bought houses for government appointees.





Hear this “The officer who controls army properties all over Nigeria said in his court-marshal hearing, being secretly held since September 2022, that Buratai asked him to pay $730,000 to obtain Saudi Arabia citizenship to avoid being sent to the International Criminal Court upon expiration of his ambassadorial posting to the Benin Republic.”




If this isn’t a daft statement, what else to call it? the online news platform reminds one of the famous Molue buses in Oshodi Lagos in those days when it was usually a bumpy ride till you got to your destination.



There you find all sorts. The good, the bad, and the ugly. It is usually a congregational setting where various interest struggle for passengers’ attention.



Please permit me to say this free of charge. What the news platform attempted in their story remains a figment of imagination.




I know what Lt. Gen. TY Buratai can do, and one such is not to use his office to enrich himself or appease friends and cronies.

He is an enigma. This much was recognized during his stint as Chief of Army Staff. He calls a spade a spade, so he was christened a legend. In the annals of the Nigerian Army, the Buratai era was adjudged as one of the most productive in several spheres. It was a combination of strategy and robust intellectualism.

He prosecuted wars. He has been in the theatre of operations for God knows how long before his appointment as chief of Army staff. His antecedent are there for perusal.

And what Sahara Reporters concocted is not one of them. Again, success is not measured by what you accomplish but by the opposition you have encountered and the courage you have maintained in the struggle against overwhelming odds. That is the quintessential TY Buratai.

The platform missed an important point about the man they and their paymasters have laboured in vain to vilify.

He cannot compromise national security; he won’t dip his hands in public coffers or divert public property. That would have conflicted with his personality and philosophy about life.

TY Buratai is an introspective individual. That part of him may not have been identified.

He self-examines his actions and in-actions. And the chances that he would engage in uncharitable acts are very slim. From his interactions and mien, a discerning mind could tell easily.

In all of these, you won’t rule out the dynamics of politics. Maybe some persons are out to destroy his legacies. Perhaps some persons are out to force an outburst from him. But the Buratai that I know would always give a loud laugh.

Most times, he is unperturbed. I wonder how he does it. If we recall that the platform tirade against the former army chief didn’t start today. As a fact, Sahara Reporters have been on his constant trail since he was appointed as Chief of Army Staff.

I would not have been surprised if TY Buratai was accused of charitable ventures; he would go out to solve people’s problems, even in great discomfort. There are many examples of such benevolent acts.

He is never tired of such. These are some of the things we could believe he could do and not what the online platform and their paymasters want unsuspecting members of the public to believe.

Siphoned government funds and gave out government properties to cronies and associates who are alien to the TY Buratai personality and philosophy.

He doesn’t suffer fools gladly. So associating him with the trial of Major General UM Mohammed is, at best uncharitable and a smear campaign taken too far.

The news platform has been notoriously leading the smear campaign against TY Buratai. But how long it intends to sustain the diatribe is left to be imagined.

The beauty is that even the blind can see through the platform’s mischief. It should change its focus as this strategy is not working. TY Buratai can be accused and found guilty of selfless service to the country.

He remains a patriot and a dedicated one whose selfless service to man and humanity is noteworthy. That is the TY Buratai we know and not what the news platform wants us to believe.

“To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” This is the story of Lt. Gen. TY Buratai (rtd).

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Joshua on verge of breaking Fury record




Anthony Joshua is on track to break Tyson Fury’s British attendance record with his upcoming world title fight against Daniel Dubois.

Joshua will challenge Dubois for the IBF belt on September 21 at Wembley Stadium, with promoters expecting over 100,000 fans to attend.

Fury set the British attendance record in April 2023 when 94,000 spectators packed into Wembley to see him knock out Dillian Whyte. Promoter Frank Warren, speaking on talkSPORT, expressed confidence that the upcoming bout will surpass that figure.

“Oh, it’s massive. I mean, we will be applying to increase the capacity like we did last time when Tyson Fury fought against Dillian Whyte. And I think we’ve got it, I think we will probably break that record. So, it’s really looking good,” he said.



Joshua, 34, is no stranger to huge sell-out stadium shows, having drawn over 90,000 fans at Wembley in 2017 when he defeated Wladimir Klitschko. He has also attracted 75,000 at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium and another 62,000 at Tottenham’s football ground.



However, his last two bouts took place in Saudi Arabia, where he secured knockout wins over Otto Wallin and ex-UFC champion Francis Ngannou.

Warren acknowledged the challenge Joshua posed but remained optimistic about Dubois’ chances.




“A lot of people are making Joshua a favourite, and they’re saying AJ is a big puncher and so forth and I hope he comes out and comes to fight because if he lets those big punches go I know that will leave him exposed. If Daniel clips him, it will knock him out. I think Daniel is the bigger puncher,” Warren said.

“I genuinely think that Daniel can win this, he’s a young man, he’s fought better opposition in his last three fights than AJ has. And by the way, AJ has looked good in his last few fights but not against as good opposition as what Daniel has been in with.”





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After Successful Cinema Exhibition of “Blacksmith,” Jaiye Kuti Celebrates Her Birthday



After Successful Cinema Exhibition of “Blacksmith,” Jaiye Kuti Celebrates Her Birthday



Nollywood’s radiant star, Jaiye Kuti, is basking in the euphoria of her triumphant cinema exhibition of “Blacksmith” as she celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, July 10.


The exquisite actress, who has carved a unique niche for herself on the global cinematic stage, expressed heartfelt gratitude to God for the blessing of another 365 days. “It’s not my making or being perfect; it’s just the grace I have received from Almighty God. I can’t thank Him enough. This year’s celebration is special—special because it marks the successful exhibition of my project ‘Blacksmith.’ It was a dream I asked God to let me see through to success, and it came to pass. This birthday is unique in so many ways, and I can’t stop acknowledging all those who were part of ‘Blacksmith’s’ success. The triumph of this project granted me a special reason to celebrate, even though I kept it low-key.”


Jaiye Kuti, renowned as one of the highest-rated actresses not only in Nigeria but across the world, has transcended borders with her compelling performances. Her films resonate with audiences globally, epitomizing the power of storytelling and cultural exchange.

Happy Birthday, Jaiye Kuti. Here’s to many more years of inspiring performances, groundbreaking projects, and unending grace. The world eagerly awaits your next masterpiece, standing alongside you in celebration and admiration.

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God told me that some Northern leaders want to sponsor protests against Tinubu’s government-* Prophet Ikuru



*God told me that some Northern leaders want to sponsor protests against Tinubu’s government-*

Prophet Ikuru

The prophetic hall of fame, prophet Godwin Ikuru of Jehovah Eye Salvation Ministry has alerted the president, Ahmed Bola Tinubu of the revelation he got as a prophet of God concerning the plans of the Northern leaders to instigate,incite and sponsor protests against his government .

Speaking basically about the revelation,he maintained that their aim is to cause chaos, restiveness and ultimately fuel crisis in the Nigerian nation “God revealed to me that Northern leaders and elders are are planning to instigate and sponsor protests against the government of Tinubu,they want to use it to destabilise and disrupt his government;they should desist from doing that if they don’t want the wrath of God to come upon them because God is the one that made him the president of Nigeria”.

He maintained that the North has benefitted more from the unification and togetherness of Nigeria and should desist from causing problems because someone from another region is in power “to be very candid and precise,the North has benefitted immensely from the oneness of Nigeria,they shouldn’t try to disrupt the peace of the nation because they’re not in power now, whatsoever problem we are facing in Nigeria at the moment is temporary,interim and
provisional as the president is working assiduously to better and put smiles on the faces of Nigerians”.

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