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Exchange Rate: Nigerians In Diaspora At Vantage Position To Invest In Real Estate Now – Realtor Adeyemo



Exchange Rate: Nigerians In Diaspora At Vantage Position To Invest In Real Estate Now - Realtor Adeyemo

Exchange Rate: Nigerians In Diaspora At Vantage Position To Invest In Real Estate Now – Realtor Adeyemo

…As Pelican Valley Takes Products To December ‘2nd Property Portfolio Show In London

…Set To Attract Over One million pounds Investment To Ogun

By Rebecca Adeniran, Abeokuta





Foremost realtor, Dr. Babatunde Adeyemo, has declared that given the prevailing current exchange rate that placed foreign currencies like the pounds sterling and dollars ahead of the Naira, there is no better time for Nigerians living abroad to invest their idle funds in the lucrative real estate business back home than now.






Dr. Adeyemo, who is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited, said Nigerians living in the UK, United States, Canada or Ireland are at a advantageous position to grab the favourable exchange rate climate that placed more value on the pounds, dollars and euros today, urging them to channel their funds to the secured and high R.O.I real estate business of Pellican-Valley Nigeria Ltd.



Exchange Rate: Nigerians In Diaspora At Vantage Position To Invest In Real Estate Now - Realtor Adeyemo



“It is good for people to invest now, most especially Nigerians in diaspora, they are really in advantageous position because the exchange rate is favourable to them and they can easily key into real estate business and it will multiply their Return on Investments (ROI). So, it is a good opportunity for them to key into the real estate business now,” he said.

adeyemo who is a recently inducted ECOWAS Youth Ambassador and anti curruption ambassador gave the advice in an exclusive interview with our reporter, revealing that Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited had been billed to show case its range of products, offer real estate advisory and also flash his proven, secured real estate investment at the forthcoming London AVI Networking Event 2023, which will be focusing on property portfolio management, investments in Nigeria.

He explained that the event slated for December 2, 2023 in London, is being put together by equally a London – based Avenue Impact Training & Consulting Limited, a firm that assists immigrants with the necessary trainings required to take informed business decision in terms of career choice, field of endeavours and the better place that can help them achieve their legitimate life ambitions.







Ambassador Adeyemo expresses the confidence that the multiple award winning Pelican Valley Nig Ltd would be attracting to the Gateway State no fewer than One million Pounds investments from the Property Portfolio and Management Investments event in London, saying the project is going to be mutually beneficial.


On the London, AVI Networking Event 2023

What AVI is trying to do now is that, having helped her members to fully integrate into the system, they are now propelling members to take an informed decision on how to invest their hard earned funds wisely. The beauty of travelling abroad is to bring all goodies acquired over there back home successfully. The AVI have actually independently conducted their research and due diligence on Pelican Valley Nigeria Limited and they have now successfully helped their members to take a wise and informed investment decisions about a viable and trustworthy organisation that their members can invest their funds in and have peace of mind. I think they really researched about us, checked our track records, goodwill, delivery and realised that we are of good reputation before reaching out to me personally to come over to London and enlighten their members on how to take a full advantage of the real estate investment in Nigeria through PelicanValley.








Real estate business is highly lucrative and if I, could personally take it from almost the lowest strata of the society to this level that God has placed us, I can also help those that have the funds too, not only those with idle funds but also others that are looking at those positive and secured investments that would break-even and give a high RoI within a short period of time.

There is something you cannot take away from real estate business, that is Integrity and Goodwill. You need integrity to make your business thrive and not to cut corners of cheat investors.








You need to invest with someone with a proven track records of integrity and goodwill so that your real estate investment can be secured. Let me shock you, 90% of Nigerians in diaspora who are investing in real estate had actually got their hands burnt, because most of them are unable to reach out to realtors who can secure their investments. And it takes someone with clean character, prudency and great integrity to secure real estate on behalf of any individual. It is very evident in our track record that we have been into this real estate business for almost 14 years now without a single court or police case and when you check our reviews, u will discover that we have 100% positive reviews on all our public platforms. So, it would be a wonderful opportunity for those that are willing to invest and get a high RoI to take full advantage. Take for instance the Pelican Valley Estate which we started selling land there at N800k about eight years ago,today, a plot of land there is N20million, also Pelican Brief Estate in Kobape, we started selling land at N785k but today, it is N5million per plot. I know in the next three years, it will shoot up to N10million. So, it is good for people to invest now, most especially Nigerians in diaspora, they are really in vantage position because the exchange rate is favourable to them and they can easily key into real estate business and it will multiply RoI for them. So, it is a good opportunity for them to key in.








On Pelican Valley Products

We are taking the “REAL” products to them in London, first of all, the Pelican Valley Estate, Laderin, where unusual homes happens. Plelican Valley has one of the most beautiful landscape, most unique ambience and serene environment one cannot find in the whole Southwestern part of Nigeria. It is so natural and you can’t see something like it anywhere in the Southwestern part of Nigeria. It took us almost seven years to achieve such scenery ambience and landscape. We introduced it 8 years ago with #800,000 but now #20m per plot…Fully energised with you a 500kv electric transformer, four Fully armed security guards, all drainages done, two gardeners and all major roads interlocking.








Other products like Pelican-Brief Estate,Kobape, where we are igniting a Smart City. Pelican Brief is presently the fastest growing estate in Ogun State today. We started selling Pelican Brief with meagre N785k per plot three years ago but today, a plot is N5million.






Presently, we have four armed security guards on site and two gardeners working daily. We have also launched a N1billion road construction intervention scheme using interlocking stones for our majour roads in the first phase of road construction. We also have a 500 Kv transformer, fully energized, stepped down from a 33kv trunkline.








Every plot in Pelican Brief has electricity pole in front of it, with Fully energised serviced wires. It is the only estate that has a “FULL” GOVERNMENT APPROVED LAYOUT in Ogun State for the first three and half years of the present administration in Ogun State. Pelican Brief has so many fully subscribed diasporan clients, which influence the naming of some of our streets after their base, among those names are Ontario drive, Manitoba drive and so on..we cannot rule out the possibility of having a AVI drive or London avenue in the nearest future. Pelican Brief presently has over one hundred and fifty building approvals with over fifty ongoing constructions.








We’ve done all our beacon sheet (Ready-made registered surveys for all plots), when you buy our lands and pay in full, you get allocation almost immediately you are ready for development. These are type of products the Diaspora needs. The Estate is less than 15 minutes from the Prof. Wole Soyinka train station, which connects Ogun State to Lagos, Ibadan and in the long-term, all the 36 State capitals in the Nigerian Federation.


Another product is Pelican Ecostay apartments. Pelican Ecostay apartments is just one part of Pelican Brief Estate, there we have started building one bedroom studio apartments, two bedroom apartments, three bedroom apartments and three bedroom duplexes. So, Ecostay apartment is highly unique where everything there is going to be 100% eco-friendly. We have started planting trees there and the tree planting project cost us over N10 million. We want to make it a site – seeing and tourists attraction. We have placed order for three Camels, donkeys, peacocks to make the ambience scenery and natural. The building sites and the building is also fully approved by the Ogun state government, with provisions for a purpose built lounge, gym, mini club, recreation, skid gas station,green areas,open space and hospital.







Those are some of the unique advantages of our products, you can call it our unique selling points. We also have Pelican Valley Greenish Acres Farm Estate, which is a by – product of Pelican-Brief Estate and the Pelican”s Ecostay Apartments. The idea is to have a place not too far away from the estates whereby our clients and residents can easily go to get fresh vegetables and farm products, to complement the dreams of Ecostay apartment and make people live natural and eat natural. We discovered that about 80% of our clients in the diaspora are 55 years old upward and most of them are ready to come back home in retirement and once they got home, they would need something to keep body and soul together. That was why we have the farm estate. It is about 1.5kilometer away from the Pelican Brief Estate and Pelican’sEcostay Apartments. They can just take a walk up from their houses to their farms, eat fresh vegetables that the body needs and jug back home. It is a way of promoting wellness and healthful living and future. So, those are the products we are planning to introduce to Nigerians in diaspora startedfrom London, this December, Gods willing. Our ranges of products are interwoven, interconnected and interrelated.

Investment In View

In the interim, we are looking at well over a million pounds investment in London, that is about One Billion Naira investment coming to Ogun state. We are looking at the prospect of attracting over One million pounds investment to Ogun State through the AVI Networking Event 2023 in London.


BUA Crashes The Price Of Cement To 3,500 Per Bag, Promises Further Reduction {see full text}



Why BUA Group Boss is still the most charitable billionaire 

BUA Crashes The Price Of Cement To 3,500 Per Bag, Promises Further Reduction {see full text}

BUA Group has proven itself as an organization that promises and delivers. This is not unconnected to the fact that BUA Cement has decided to bring down the price of Cement effective October 2, 2023.


BUA Crashes The Price Of Cement To 3,500 Per Bag, Promises Further Reduction {see full text}



According to a statement from the Cement manufacturer, the organization decided to bring the price reduction forward rather than waiting till when its new production lines were completed as it had earlier promised.



Based on the latest development, the ex-factory price has now been fixed at 3,500 NAIRA per bag, ‘so that Nigerians can begin to enjoy the benefits of the price reduction even before the completion of the new plants’.

The statement further revealed that upon completion of the new plants which will increase BUA production volume to 17million Metric tons per annum, the company intends to further review downwards the price of cement by first Quarter of 2024 in line with earlier promise.


See full text of the statement below:


BUA Crashes The Price Of Cement To 3,500 Per Bag, Promises Further Reduction {see full text}

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“I am Sorry; I don’t Know What Came over me – Chioma Egodi Jnr Tenders Apology to Erisco Foods Over Misleading Facebook post



“I am Sorry; I don’t Know What Came over me – Chioma Egodi Jnr Tenders Apology to Erisco Foods Over Misleading Facebook post*

*“I am Sorry; I don’t Know What Came over me – Chioma Egodi Jnr Tenders Apology to Erisco Foods Over Misleading Facebook post*




Facebook user, Chioma Egodi Jnr, has again come out to tender her apology to ERISCO Foods for her distorted claim against the leading indigenous food processing company.





“I apologise for any discomfort or inconveniences my actions may have caused by its release on the social media loop,” Egodi stated.


“I am Sorry; I don’t Know What Came over me – Chioma Egodi Jnr Tenders Apology to Erisco Foods Over Misleading Facebook post*




But her apology has elicited mixed reactions: while some condemned her for misleading Nigerians, others believe she may have been paid to bosh the image of the leading indigenous food processing company.

It will be recalled, on September 17, Egodi had alleged on her Facebook page, highlighting the high sugar content in the tomato paste and inviting her followers who might have used the same product to share their opinions.

In her apology letter, Chioma Egodi said she realized that she made a weighty mistake by lying about the product. She said she was deeply sorry for the harm she caused to the company, its customers and the public. She also said she would retract all her earlier posts on the matter immediately and do anything within her power to rectify all the things she did wrong.

In her words;

_“I sincerely wish to apologize to Erisco Foods Limited for the post I made on Facebook about their product Nagiko Tomatoe mix._

_“I am truly sorry Sir. I am sorry for the lies concerning the product. I am truly sorry Sir._

_“I regret my actions and wish to be forgiven._

_“I pledge that this type of bad behaviour will never happen again._

_“I undertake to retract all my earlier posts on this matter immediately, this is without compulsion._

_“I will do anything within my power to rectify all the things I did wrong concerning this matter._

_“Once again I’m very sorry for the damage done to the company, its customers and the general public._

_“Thank you Sir.’_

It is important to know, that the apology letter was duly signed by Chioma Egodi as the one who perpetrated the false claim and also signed by the husband as witness.

Media had earlier reported that the CEO of Erisco Foods Limited, Mr. Eric Umeofia vowed to sue Mrs Egodi for N5billion over the false review. He said the company suspected that Chioma Egodi was not a genuine customer and could not provide any proof to support her claim.

However, Mr. Eric Umeofia, has said that he has accepted Mrs Egodi’s apology and that he may withdraw the lawsuit against her provided if she will go ahead to post the hand written apology letter to the company on her Facebook page as agreed but if she failed to post it, the company would have no choice than to proceed with the N5billion lawsuit.

Defending the quality of Nagiko Tomato Mix, the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has released a statement saying, “the presence of sugar in Erisco’s Nagiko tomato mix is safe for consumption and is duly approved by the agency.

NAFDAC said, the product in question – Nagiko Tomato Mix by Erisco Foods Limited with NAFDAC Registration Number A8-7430 is duly registered.

“Sugar is added to these products for a number of reasons, including but not limited to masking bitterness, enhancing colour and flavour, improving texture and taste consistency, and as a preservative.

The safety limits of sugar in food products are determined by NAFDAC, and only sugar-containing products within these safety limits are approved by NAFDAC,” the statement read.

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Osahon Okunbo: A philanthropist Nigerian international business man



Osahon Okunbo: A philanthropist Nigerian international business man taken his rightful position in the league of achiever











































Sahara Weekly Reports That Osahon Okunbo, a prominent figure in Nigerian international business, continues to ascend the ranks of high society, which recently seen him receiving recognition in New York, USA, during an official tour that included a meeting with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, organized by Senator Asuquo Ekpenyong is no more news but how this visionary leader unwavering commitments to fostering a positive change within his community and beyond is what many people are marvel at His vision, leadership, and dedication, take him to the pinnacles of someone who cares deeply about making a positive impact on the society and the environment, and this he has seen him initiated many projects and programs that reflect his good intentions to people who surrounded him.





































Osahon Okunbo: A philanthropist Nigerian international business man



Despite his tight schedule, this young man still has time for his staffs, a very meticulous who pays great attention to detail. He always reviews every document, presentation, and report before approving or sending them. Though he also expects the same level of quality and accuracy from his staff and colleagues, and with his loads of success and achievement so far it could be stated that this international man has not disappointed in delivery of good things.









































A very passionate man who adores charity work, especially in the areas of education, health, and environmental sustainability. He has donated generously to various causes and organizations, and he also participates actively in fundraising events and campaigns. He often visits the beneficiaries of his charity work and listens to their stories and feedback.









































Though he faces some challenges in managing his time and workload, but the ambitious in him often makes him to work long hours and takes on multiple responsibilities, which sometimes affects his health and well-being, but he is still not relent in making sure he got to the zenith of a success. He also struggles to balance his work and personal life, as he has a large family that he loves and cares for.









































While his passion for making a difference is unquestionable, he still believed there is room for Improvement. “I always feel flattered whenever people eulogizing my philanthropist way of life or praise me, but to me have not done anything, like I always tell people it is always my joy and happiness see people happy too”.









































Okunbo has established a clear vision and direction for his organization. And so, the staff and colleagues are committed to delivering high-quality results. His passion for making a difference and creating value, is been driven by a sense of purpose and mission to contribute positively to the society and the environment.









































“ His curiosity for learning and exploring new possibilities. He is always eager to acquire new knowledge, skills, or insights that could help him improve himself or his organization… His pride for excellence and achievement. He is always striving to deliver the best results, meet, the highest standards, or surpass the expectations.” Chorused his staffs when they were asked to comment on their indefatigable chairman









































They continued









































“He emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance to ensure sustained effectiveness. By implementing effective time management techniques and setting clear priorities, he can strike a better balance between his professional and personal life, ultimately increasing his efficiency and well-being. What excites us about working alongside our chairman is the opportunity to witness the direct impact of our efforts on the community. His passion is contagious, and the potential for positive change is limitless. Also, the dynamic nature of our industry is truly exhilarating. We are excited about the constant innovation and opportunities for positive change. It’s a field where we can make a tangible impact on people’s lives.”








































They concluded









































Obviously, his expectations are lofty, and he aspires to attain exceptional results, with the aim of establishing himself as a leading thought leader of this generation. But his only fear, it seems, is not being able to maximize his potential impact. Overall, he embodies Definitely Okunbo is a passionate and driven leader committed to making a difference in the industry through his business.










































Mr. Okunbo, is a Nigerian native, a seasoned businessman and entrepreneur with over 15 years’ board and management experience in Nigeria across various industries, including oil and gas services and facilities engineering, procurement, construction (EPC) and project management. In addition to oil and gas he holds various leadership positions across various non-oil sector industries such as hospitality, agriculture and aviation. Mr Okunbo sits as an executive and non-executive director of various companies, which employ directly and indirectly over 6,000 Nigerians.

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