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NCAA Threatens To Sanction Domestic Airlines Over N19bn Debt On Ticket Sales, Issues 30-Day Ultimatum




NCAA Threatens Sanction Over N19bn Debt Owed By Domestic Airlines Issues 30-Day Ultimatum



The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) has threatened to sanction domestic airlines for over N19 billion in debt on ticket sales.

The authority said this on Tuesday in Abuja at a meeting organized by the ministry of aviation and its agencies with scheduled airline operators and ground handlers.




Speaking at the meeting, Musa Nuhu, director-general, NCAA, said he had appealed to the airlines to pay their debts.

Nuhu said the airlines were currently owing about N19 billion on ticket charges collected from passengers but refused to remit to the agency.








He also said sanctions would be taken against any defaulting airlines if they refused to pay within a month.


“The airlines must enter an MoU on how they will pay their debts in the next 30 days from August 30, 2022, or their license (sic) will be suspended at the expiration of the deadline,” he said.










Nuhu said he was displeased with the recent letter written by the Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON) to Hadi Sirika, minister of aviation, demanding a review of multiple charges from aviation agencies.


He added that all the charges met best practices as obtained all over the country, adding that many neighboring countries even charge higher than Nigeria.










“We cannot provide services and you want the government to grant a waiver. How can the agencies manage to survive?” he said.

“NCAA sustains on internally generated revenue (IGR) without any money from the federal government.










“We have not increased our charges in 13 years. We are still collecting the same charge. So, nothing like a burden on airline operators.”

On his part, Matthew Pwajok, acting managing director, Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA), said local airlines ought to be considerate in their dealings.







According to him, the local airlines were owing the sum of N5.73billon as of June 30, for both terminal navigation charges (TNC), and en route navigation charges (ENC).

He added that the domestic airlines were also indebted to NAMA on international operations to the tune of 9,086,401.78 dollars as of June 30.








Pwajok said the agency may suspend the provision of its services to any airline still owing and refuses to pay on time.

“NAMA is 100 percent self-funded from its internally generated revenue for salaries, running costs, training, and capital projects, and 25 percent of the revenue generated by the agency is deducted at source by the federal government,” he added.










Also speaking on the matter, Rabiu Yadudu, managing director, Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), said such debts will go a long way in improving the standards in the airports.

He also urged the AON to strengthen their collaboration with aviation agencies to collectively develop the industry.









“Sitting down to work together will rapidly help the growth of the aviation sector. No airline has ever come to FAAN and has been turned down by FAAN. We reason together,” Yadudu said.

“Collaboration is the way of the aviation industry. There is absolutely no reason to undermine one another. We need one another. We need to respect and protect each other.”









Responding to the appeal, Kashim Shettima, chief executive officer, Skye Jet, said the NCAA is also not “perfect”, and issues raised could be resolved amicably.

“Yes, airlines owe money but the airlines are also deeply challenged because they can’t get fuel or access dollars freely. They buy dollars in the black market. We must come together to resolve our problems,” he said.








In addition, Allen Onyema, AON vice-president, and CEO of Air Peace appealed to all domestic airlines that were indebted to any of aviation agencies to pay their debts.


Lagos House Demolition: 9 Things to Know Before Buying or Building in Lagos by Dennis Isong



Lagos House Demolition: 9 Things to Know Before Buying or Building in Lagos by Dennis Isong 

Lagos House Demolition: 9 Things to Know Before Buying or Building in Lagos by Dennis Isong









































Sahara Weekly Reports That When embarking on the journey of purchasing land in Lagos, Nigeria, it is crucial to navigate the process with diligence and awareness. Acquiring the necessary certificates is a pivotal step to ensure a secure and lawful transaction. Here are some important certificates you should possess during the land-buying process in Lagos:
























Lagos House Demolition: 9 Things to Know Before Buying or Building in Lagos by Dennis Isong 


















1. Certificate of Occupancy (C of O):

The Certificate of Occupancy is a primary document issued by the Lagos State Government that confirms the legal ownership and right to use a particular land. It outlines the terms and conditions under which the land is held and can be obtained through the state’s land registry.










































2. Survey Plan:

-A Survey Plan is essential for defining and delineating the boundaries of the land. It provides an accurate representation of the property’s dimensions, shape, and geographical features. A licensed surveyor must prepare this document, and it should be approved by the Office of the Surveyor General.










































3. Deed of Assignment:

This legal document serves as evidence of the transfer of ownership rights from the seller to the buyer. The Deed of Assignment should be drafted by a legal professional and registered at the Land Registry to make it legally binding.










































4. Governor’s Consent:

If the land has a Certificate of Occupancy, obtaining the Governor’s Consent is necessary for the transfer of ownership. It involves an application to the state governor, and upon approval, the consent is endorsed on the Deed of Assignment.










































5. Excision:

An Excision signifies the release of a portion of land from government acquisition. It is especially crucial for lands situated in areas that were previously marked as government-owned. A valid Excision grants legitimacy to the land title and should be confirmed with the relevant authorities.










































6. Approved Building Plan:

Before any construction activities commence, it is mandatory to have an approved building plan from the appropriate government agency. This ensures that the proposed structure complies with urban planning regulations and standards.










































7. Tax Clearance Certificate:

A Tax Clearance Certificate from the seller is necessary to verify that all property taxes have been paid. It is a requirement for the processing of some land-related documents and helps ensure a clean and legal transaction.










































8. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA):

In some cases, an Environmental Impact Assessment may be required, particularly for large-scale developments. This assessment ensures that the proposed project complies with environmental regulations and mitigates potential negative impacts.










































9. Receipts of Payment:

Retain all receipts of payments made during the transaction. This includes payments for the land, survey, legal fees, and any other associated costs. These receipts serve as proof of transaction and can be crucial in case of any disputes.










































Dennis Isong is a TOP REALTOR IN LAGOS.He Helps Nigerians in Diaspora to Own Property In Lagos Nigeria STRESS-FREE. For Questions WhatsApp/Call 2348164741041






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Dollar Tumbles Against Naira At Parallel Market



Dollar Tumbles Against Naira At Parallel Market

Dollar Tumbles Against Naira At Parallel Market











































Sahara Weekly Reports That The naira sustained its appreciation against the United States dollar at the parallel market as it appreciated on Friday, from N1,160 to N1,155.



































Dollar Tumbles Against Naira At Parallel Market







This represents 0.43 percent (N5) gain than N1,160 exchanged on Thursday at the parallel market.










































It could be recalled that the naira had steadied in the parallel market on Wednesday and Thursday as it sells for N1,160 respectively.










































However, the forex turnover, on Thursday, hit $105.50million according to data from NAFEM, the Nigerian Autonomous Foreign Exchange Market, the market trading segment for Investors, Exporters and End-users.










































The turnover represents the amount of dollars traded at a particular trading day.










































Although the rate is still unpalatable to the business community and Nigerians at large but a management consultant, Babatunde Adeniji, said the naira crisis is being largely driven by speculation following the country’s liquidity challenge.










































“In terms of price, for the short time it is speculation that drives things. If you are a trader and you want to take a bet, with the level of distrust of the government, with no clear visible assurance of where the dollar is coming from to stabilise the naira, which position would you take? You are bound to take the position skewed towards the dollar,” he stated.











































He said the country would begin to heave a sigh of relief when the authorities can pay up all the backlog of foreign exchange forwards with sufficient liquidity to meet pending obligations.










































“Nigeria as a country does not have enough dollars to meet its promise. If we don’t do things that are substantial and visible, all that grammar would not help.

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X3M Ideas, Noah’s Ark, Insight Publicis win big at the 2023 LAIF Awards



X3M Ideas, Noah’s Ark, Insight Publicis win big at the 2023 LAIF Awards

X3M Ideas, Noah’s Ark, Insight Publicis win big at the 2023 LAIF Awards

















…as Leo Burnett wins Grand Pix
















Sahara Weekly Unveils That It was a night of recognition, glamour, and celebration of creative excellence at the 2023 edition of the Lagos Advertising and Ideas Festival (LAIF) Awards as X3M Marketing Ideas Limited, Noah’s Ark Communications Limited, Insight Publicis, and Leo Burnett won big at the event.



X3M Ideas, Noah’s Ark, Insight Publicis win big at the 2023 LAIF Awards













X3M Ideas, Noah’s Ark, Insight Publicis win big at the 2023 LAIF Awards
















The award ceremony, which was held on Saturday, November 18, 2023, at The Hall, Victoria Island, Lagos, saw the Steve Babaeko-led X3M Marketing Ideas Limited lead the medal haul with 15 Gold, 20 Silver, and 7 Bronze, which eventually resulted in the agency being named the 2023 Agency of the Year.
































Noah’s Ark Communications Limited came second on the medals table, carting home 12 Gold, 16 Silver, and 7 Bronze, while Insight Publicis and Leo Burnett emerged third and fourth, respectively. Insight Publicis won 9 Gold,  16 Silver, and 15 Bronze, while Leo Burnett won  1 Grand Pix, 9 Gold, 4 Silver, and 4 Bronze.
































In his welcome remarks, the President of the Association of Advertising Agencies of Nigeria(AAAN), Mr. Steve Babaeko, noted that the LAIF Awards remain the beacon of innovation and creativity in the advertising landscape in West Africa.
































Babaeko noted that he was confident that the commitment of the new LAIF management board would engender a transformative journey for the award.
































While applauding all the agencies that submitted entries for the awards, saying that every participant is a winner, he urged participants not to see the LAIF Awards as a competition but as a community that thrives on the pulse of creativity.
































He explained that the diversity of talent showcased through the entries reflects the richness of the advertising industry, noting that it is a testament to the boundless creativity that emanates from every corner of Nigeria.
































“ Together, we shape the advertising narrative, pushing boundaries and redefining excellence. As we embark on the exciting journey of recognition and celebration, let us cherish the camaraderie that unites us. I wish each and every one of you a wonderful evening filled with inspiration and fun and joy of shared success,” he said.
































Also speaking at the occasion, the Chairman, LAIF Awards Management Board, Mr. Jay Chukwuemeka, explained that the 2023 edition of the awards, which is the 18th edition of the festival, received over 500 entries from a total of 18 agencies. He disclosed that the entries submitted were creative works of the agencies on brands while about 47 jurors worked on the entries to determine the best works for the honours.
































Chukwuemeka congratulated all the nominees as well as those who submitted entries for putting up creative works that were selected for honours.
































He expressed gratitude to the next generation of ideologists who participated in the Young LAIF competition, noting that their ideas and energy remain invaluable. He equally commended the jury members for rising to the occasion in confronting the challenging task of objectivity and finding common grounds amidst different opinions in their decision-making.
































A major key highlight of the event was the induction of two distinguished personalities in the advertising industry, Director General, Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria, Dr.Lekan Fadolapo and Mrs. Nkoli Ogbolu, into the Lagos Advertising and Ideas Festival (LAIF) Awards Hall of Fame.

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