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Kehinde Bankole Speaks On Life After AMVCA Win ” my life has changed drastically”



Nollywood actress Kehinde Bankole is still riding high from her win at the AMVCA which took place recently. In an exclusive chat with Sahara Weekly, the graduate of Mass communication from Olabisi Onabanjo University She spoke about how she got into acting, how she got a role in Kunle Afolayan‘s October 1 and how her life as changed since winning the best actress awarda at the AMVCA. Read excerpts from the interview below.
Congratulations on your recent award, how do you feel?
Thank you! I feel so grateful, elated and loved. It’s a very good feeling.
Did you envisage winning the AMVCA award?
I had a few occasions thought of how nice it would be to win. But I kept an open mind so you can imagine my surprise when i announced the winner.
What was the first thing that came to your mind when you were picked winner?
“Wow! They said my name” those were the words that rushed through my lips repeatedly as I got up and walked to the stage. I wish my mother was there to hear it.
What gave you an edge?
I guess that’s for the people to decide.
What’s your source of inspiration?
God and life inspires me. There’s a mystery about both that cannot be fully understood. Nature inspires me also.
What are the pains and gains?
I’ve had to give up some privacy but I consider the sacrifice part of the price to pay on the journey to success and I’m grateful for every second. I have discovered my abilities, strengths and weaknesses; and even though I have had busy and “dry” seasons, I have the opportunity to do the job of my dream over and over. I have a lot to be thankful for.
What’s the secret of your success?
It’s Perseverance. Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did as you constantly work towards getting good results. In this business, perseverance is key.
Who is your role model or mentor in the industry?
I have quite a few but I will mention Wale Adenuga, Kunle Afolayan and Kimberly Elise.
  On how she started acting
Well, acting began after I wanted more than modeling.  I had competed twice already in a beauty pageant, being the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2004 and Miss Commonwealth in 2003, where I made top 10 and top five respectively and went on to do run-way modelling for Mon Ami, but I would be advised then by the actress playing Miss Pepeiye for Papa Ajasco series, Leona, and my twin sister who had begun acting then to come for an audition at Wale Adenuga Productions. I went and that was the beginning.
On how she got a role in October 1
I had earlier gone to Mr Afolayan’s Golden Effect to read for a role but did not get a call back.  Then sometime recently I got a call from him to come and read for a part, being Tawa. I went and read. And this time I got a call back. I guess I must have left a better impression this time.
On her life changing after winning the award she said
 I have been getting more attention for all my work that had been out there initially before the award. I have been getting more scripts and looking more into roles that will further prove my strength. It’s been beautiful.


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