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Jesus Christ was a nationalist – Cleric



Jesus Christ was a nationalist – Cleric By Ifeoma Ikem


Dr Samuel Chukwuemeka Uche, the Prelate of Methodist Church has advised Nigerians to work for peace, genuine reconciliation, national integration because Jesus Christ is a nationalist, he never disobeyed any law of the Roman empire rather he obeyed it.







Chukwuemeka who said this during his Christmas message noted that it all started with Jesu’s parents who before His birth travelled all the way from Nazareth to Bethlehem for census and taxation.







He noted that even Jesus was tempted and asked to pay tax so he replied to them saying ‘give to Cesar what belongs to Cesar and to God what belongs to God.







“What that means is that you cannot serve God without being patriotic, we should support the nation, we should obey the law of the land and live by it.






According to him, Christmas teaches us to evaluate ourselves, if we know we are not going on the right part, we should start going on the right part and we should exclude bitterness, ethnicity and tribal sentiment.








“We should make sure we are fair to all and when there is fairness, there’s employment, there’s food on every table, peace and harmony among the children of God .











Chukwuemeka pointed out that when the situation normalizes, those people who team up to terrorise the nation will have no time to associate with Boko haram, IPOB, things will come down, the problem of the society is that people are reacting to bad situations.








“Many people are crying this Christmas, there’s inflation, inflation in transport, in food items and in everywhere,why? when we have a government, the government should come out and regulate various issues so that we will have peace in Nigeria.






“For me Christmas is not only on 25 December, everyday of my life is Christmas and I want to urge those who have, to give to those who don’t have that is the way Christmas should be celebrated,” he added








“I will use this opportunity to give my message of hope concerning electoral laws, electoral bill to be passed into law, President Buhari should make sure that coming elections are credible right from the primary to the general elections.







He urged the authorities to ensure that the right people come on board not thugs, not people in secret cult.








“We can see what is happening in our nation today, it’s because they use members of secret cults as their thugs and the same people that are into cults have metamorphosed into bandits, unknown gunmen and these are people who feed on drugs, that’s why there are misbehaving and this destabilizes our peace”.








He emphasized that if the government want to make Nigeria great it will take them only six months to bring peace to Nigeria.








“So I want them to be serious and make this nation a place that is habitable for all of us.








“We have no other country, Nigeria is our country so we should make it habitable if we want, ‘unfortunately the leaders don’t have the body language to make it habitable.


Jesus Christ was a nationalist - Cleric