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AMEN President Charge Lawmakers to Probe Yearly Budgets



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AMEN President Charge Lawmakers to Probe Yearly Budgets By Ifeoma Ikem

The President of the Association of Micro Entrepreneurs of Nigeria(AMEN), Prince Saviour Iche, have urged both Federal and State Lawmakers as well as Security agencies to begin to ask the Executive arm of government what and what have they been doing with former yearly budgets before giving approval to New budget proposals brought before the various Chambers.

Prince Saviour,made the remark during exclusive interview with our Correspondent in Lagos.

According to him it is a big problem and set back for Nigeria that from year to year Government keep on making budget on various projects without any impact at end of the year on the lives of the citizens.

He queried that why must the Lawmakers keep on approving budgets on yearly basis without asking the Ministers and the 36 State Commissioners on how they spend the money given to their various ministry in the past year before saying yes to new one brought before them for approval.

The Comrade, remind all serving lawmakers both in Abuja and the 36 State of the country to always remember that the present position they occupy is the mandate given to them by the electorate who voted them in to protect their interest and to ensure that the Country resources are well utilize.

He wonder how some State government Will spend N20 million to execute a project and will spend another N18million to commission the same project.

He noted that the National Assembly remain accountable to the Nigeria masses who through their votes give them the opportunity to Serve hence it will be a deservice if they got their and started compromising with the executive.

The President also enjoined all lawmakers to seek for balance of money spend on various projects because there is no way all Money budgeted must finish at ones.

He lamented the poor road network in Abia State and other States in Nigeria despite huge amounts budgeted for roads every year.