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Fair prince is an award winning gospel Artiste whose songs have been enjoying massive airplay both home and abroad.

Your video, Thank you, is out and it’s enjoying massive airplay all over. How do you feel about that?
I feel great, it’s really a nice thing to get to have a job or song, that is actually doing great out there and enjoying a lot of massive air play and with that it will be wonderful and it gingers you to do more and better good music.  For me, it is very great and I feel very happy.
And what stands it out from every other video around?
Definitely, what stands it out is just the camera we used, we used a drone camera and that is definitely not here in Nigeria.
Is that why you decided to shoot it in Uganda, why the choice of Uganda?
Aside from the camera, we needed to do something out there too.  But I’m also going to South-Africa I think this year to do really do a very nice video and then come back but I’m definitely also in touch with good director here, we’ll be working on something pretty soon.


Yes its true. The massive response from Thank you was overwhelming. Thus we went back to our source of inspiration which is God and came up with a better and more inspiring tunes and concepts. It will feature Frank Edwards.
Which of the singles do you want to shoot in South-Africa?
I’m shooting one of my singles of the three tracks entitled, Take Away.
So many people are confused on their number one choice between Take Away and Thank you.  How do you feel about that?
(Laughs) The two songs are almost alike but I think when you push a song out there, its left for people or fans to decide that I’m definitely in love with this or that but from my own experience so far.  I think when those singles were out, I had a lot of calls from a whole lot of friends both home and abroad calling me and telling me house much they love my music.
What is the secret of your success?
It is all by God’s grace. I came from a wealthy family and I read engineering. But I discovered my calling was gospel music. I decided to pursue my dreams. My daddy was against it. I slept under the bridge several times because of my firm believe in my calling. And when the lord gave my breakthrough, my father has now come to terms with my success story.
How will you describe your brand of music?
My music is unique because it is an electro kind of gospel music. It is also a house music you hardly get to hear anywhere, the sounds are quite very touching, coupled with my lyrics. When it comes to music, I don’t tend to be like anyone, just me and that is why I’m different.
Where does the inspiration come from?
My inspiration comes from God Almighty and also from things happening around me.
Would it be nice to say that, Thank You is a testimony of grass to grace story?
Yes it is.
Among the gospel artistes in Nigeria, which among them inspired you?
I would say Sammy Okposo. I do look up to him a lot because he is very friendly and his brand is unique.
What’s the greatest challenge and regrets?
I do not have any regrets, so far.
We learnt you were appointed as the Youth Vice President UNPOLAC, can you tell us about it?
I feel happy with a sense of gratitude and responsibilities to be appointed. Presently, I happen to be a Peace Ambassador to the United Nations Polac, UNPOLAC. We are to take care of the Youth Cottage far away in Cross River State, Bakasi because we want to put up a cottage industry to bring hope and succour to those displaced people in Bakassi.  So, with that we can create jobs for the youths out there. And as Senator Ita Giwa has contributed her own quota, we also plan to complement her efforts.
How do you handle your female fans?
I think I’m just fine as a person.  My female fans are quite cool because I try to define my relationship. I don’t allow them to go to the extreme so I chat a lot with them and keep it real.
Tell us about your record label and when do you intend to bring in young artistes?
I run an entertainment outfit called, OHO Entertainment. I started two years ago and by next year we are planning to do a talent hunt, so that we can get in young gospel artist and we have international artistes working with us.

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