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Deepening Public Sector Leadership: The Oyeyemi’s FRSC Example





Ibrahim Maiwada, in this piece made available to National Association of Online Security Reporters, NAOSRE, examines the professionalism of FRSC under the quality leadership of Boboye Oyeyemi


There is a general aphorism that the reward for doing a job so well is being set on the track of more work, and in pursuing that logic, it is about also being allowed to perfect all the good work such person has engaged in, to ultimately bringing these to fruition.

The wisdom of the foregoing appears apt in relation to the situation of the Corps Marshall and Chief Executive of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Dr. Boboye Oyeyemi. This is within the purview of what appears as an orchestrated campaign of calumny targeted at railroading him out of office, while his tenure at the helms of Nigeria’s primary road management authority is yet to end.

While there has been a lot of bean-counting around civil service rules and the legal or moral basis of his continuation in office, despite having attained the stipulated age of retirement, the fact remains that service at the upper echelons of public administration in the country basically depends at the discretion of the chief executive of the federation – the President.

It is the President who largely considers how his vision and directives have been well served and executed by any particular helmsman, and then decides on whether or not to keep such person at the duty post, as he seeks to maximise the effectiveness of public institutions, and deliver on the mandate given to him by the public.

Also, in a country in which the public space is charged with rhetoric about the promotion of a meritocracy, a tested and efficient cadre, appeals to our ‘better angels’ for public institutions to be run on the basis of excellence in human resource, and not to keep pandering to the pressures of ethnic, religious or other forms of quotas, it is not unthinkable for a President to want to stick to his ‘best eleven’ across the gamut of governance.

There is also some history behind this. A recall of such point to an instance during the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo, who chose to keep one of the Inspectors General of Police that served under him, Sunday Ehindero, on beyond the demands of conventional retirement. In that regard, he had made a special concession and extension of years of service for Ehindero, to enable the Inspector General fully deliver on some of the security sector programmes of his government.

Currently, we also have the situation of the present service chiefs in the military apparatus, from the Army to the Navy and Air Force, who are staying on in office at the discretion of President Buhari, despite having reached their points of retirement from the forces. While many might not seem to understand the rationale behind keeping this gentlemen on at their duty posts, hence the ranging clamour for their replacement, yet it might not be far-fetched to consider that the Commander-In-Chief is possibly privy to a different level of information and intelligence – not likely to be easily available to the public – that informs his adopted stance.

Still, it remains a fact that Dr. Oyeyemi was duly reappointed for another four-year tenure in 2018, despite indications of almost having attained the age ceiling for service. This was an exercise of the discretion of the President, who appears to have been pleased with the work being carried out at the FRSC. Basically, the cadre of public officials that Dr. Oyeyemi belongs to serve at the pleasure of the President, whose disposition towards keeping them on the job could pertain to the critical roles that they play in sectors crucial to the safety of lives in the country.

There are testimonies that point out that Oyeyemi’s over three decades at the FRSC till date have been underscored by an unusual diligence to duty and relentless missioning after the objectives of the Commission. He is noted as being one of the foundational staff of the organisation, who rose through the ranks to arrive at its leadership; hence he is a true native of the system he administers. Having served in almost every department and formation of the FRSC, it is easy to see how he gained what has been described as the rounded reputation of a certified road traffic management administrator.

Its is public knowledge that on his watch at the FRSC, there has been a trending down of road accidents in the country, due to more campaigns around safe driving practices, wider monitoring of road use, and also a greater swiftness in the response to road accidents. These include both the emergency responses to preserving life by enabling prompt access to medical attention and the quick clearing of our local and major roads and highways, following unfortunate mishaps.

Oyeyemi is noted as having taken over command of the FRSC at a time when road traffic crashes in Nigeria were routine and so bad that they led to over 40,000 fatalities per year. This made the country rank second only to Ethiopia in terms of nations with the most dangerous roads to drive on.

Other testaments to the level of difference that Dr. Oyeyemi has made in Nigeria’s traffic management system highlight facts such as his introduction of policies, reforms and the digitisation process that have produced a sophisticated fleet system. These are observed to have been accomplished through the Road Transport Safety Standardisation Scheme that regulates and coordinates the fleet operation in the country.

Also, there have been the strengthening of the Driving School Standardisation Programme; the setting up of the “Safe to Load” programme, to reduce the rate of road accidents caused by articulated vehicles; and the rapid expansion of FRSC Commands through the creation of Outposts, several other Unit Commands, additional Drivers Licence Centres, and ambulance points.

Further to these, the inventory of achievements of Oyeyemi administration of the FRSC point to the introduction of speed-limiting devices for safer road use, the upgrading of the FRSC Academy to a degree awarding institution, and the establishment of an FRSC Traffic Radio for the better outreach of the Commission to the public on road safety.

The slew of vital programmes carried out under Dr. Oyeyemi as the Corps Marshall of the FRSC equally include the training of Federal Government drivers across the ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) or government; the child restraint campaign; and the tyre campaign, which has sought to stem the influx and use of fake and expired tyres into the country.

More so, there has been the strengthening of inter-agency cooperation with relevant government institutions, such as the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Nigerian Customs Service (NCS), and banks, towards the harmonisation of data for national development.

The accomplishments that Dr. Oyeyemi have marshalled into road administration in Nigeria is observed as having served as a beacon in the continent till date, making the Sierra Leonean government send their road safety officials to understudy the success of the system in place in Nigeria, for adoption in their country.

With a doctorate degree in Transport Administration from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka; a Master’s degree in Public Administration (MPA) from the University of Lagos, and numerous certifications from institutions such as the Harvard University School of Government, and Royal Institute for Public Administration (RIPA), London, Dr. Oyeyemi appears certainly as well-heeled for the role he has been playing.

It is no surprise that through his direction, the FRSC has won a number of distinctions, such as best MDA in nation building, by means of the NITDA-NIHILENT e-Governance recognition in 2015, and the Award for Excellence in Humanitarian Service in Nigeria in 2015. More, so the Commission has granted the Service Delivery Award as one of the Outstanding Public Institutions in Nigeria by Independent Service Delivery monitoring Group (ISDMG), 2014-2015, among numerous other high profile recognitions that testify to the quality of its leadership.

Such a remarkable catalogue of accomplishments easily makes the case for the deepening of a particular form of painstaking leadership in the public sector and FRSC, which Dr. Oyeyemi represents. And, rather than the restless stoking of controversies around a duly renewed tenure, wouldn’t road management in the country and public service be better off if Oyeyemi is allowed to consolidate his achievements through the remainder of his time in office, and then pass a virile baton on to the next cohort of leadership?


Kemta-Ilugun-Obantoko road re-construction nearing completion as residents laud Abiodun



Go after killers of Fatinoyes, Abiodun tells police

Kemta-Ilugun-Obantoko road re-construction nearing completion as residents laud Abiodun


The re-construction of Kemta-Ilugun-Somorin-Obantoko road in Abeokuta by the administration of Governor Dapo Abiodun has reached 80 percent completion stage.

The 6.9km road serves as a major bypass linking Obantoko with Kemta-Idiaba.



Repair work on the road has already increased economic and social activities of the adjoining communities.

Sequel to the construction of the road, hotels, shopping complexes, private schools and modern buildings have been springing up in the area.




Residents of the area have been upbeat and happy that the construction of the road has become a reality after waiting endlessly for succour which did not come until Governor Abiodun came to their rescue.

Some residents said they had hoped that the location of the residence of Nobel Laurette, Professor Wole Soyinka in the area would spur the state government to do the road.






The residents also expressed surprise that the road construction is being done without their houses being demolished because, the immediate past government of governor Ibikunle Amosun had earmarked some houses for demolition to pave the way for the road project.

An excited resident, Mr Abimbola Ogunmuyiwa, said the new road had brought development to the area in different dimensions.






Ogunmuyiwa said: “We are very grateful to the administration of Governor Abiodun for this particular road construction which has improved life in communities in this area in no small measure.

“Before this road was constructed, getting home after the day’s work was very difficult but now you are at the Federal Medical Centre within 10 to 15 minutes, unlike before when you spent hours.”






A journalist, Ernest Nwokolo, who lives at Ilugun, said the construction of the road was a big relief to residents of his area.

Nwokolo said: “Though the road is not yet 100 per cent completed, it has been of tremendous help to the people and it has increased the value of properties in the area.






“With the construction of the road, one can now keep appointments because one does not need to wait for a very long time before getting vehicles to Idiaba and from there to other parts of Abeokuta metropolis.

“For those who drive their own vehicles, relief has come for them because it will now save them the money being spent on spare parts to repair their vehicles.





“Apart from saving the man-hours being spent before bursting out at Kemta Junction, the road has made the value of properties to appreciate. A plot of land that was being sold for N500,000 in 2018 is now being sold for N3million and above depending on how close it is to the main road. Some are sold for as much as N5million.”

The impact of the road is not only being felt by residents of the communities as people who commute daily from Osiele, Camp and Obantoko are now enjoying these dividends of democracy as the long man-hours being wasted in traffic on Obantoko-Asero-Adatan Road, is now over.





Dr Adewunmi Ayodele, a lecturer at the Federal College of Education, Osiele and whose house is at Laderin, said the road was a major relief for him and others that are living in the metropolis but working at either FCE or Federal University of Agriculture.

He said: “Before this road was constructed, I used to leave my house at Laderin by 6:15am and I won’t get to the office earlier than 8:30am due to the long hours spent on the deplorable Asero/Obantoko Road.







“But now, I can leave my house at past seven and get to my office earlier than before because with this road, I just burst out at Somorin and off I go to Camp. It is a great relief for me and others working at Osiele and Camp axis.”

Also speaking on the impact of the road, a taxi driver, Mr Mudashiru Alao, commended Governor Abiodun for a job well done.






According to Alao, he can now carry passengers directly from Lafenwa to Osiele in a shorter time, unlike before when he spent hours in traffic.

Alao, who said the road is now an outer ring road to Abeokuta from Idiaba to Somorin Obantoko, expressed delight that his income had increased because he now prefers to ply Lafenwa/Obantoko/Osiele directly without wasting too much time in traffic, stating that people should reward the good work by supporting Abiodun’s second term election bid.

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Do more to arrest land grabbing in Benin kingdom, Oba Ewuare charges Obaseki



Oba Ewuare

Do more to arrest land grabbing in Benin kingdom, Oba Ewuare charges Obaseki

By Elvis Omoregie

Oba Ewuare

The Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare II, has called on governor Godwin Obaseki, to do more in arresting the growing incidents of land grabbing in the state, especially in Benin and its environs.

The Monarch said this yesterday through the Benin Traditional Council (BTC), in clarification of the recent crisis in Ukhiri and Ulegun communities in Ikpoba-Okha local government of the State.




Speaking for the Oba, Chief Henry Obazuaye, the Aiwerioghene of Benin kingdom, said the land grabbing leaves the victims without compensation or respite.

“The practice of land grabbing in Benin City and environs has reached alarming proportions. Individuals and corporate owners of vacant lands in Benin City and environs often see their property encroached upon and sold off by unscrupulous community youths. This land grabbing is sometimes even condoned by community leaders”.



“They sell other peoples’ land knowing full well their action is illegal. Worst still, the purchasers are also often aware they are purchasing other peoples’ land illegally”.

He said those who engaged in the land grabbing argued that once a structure is hurriedly erected on the illegally acquired property in Benin kingdom,the Palace of the Oba of Benin forbids such property to be brought down.




According to him, the practice has reached unacceptable dimension and must stop. In Ukhiri village and other parts of Benin.

“The Palace is inundated with cases of land grabbing by victims who come to the Palace to seek redress. In many cases, peoples’ farmlands are invaded and sold off to willing accomplices””.




” It should be noted that several parcels of land belonging to the Palace, have been taken over by land grabbers. The recent incident at Ukhiri happened because of the impunity of the Enogie and Youths of Ulegun, and the illegal buyers who typically built up structures hurriedly to avoid the law”

“The Palace condemns the practice of grabbing other peoples’ land in Benin as it is against our culture. The palace regarded this as akin to domestic terrorism and kidnapping”.




He however described the incident as a reconstructed form of the outlaw Community Development Association (CDA) notorious activities which he said will not be condoled.

“The Palace wishes to commend and encourage the State Government to do more in arresting this unsavouring behavior of grabbing other peoples’ land and leaving the victims with no form of compensation or respite”.




Recall that several houses allegedly built on the land allegedly belonging to the Oba were demolished at Ulegun on the order of the Palace.

The residents of Ulegun on Monday staged a peaceful protest over the alleged demolition of their houses supervised by the Palace Chiefs.

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Atorise Lands In Trouble After Attacking Prophet Oladele Genesis Over Rev Esther Ajayi




Atorise Lands In Trouble After Attacking Prophet Oladele Genesis Over Rev Esther Ajayi


An Abuja-based lawyer, Pelumi Olajengbesi, has warned singer, Lanre Teriba Atorise, to apologise and desist from threatening prophet, Israel Oladele Ogundipe Genesis over his bashing of Rev Mother Esther Ajayi.

Recall Ogundipe, who is the Shepherd-in-Charge of Celestial Church of Christ Global Genesis Parish, had slammed Ajayi of Love of Christ Generation Church, Cherubim and Seraphim, Lagos for abandoning him while he was in custody.





Reacting to the public rebuke of the clergywoman, Atorise in a video on his Facebook page on Tuesday expressed his love for Ogundipe and disappointment at his public bashing of Ajayi. He went on to demand that Ogundipe apologises to her within 24 hours.

“Mama Ajayi doesn’t owe anyone anything. She is our benefactor. She prayed for you. I want to give him 24 hours to reverse what he has said. I will go to his church and fight him dirty, he knows me well.’’ You can’t talk to an elder like that,” he said.









Olajengbesi via his Facebook page on Wednesday cautioned Atorise about his outburst and threats.

He said, “Lanre Teriba Atorise is advised to quickly caution himself with his nature of utterances in the dispute between Prophet Israel Ogundipe Genesis and Reverend Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi. He should control his emotions now, nothing under the law gives him the right to threaten anybody. A threat is a crime under the law.











“The law allows an aggrieved person to express himself or herself just like Genesis has done, but the law will jail a person who threatens another even if he has not carried out his threats. Atorise is well advised because if anything happens to Genesis negligently, Atorise has bought a case he did not pray for. The person to apologise in 24hours so far now is Atorise.”

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