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Goodluck Jonathan Reveals Those Running The Affairs Of This Country



Goodluck Jonathan Reveals Those Running The Affairs Of This Country

Goodluck Jonathan Reveals Those Running The Affairs Of This Country


Former President, Goodluck Jonathan has said state governors are the ones “running” Nigeria.


Buhari Scores Another ‘F9’ At Ramadan

Jonathan made the remark while emphasizing that the Nigeria Governors Forum remains the best platform to discuss issues affecting Nigeria.


He spoke in Benin, Edo State on Sunday while addressing journalists, NAN reports.

The former president lamented over the antagonism between Southern and Northern governors which he said was uncalled for.

Jonathan stressed that the coming together of all the governors in a round table to discuss and proffer solutions to issues affecting Nigeria would help the President.

“Governors themselves should continue to meet, I don’t really love a situation where the Northern governors will meet then the Southern governors will cry foul.

“Then the Southern governors will meet then the Northern governors will cry foul,. That will not help our country.

“The governors through the governors forum should meet, they are the people who run this country, the President is just one person in Abuja.

“The states, especially in a country where the local governments are very weak, it’s the states that people fall back to.

“So if the governors of the states meet and dialogue, interrogate things that are good for this country, then we will move forward.

“I don’t really enjoy the antagonism between governors, they should come together and discuss.

“If there are issues affecting one or two states, I think the governors should see how they can collectively come with a way to address those issues,” he added.

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Hon. Prince Taiwo Ajibade Oyekan: A Rare Breed Of Leader On Lagos Island • By Bolaji Israel



Hon. Prince Taiwo Ajibade Oyekan: A Rare Breed Of Leader On Lagos Island • By Bolaji Israel

Hon. Prince Taiwo Ajibade Oyekan: A Rare Breed Of Leader On Lagos Island

• By Bolaji Israel




In a world where compassion and empathy are often scarce, Honourable Prince Taiwo Ajibade Oyekan stands out as a beacon of hope and support for the people of Lagos Island.




Hon. Prince Taiwo Ajibade Oyekan: A Rare Breed Of Leader On Lagos Island
• By Bolaji Israel

As a Philanthropist, he has dedicated himself to improving the lives of individuals through various Empowerment programmes and Initiatives.

At the heart of his Philanthropic efforts lies the Kolawole Ajibade Oyekan Foundation, established in memory Of his Dad, Aremo Kolawole Ajibade Oyekan, an organisation that has been instrumental in Uplifting and Transforming the lives of countless Individuals.

Through the foundation, Prince Taiwo has touched the lives of People from all walks of life in numerous ways leaving an indelible mark on their journey towards a Brighter future.

One of the key areas where Prince Oyekan has made a significant impact is in Healthcare. His foundation actively supports indigent individuals by covering their Hospital bills, ensuring that they receive the necessary Medical care they deserve.

Additionally, he has been a consistent presence at the Lagos Island Maternity Hospital, where he Presents Gift items and support to Babies and Nursing Mothers. This compassionate gesture not only provides much-needed assistance but also brings Joy and Jope to those in need.

Recognising the Importance of Education, Prince Taiwo has also focused on Initiatives aimed at enhancing the Educational Opportunities for Underprivileged Students. Through the Foundation, He provides Materials and Pays Examination fees for students who may otherwise struggle to afford them.

He offered Scholarships to Indigent Students and Learning Materials.

By investing in Education, Prince Taiwo is Empowering the Next Generation with the tools they need to Succeed and overcome the obstacles they face.

He also organised Skills Acquisition Trainings, and Built Community Development Projects including Borehole Water Systems, Trunk C Road Network, as well as Periodic Environmental Sanitation Exercises.

The Foundation has also donated Utility Bus To Lagos Community Security Outfit to improve Security in the Localities.

Moreover, Grants were given to Small scale Traders to promote Economy and Upscale Residents’ Standard of Living while Football Competitions were organised to develop Talents and foster Unity and Peaceful Coexistence among Youths.

Periodically, Assorted Food Items were Distributed to the Vulnerable, Elderly Citizens and Physically Challenged.

His Philanthropic efforts have also been extended to support Widows, recognising the challenges they face and offering a Helping hand during difficult times. By providing Financial Assistance and Emotional support, He aims to Alleviate their burdens and bring Comfort to their Lives.

What sets Prince Taiwo apart is not only his Dedication to Ohilanthropy but also his Genuine care for the Masses.

His Selfless acts of Kindness and Compassion are a Testament to his Noble Character.

As an accomplished Professional, he understands the importance of giving back to Society and making a Positive impact on the Lives of others.

Hailing from the esteemed Oyekan family of Lagos Island, Prince Taiwo’s royal lineage adds another layer of significance to his Philanthropic work.

With his wealth of Experience and Knowledge, he is fast carving a Niche for Himself as a Grassroots-Oriented Leader. His aim is to provide Oeople-oriented Leadership, Bringing about Positive change and benefiting the People of Lagos Island.

Honourable Prince Oyekan is a True Philanthropist, whose unwavering dedication to improving the lives of others sets him apart.

His commitment to Healthcare, Education, Sports, Security and Empowerment truly embodies the spirit of giving back to Society, and his impact will continue to be felt for Generations to come.

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Why Chad President, Mahamat Idriss Deby Must Listen To Primate Ayodele Now



Why Chad President, Mahamat Idriss Deby Must Listen To Primate Ayodele Now

*Why Chad President, Mahamat Idriss Deby Must Listen To Primate Ayodele Now




‘’A man who does not listen after many strong words are spoken to him will be destroyed all at once and without help.’’ ( Proverbs 29 Vs 1)



Why Chad President, Mahamat Idriss Deby Must Listen To Primate Ayodele Now


The president of Chad, General Mahamat Idriss Deby may be walking into a dangerous zone if he doesn’t redirect his steps with the prophetic warnings which Primate Ayodele gave many months ago concerning his administration.

Primate Ayodele who foretold the death of his father, Idriss Deby Tuno, had warned the current head of state that he will singlehandedly cause issues which will turn him against the people during his administration.

In one of the many videos the prophet featured in, he revealed that Mahamat Deby would attempt to turn himself into a civilian president but it will be rejected by the people. He strongly advised him not to try it because it would plunge the country into crisis.

Primate Ayodele warned him to be very careful and watchful about his intention to become a civilian president because it would not be accepted.

These were his words

‘’A major crisis is coming up in Chad. The Chad president must restrategize. He will want to transform to civilian president but they will kick against it. He must not do this, he must be very careful about this, he must be very very watchful.’’


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♬ original sound – Primate Ayodele

In fulfillment of Primate Ayodele’s warnings, Chad has come under heavy tensions in the last few days after the electoral commission made a surprise announcement Tuesday that presidential elections to end three years of military rule in the central African country will take place May 6, several months earlier than planned.

In making the announcement, the commission said the elections will mark a return to constitutional order and the end of General Mahamat Idriss Deby’s transitional period, now in its third year.

However, it is not yet known how many candidates will run in the May 6 polls. But last month, Chad’s former ruling Patriotic Salvation Movement (MPS party) said that Mahamat Idriss Deby will be the party’s nominee.

In Primate Ayodele’s prophetic warnings, three major things were mentioned which are Major crises coming up in Chad, the president will want to transform himself to a civilian government and lastly, his ambition will be kicked against. As we speak, the country is in serious crisis already, the president has also begun plans to turn his government to a civilian government as against the prophet’s advice; two out of the three prophetic warnings have come to pass.

General Mahamat Idriss Deby is currently on his way to fulfill the third warning which has to do with the rejection of his government by the people and if care isn’t taken, he may face the unexpected just as Primate Ayodele has warned.

In another interview with Independent Newspaper, Primate Ayodele warned Mahamat Deby to seek the face of God before attempting to transform himself into a civilian president.

‘’Chad: They will be attacked and their soldiers must be careful because a major terrorist disaster is coming that will shake their military. The democracy of Chad will be threatened. The head of state will want to transform into a civilian president. He must be careful and seek God’s face before doing it. The country must be careful to avoid entering a wrong agreement.’’

Primate Ayodele Sends Warnings To Presidents Of Egypt, Senegal, Chad, Zambia, Others

This further shows that the prophet has been constant with these warnings and it is more reason General Mahamat Deby should listen because if there is no reason, Primate Ayodele will not speak.

There is still time for him to retrace his steps because the message of the prophet shows there is serious danger ahead of him if he continues in his quest to become a civilian president.

‘’A man who does not listen after many strong words are spoken to him will be destroyed all at once and without help.’’ ( Proverbs 29 Vs 1)

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In the intricate landscape of Nigeria’s financial sector, there are figures whose contributions stand as pillars of stability and progress. Among these luminaries, Nnadi Benjamin Chima emerges as a beacon of expertise and dedication, shaping the contours of reserve management with his astute leadership and unwavering commitment.

Hailing from the vibrant enclave of Enugu State, Nigeria, Nnadi Benjamin Chima embodies a legacy of excellence in finance and management. Armed with a formidable arsenal of qualifications, including an MSc in International Securities, Investment, and Banking from the prestigious ICMA Center at the University of Reading, UK, and an MBA in Banking and Finance from Imo State University, his academic prowess laid the foundation for a stellar career trajectory.

With a career spanning decades, Nnadi Benjamin Chima has left an indelible mark on Nigeria’s financial landscape through his multifaceted roles and accomplishments. As the Director of the Reserve Management Department, his strategic vision and operational acumen have been instrumental in steering Nigeria’s reserve management practices towards efficiency and resilience.

A testament to his meticulous approach is evident in his pivotal role in redesigning the Reserve Management structure and processes, collaborating seamlessly with stakeholders to optimize practices and enhance overall effectiveness. His adeptness in fostering collaborations extends beyond borders, as exemplified by initiatives with global institutions like JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, and ICBC, which bolstered Nigeria’s foreign exchange market stability.

Nnadi Benjamin Chima’s leadership extends beyond the boardroom, as he actively participates in shaping policies critical to Nigeria’s economic stability. From contributing valuable insights to the Inter-Departmental Committee on Foreign Exchange Policy to evaluating strategies for protecting Nigeria’s oil revenue against volatility, his expertise in risk management remains unparalleled.

However, Nnadi Benjamin Chima’s contributions are not merely confined to policy corridors; they resonate with a spirit of service and excellence. His commitment to meeting deadlines, as demonstrated by ensuring Nigeria’s prompt payment of its IMF Quota in 2016, underscores his dedication to upholding Nigeria’s credibility on the global stage.

Amidst accolades and achievements, Nnadi Benjamin Chima remains grounded, epitomizing humility and resilience. His journey, marked by milestones such as receiving the Best Staff Award in the Foreign Operations Department, serves as an inspiration to aspiring finance professionals, underscoring the transformative power of diligence and dedication.

In the tapestry of Nigeria’s financial landscape, Nnadi Benjamin Chima’s narrative shines brightly—a narrative defined by unwavering integrity, steadfast leadership, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. As Nigeria charts its course towards economic prosperity, Nnadi Benjamin Chima stands as a stalwart guardian of its financial future, a custodian of trust, and a harbinger of progress.

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