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Your place of worship doesn’t matter but service for God



Your place of worship doesn’t matter but service for God By Ifeoma Ikem

It was a double celebration for members and well-wishers of Cherubim & Seraphim Movement Church, Mount Horeb Intercontinental District, Idera Community, Odogunyan, Lagos State, as the church celebrated the ordination of a new leader in charge of Mount Horeb Headquarter.

Special Apostle, Pastor Emmanuel Olusegun Ademoroti who was born in a Christian home of Cherubim and Seraphim family was installed as a leader in charge of the headquarter of Mount Horeb

Pastor Emmanuel praised the Almighty God for making the day come through.

“God brought me back to Cherubim and Seraphim movement because I have something to offer, I left the C&S church to redeemed church.

“It doesn’t matter where you worship as long as you serve the living God and you do pray God will answer, so we are one body of Christ and that’s what makes us Christians, he said.

“Today is beyond my expectations and I thank the living God for his grace and I also use this occasion to encourage all the youths that it doesn’t matter what you are facing now tomorrow will be alright.

I had faced challenges in home and abroad but to God be the glory I am where I am today so I will encourage the youth to serve God with all their strength and might.

The Chairman, Mount Horeb Intercontinental District, Special Apostle Prophet Engr. Solomon Adefolarin described the day as a day of the lord’s doing and fulfillment of his grace towards his promise to the church.

“It’s a perfect occasion that I will never forget, looking forward, believing on Christ Jesus throughout the journey so far I will forever praise and worship him.

The cleric called on Christians to come together to pray for peace to continue to reign across the country and engage all stakeholders towards finding lasting solution to the nations challenges

He said that the Church has a role to play in fostering the unity of the country and also raise leaders who are value-driven, that have interest for humanity as well.

He urged the government to find a lasting solution on youth unemployment and create an enabling environment for the youth to express themselves.

” I will also use this avenue to appreciate my wife who stood by me through out the journey without her I would not have accomplished the success”, he said.

Another Special Apostle, Pastor Benjamin Shobayo, a pastor and an elder in the church said Cherubim and Seraphim movement is an ordained church by God.

“It is a unique and spiritual church”, he added.

Prophetess Yemisi Faloye, the senior district secretary,based in London headquarters of the church said the event marked a new begging as their leaders have been installed as without leaders the management of the church cannot function.

We have two important leaders who have been assigned to move the ministry forward.

“People have different opinions about C&S thinking that they are fetish but we are not, we preach the Bible and the word of God.

“In this church women are given the opportunity to preach on like other churches.

“We believe in our goals, and vision that we put on white garment doesn’t make us fetish.

“I will encourage people to come to witness the Lord’s presence in us and not to judge us from the wrong perspective.

The chairman of installation committee,Sp.Ap Pastor Oluyomi Joe said today is a special day for members of the church installation of Apostle Prophet Engr. Solomon Adefolarin Odulaja as the district chairman of Mount Horeb inter continental district in Lagos

Oluyomi says that the essence of the celebration is for the Mount Horeb intercontinental district to have a leader the church can look on to because a community cannot move forward without a leader or King to grow,he is our leader our spiritual head.

He explains the reason for installing some people in the church is for them to use their position to serve God and carry out the affairs of the church. “My message for Nigerian youth is that they should not lose hope in Nigeria and in everything we want to do, let us put God first without God we can’t do anything,he added.