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Engr. Dr Funmi Ayinke Celebrates 40th  Birthday With Close Associates, Releases Chocolate Video




Foremost Nigerian engineer and musician, Dr. Funmi Ayinke Waheed-Adekojo has celebrated her 40th birthday in a classy manner with close associates in Lekki, Lagos state.

Similarly, she released the much-anticipated video for her hit single, Chocolate.

The event which took place on Saturday, 27th of May, 2023 had important personalities and celebrities who are friends of Funmi Ayinke. The likes of Gbenga Adeyinka The 1st, Kunle Afod, Fiokee, Professor Oluwatoyin Ogundipe, a member of the national assembly, Honourable Phillips, APPON members, Members of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, to mention but a few honoured the Engineer cum musician with their presence.

Funmi Ayinke, who had gotten a huge surprise earlier in the day and two car gifts last month to celebrate her birthday was astonished at the calibre of personalities present at her birthday celebration and the amazing things they had to say about her.

For the former VC of the University of Lagos, Funmi Ayinke was a huge part of his success during his tenure. He revealed that the musician, who is more like a daughter to him, helped him in different ways including saving him from committing a grave error.

‘’I want to return all Glory to almighty God. When I think about my success as Vice Chancellor, I can’t talk about my success without the contribution of Funmi Ayinke. I would have committed an error if not for her intervention. I would have gone into a trap if not because I consulted with her and she warned me about the problems ahead.’’

‘’Some of our funds were locked somewhere, she asked me not to worry and she told me what to do to get it. We put everything together and today we have a testimony ‘’

‘’Thirdly, the confidence she brings into whatever she’s doing and professionalism. She says it the way it is. I want to thank God for her life, husband and children’’

Honourable Phillips, who was just elected into the national assembly, extolled the positive contribution of Dr Funmi Ayinke to his victory at the last election. He spoke about the encouragement she gave him during the election and how she made some of his constituents vote for him.

‘’I am glad to be here tonight to celebrate Dr Funmi Ayinke. During my election, she was helpful. She encouraged me through some of her philanthropic gestures, she made some of my people vote for me. If we call her three-faced or four-faced, we will be wrong, I would like to call her many faces. She’s multiple personalities in one person. As busy as politicians are during this period, I deem it fit to be here. We will be inviting her to the National Assembly so that Nigerians will learn from her’’

The members of APPON who came from Abuja described the celebration as a professional and great woman. They expressed surprise at how easily she combines her thriving music career and profession without both clashing. They also announced that she has been nominated as the matron of the association and will be properly confirmed at an event later in the year.

‘’She’s been a professional, a great woman. If you go to the music industry she’s there, due process and professionalism in public procurement she’s there. She’s done so much for the profession. I bring greetings from all our platforms to celebrate with her. I pray God keeps you and blesses you. I want to announce that she has been approved as the matron of APPON, she will be confined properly at the event.’’

Similarly, the national chairman of the national institute of mechanical engineers described Dr Funmi Ayinke as a fantastic and dynamic woman who has done so much for the profession. She noted that women are few in the mechanical engineering field but Funmi Ayinke is one of the best in the industry.

‘’She’s one fantastic lady, dynamic, beautiful, hard-working and someone dynamic in nature. We are limited as ladies in mechanical engineering but she’s one of the best we have. I was called from Ghana about giving her an award, I told them she deserves it. She’s indeed a change agent God has brought into the industry.’’

Furthermore, Professor Waheed Adekojo, husband to Funmi Ayinke, showered her with praises for all she has been through over the years. The highlight of his testimony about his wife was the fact that she is a prayer warrior who believes so much in God and has taught him to always run to God whenever there are issues.

‘’If I want to talk about my wife it will take a lot of time. She’s someone who so much loves God, believes in God and prays to God and that’s why whenever there’s a disappointment, she’s always run to GOD.’’

‘’She has taught me to become prayerful and believe that with God there’s nothing one can’t achieve. This motivates her to impact people. She doesn’t want to see people in pain, She doesn’t want people to be in need. She’s ready to spend the little she has for people.’’

‘’She doesn’t want failure, she moves sometimes at night to sort out problems for people. She’s too hardworking and I am not surprised at her success. She believes in quality, if you have quality things it will last. She wants the country to work, she doesn’t think about herself alone. I am not surprised God is doing all these for her.’’

‘’She doesn’t joke with her children, she has taught them to be prayerful. Above all, I love her so much’’

In her reactions, Engr. Dr Funmi Ayinke appreciated everyone present at the party while speaking about how little she started and how God has tremendously blessed the work of her hands.

She revealed that her major motivation for success was the sacrifices of her mother while she was growing up. She noted that her mother took so many loans to sort some of her bills and this made her motivated for success.

‘’I want to thank everyone here tonight. People who know me when I was much younger know the journey was not easy. To every girl child, we all celebrate success but truly there’s a process to success. I thank my mother and sincerely speaking, each time I see my mother make sacrifices for me back then, I am determined to slap poverty. I pledged to make it and I want to tell every Nigerian girl that they can be successful without losing integrity. What kept me going is believing in God. He is the one that can take you without giving up on you.’’

Funmi Ayinke stated that she once sold Kerosene at a time to add value to society and through this initiative, she empowered many widows in the city of Ibadan.

‘’I believe in a person of value, I pursued value and didn’t care about money. I was selling kerosene as a nursing mother, I repaired pumps for filling stations, and each time I go to my office, people call me ‘Iya Ayo onikerorsene’. I made so many kerosene sellers in Ibadan and that is why whenever I cough in Ibadan, people rise for me.’’

Continuing, Funmi Ayinke encouraged women in society and campaigned against looking down on the ‘girl child’ because women are agents of change in every society.

‘’I notice in life that when you are a goal-getter, the enemy targets you. While I was coming up, I faced so many hurdles. I once received a 36-page petition against me but God saw me through’’

‘’When you look down on one woman, you kill a society. I want to tell everyone to pick a girl child, don’t give up on them. My kids and I embark on fasting and prayers sometimes. I am a product of God’s grace and what I am today has taken care of thousands of women. ‘’


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AAU Students Of Department Of Midwifery Makes 100% Pass At Council Examinations



AAU Students Of Department Of Midwifery Makes 100% Pass At Council Examinations.

AAU Students Of Department Of Midwifery Makes 100% Pass At Council Examinations.








By Elvis Omoregie










Sahara Weekly Reports That The Student of the Department of Nursing Science, (AAU) Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma have made 100% pass at the just released Midwifery professional Examination conducted by the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.

























AAU Students Of Department Of Midwifery Makes 100% Pass At Council Examinations.

















In a statement made available to journalists in Benin City over the weekend, Head, Corporate Communications and Protocol, AAU, Ekpoma, Otunba Mike Ade Aladenika, said this feat was unprecedented in the annals of the institution.










































“This is to inform you, and the general public that, from the results obtained from the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria, this is the first time the Department is making 100% pass at Council examinations.”










































“A review of the previous performances by students of the department from May 2021 to September 2023 will be of interest and a source for analysis. In May 2021, the Department had 48.76%.”










































“In November 2021, the result was 74.76%. In May 2022, we had 18.92% and the result in November of the same year was 84.14% while in May 2023, the students’ performance was 93.60% and in September 2023 was 100%.”










































“It is important to let you know that we have progressively moved from good to better and now to best which we intend to sustain for a very long time.”

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Nigeria @63: Believe in Nigeria, Better Days ahead, Dr Chris Okafor



Nigeria @63: Believe in Nigeria, Better Days ahead, Dr Chris Okafor, Grace Nation Celebrate Country’s Independence










































Sahara Weekly Reports That Voice of hope has beckon on Nigeria as the country Celebrate it’s 63 years of Independence.

























Nigeria @63: Believe in Nigeria, Better Days ahead, Dr Chris Okafor

















This words of hope is coming from no other person than a true Nigerian Man who believes in the Unity of the Nation, with notion that says no where like home, declaring that no one will help develop what our Almighty God has blessed the country with but by Ourselves.. He is the Senior Pastor Grace Nation International aka Liberation City Dr Chris okafor, A true Son of the Soil, a Philanthropist per Excellent encouraged Nigerian that there is still hope for the country to get back it leadership Statue in Africa and the world at large if we join hand together.










































Praying for the country before cutting the Independent Cake as the church service to Celebrate the Nation @63, Congratulating the country Particularly on the Success of the just concluded National Elections, the Generational Prophet of God said Nigeria will overcome all the Challenges weighing the Nation down, He prayed for Peace and unity to reign amid all citizen and for God to silence every evil voice speaking Negative against the country and it citizens.










































The Lagos Popular Prophet also declared that let God arise and destroy every blood sucking demon who are willing to destruct the Peace and unity of the country as the nation match forward, he also declared that from now henceforth countries will begins to seek for assistance from Nigeria because the Nation is Bless with various Natural resources to assist many other countries across the Globe.










































Dr Chris okafor join the rest of the Citizens of Grace Nation in Nigeria and In diaspora to wish the country a Happy independence, let believe in the country, Better Days ahead he said as he was joined by all the Sons and Daughters of Grace Nation to cut the Independence Anniversary Cake….

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Help Restore Hope In Our Youths, Bejeroku of Oke Agbo Urges Realtor Adeyemo



Help Restore Hope In Our Youths, Orimolusi Urges Realtor Adeyemo

Help Restore Hope In Our Youths, Bejeroku of Oke Agbo Urges Realtor Adeyemo











































…As Monarch Partner Pelican Valley CEO To Drive Development











































Sahara Weekly Reports That The Bejeroku of Oke Agbo, Ijebu Igbo,Oba, Stephen Adeleke Adekoya, has described realtor Babatunde Adeyemo as a beacon of hope and charged him to use his vision, impressive achievements and experience in real estate business to restore hope in Nigerian youths.











































Oba Adebajo who noted that hope is what keeps life going, said that at this critical time of the nation’s economic trajectory, hope is an essential ingredient needed to stay on right course and navigate safely.













































The monarch gave the advice during an interview with The Daily Crucible at The Podium within the cosy Pelican Valley Estate Laderin, shortly after a guided tour of it by Dr. Adeyemo, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, a foremost real estate firm.











































Oba Adebajo and one of the illustrious sons of Ijebu Igbo were at Pelican Valley to deliberate on feasible practical partnership with the CEO on community development and youth mentorship.











































He expressed satisfaction with all the experiences and knowledge shared during the tour and voiced out his readiness to partner with the Pelican Valley to bring development to his domains.












































The monarch said, “Anytime you see me in this element, that I’m truly and genuinely happy, I’m always turned on when I see people doing something differently and achieving uncommon result. I think such has been an experience with Pelican Valley in the last three hours we have been moving round some of your estates around in the capital city of Ogun State.












































As a young man, I respect his vision and I thank God on his behalf and I’m happy again to still be a Nigerian and happy too to still be a Black man because a number of times we write ourselves off by our statements, by our actions, by our beliefs system that oh nothing good again can come from us. So, when we see things like this from young people, we are not just Blacks but who are Nigerians, you know that there is still hope for Nigeria. Like I have mentioned before, Hope is why all of us live. We all live for hope. And when there is no hope, human beings become desperate. When there is hope and continuous loss of hope, the initial thing that will set in is depression. A number of the cases that we treat in this country today that lead to fatalities are as a result of depression and also as a result of loss of hope. When the road seemed closed, fear is immediately created. When that fear that was created is not addressed on time, and there seem to be blockages as to the way out of the problem, one runs into depression. The rest can be left to the imagination. So, I have come, I have seen and my mission when I was coming was different. It was just to come, discuss with one big man in a big and cosy office and why I say he should be a mentor and add mentorship to the vocation he is presently doing, is to encourage our youth. Whatever it is that I have come for, we can do everything here with what I have seen and in my seeing, I have learnt and I have gained a lot from Pelican. And I want to appeal to the CEO and I’m praying too, that God will continue to support him. And I want him to keep the flag flying and share his vision with a number of our youths. When you do that, you create hope. Hope is the foundation of everything we become in life. It is that thing that makes you say, ‘oh I can do it?’ So, if I do it, there is an opportunity here?’









































It encourages a lot of people, it gives them a renewed hope that will turn their lives for the better.











































On How youths can key into the Pelican vision











































Seeing is believing. A number of times, especially based on the experiences they have had, people now believe only what they can see. So, he could go to an institution, it could be one – off programme in a year, you look at all our institutions within Abeokuta and Ogun State, you pick the town Planners, architects, engineer and take them round, you let them know it is an engagement and opportunity to ask questions, to let them see how you did it and how you started, what gave you the vision, how you developed the vision and how you had the opportunity of taking easy money to start ,which would have become a challenge probably intractable challenge and how you avoided it through advice by somebody whom you can also regard as a financial mentor now. So, when you take them through such a life experience that is practicable, the end result of which they are seeing here and you bring people to this type of environment and they see it and say, ‘so things like this could happen here by vision of somebody,’ it gives them a lot of hope. The hope is what we should bring back to our youths in Nigeria.













































Partnering Pelican to drive development in Ijebu Igbo











































I’m already partnering with him in my mind and I don’t do anything outside of my mind. I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart that I’m already partnering with him because I have gained. When I mentioned knowledge gap which I believe is the missing gap either at the government level, individual level or at the institutional level. Yes, we have vast land that is there and my own take off point is, ‘how do we develop it?’ I started the discussion with my brother and I told him that all our children abroad and diaspora, can’t we create an estate that we can name Diaspora Estate or something befitting? Or Ijebu Diaspora Estate? He now said, ‘Yes, I have a friend, lets go meet that my friend, he is into things like what you have in mind. So, I think I have come, I have seen and I believe I will be able to conquer all the challenges facing me as far as development of this vision and my domain is concerned. If I have seen him do it, he has done it, I have seen it and he has told me so many things that assisted me in allaying some of the fears, very simple statements he might not have known or imagined the effect. He has told me that I could approach the government and of course, I will not do it without him. So, every step of the way, we will carry him along and that is deemed practical partnership. We will carry him along, we will share his experience, he will guide us, he will mentor us and I want to assure him that we will not disappoint him because we will also do well.










































Speaking on the visit of the Royal father, the CEO, Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, Amb (Dr) Babatunde Adeyemo, who expressed pleasure over the visit, described the traditional ruler as an extremely good listener and one of the most cerebral traditional ruler he had ever met. The recently inducted anti-corruption ambassador and ECOWAS youth ambassador also stated that the king had said his mind in totality and might not really need to add much. “Kabiyesi his one of the most cerebral and good listener I had met in recent times, you see, I don’t often tell people about my life stories and how integrity, goodwill, creativity and fiscal discipline can squeeze water out of the rocks, because I often sound like a motivational speaker, so nowadays days, I feel the best way to inspire is to let the people see for them selves and judge. I don’t really like motivational speakers, realtors or politicians who don’t speak with direct references or tangible evidences,talk is always cheap. Show us what you have done and use them as reference points. That is why we don’t do aggressive marketing, adverts or sales promotion at Pellican-Valley, We speak to clients through continuous value adding and developmental projects in our various Estates “.

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