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Empress Njamah is a delectable Nollywood actress. In an exclusive interview with Sahara Weekly, she opened up on life, foundation and finally responded Tonto Dikeh over comments on Tatto inscription. Excerpts…


How does it feel being a year older?

It feels great.  It’s like a step further to a greater level of understanding and knowledge of life. Above all, I thank God for everything.

What are some of the things that have changed about you?

My manner of approach to life is now positive, less anxiety but more maturity.

What has been your greatest life challenge?

Being Empress Njamah at all times, that is, being myself no matter what happens, anywhere or everywhere I find me.

How old is Empress Njamah Foundation and what has kept it going?

The Foundation is nine year old and I must say it’s the “GOD” factor that has kept it going not me.

How did you come about it?

I came about the Foundation due to the overwhelming occurrence of child negligence. I was moved to do something, at least start somewhere by giving them that tiny ray of hope and I still intend to do more with the help of the Almighty.

What have been the challenges so far?

Well I must say here that it’s been really turbulent, but God is faithful and will always be. At the same time, I do not see challenges; I only see opportunities to make things better.

How did you get funds to take care of these children?

It’s not been easy though, like I mentioned earlier on, the GOD factor always miraculously weathered the storm. It’s part of how I pay my tithe. I have never gotten funds from a soul, government or friends, it has been my sweat all the way and House of Empress has been supportive too.

How do you always feel anytime you celebrate your birthday with the less privileged children?

I feel fulfilled as a person, because while growing as a child in Church, I was taught  to always help those in need and by doing that it brings a ray of hope where it has been dashed, thereby bringing God’s Blessings upon you. I celebrate them all the time not just on my birthday. The foundation celebrates with the kids every month. It brings joy to me whenever I am with them. I feel loads of joy and happiness which words can’t explain.empress5

Aside having fun and catering for them, how else do you make them happy?

ANS: I Dish out gifts to them and continuously induce that positive mentality into them! We have a lot of things we also do that makes them happy such as The Workshop. We introduce them to so many things which keep them busy. They include art and craft/matting/molding/drawings (we pay people who come to train them) the girls learn catering too, so many and if they do it right, aunt Empress picks top then give them a treat such as going to watch movies/outing/dinners and many more,  it depends.

Tell us more about “House of Empress”?

Just like a house with many rooms, HOE is a firm with many departments, from the clothesline to the multi-purpose unisex saloon to the events planning section and also interior décor. We are unisex and everything is under one umbrella.

What inspired it?

Like I said the GOD factor. Everything happens for a reason! I am really not the vogue kind of person or the type who wears what’s in fashion! I am just that jean kind of person and I love dinner wears too. Back in the days, friends always ask or call me to help them combine stuff or call and ask what they should buy in terms of fashion items. I love to dress people, so I guess that is part of how the idea was conceived. Here I am doing it and till date I dress up people for events and so on!

What were the challenges of setting it up?

You know money they say answers all things. I had a bit of financial challenges and then the perfect location. It was not easy but I thank God.

What inspires your fashion?

Colors, the environments, my mood or my mother. The reason is because she was and is still a fashionista in her heydays. I guess it runs in the family.

What is your reaction to Tonto Dikeh’s recent response to your criticism of tattoos?

Believe me, it’s a pity when intellects figuratively throw the coin on the table, mischievous people convict themselves by picking it up. The Bible has all the answer to the question of tattoo! I am a product of Sunday school from childhood.



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