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Nigeria’s situation getting worse – Comr Iche



Nigeria's situation getting worse - Comr Iche

Nigeria’s situation getting worse – Comr Iche

By Ifeoma Ikem


Nigeria's situation getting worse - Comr Iche


A businessman and Human Rights Activists, Comrade Savior Iche has expressed disappointment over the current situation in Nigeria describing it as getting worse by the day.

Iche said this during a protest they staged in Lagos yesterday





“The hardships are too much on the masses even though they are suffering and smiling it’s becoming unbearable.

“We don’t know when all these self inflicted hardships and insecurities will be over because we are not safe, the masses are living with fear nowhere is safe again.








“Many families have lost their dear ones due to insecurity people are dying of hunger the economy has been destroyed and many businesses closed down.

According to him, for almost a year now the legislators resolved to set up a meeting with critical stakeholders in the country to address the frightening rise in prices of goods and services yet nothing has come out it.








” Life has become increasingly hard for many Nigerians, especially the low-income earners, unemployed youth, other vulnerable people, those on fixed incomes such as the pensioners and less privileges ones.

“Few households that can manage two square meals a day can no longer afford cooking gas and kerosene even firewood and charcoal as they are scarce due to the continuous attacks on farmers”.








He said that the security situation has gotten so bad that nobody goes to worship centers freely because of fear of being attacked by unknown gunmen, traveling by road and trains are also the same issue.

“Let Nigerians stop the pretending that all is well, it’s not well, we should face the reality to challenge the situation, they can’t cage or kill all of us. I’m worried about the youth and the masses.








“Nigeria is being threatened by some groups terrorizing the peace and unity of our dear nation.

“Bandits, unknown gunmen, kidnappers, Fulani herdsman and Boko haram, we need our leaders to address the matter, we can’t stand this any more, Nigerian is bleeding, enough of killing and shedding of innocent bloods.








“Nowhere is save for the citizens, every system is corrupt, food items being packaged in packs have reduced in quality and health care delivery sector’s corruption had deepened”, he added.

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Sahara Weekly Victoria Akai is an organizational leader with wealth of experience and robust educational background. Over the years, she has propelled institutions towards unprecedented success. With a steadfast commitment to achieving organizational goals and a knack for fostering innovation, Akai has carved a niche for herself as a transformative leader par excellence.














Educational Journey and Affiliations

Victoria Akai’s journey towards leadership excellence commenced with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, followed by an MBA from and now culminating in a Doctoral degree in Business Administration. Her academic prowess is complemented by a plethora of certifications from renowned institutions such as the United Nations Institute for Training and Research, MDF Certification in European Development Funds Procedures, GIZ Academy for International Cooperation and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, reflecting her dedication to continuous learning and professional development. Akai’s affiliation with esteemed organizations including the Institute of Directors UK, Rotary International, and the African Business Integrity Network underscores her commitment to global collaboration and ethical business practices.

Victoria is also a Fellow of the Institute of Charetered Mediators and Cociliators FICMC in Nigeria.

Professional Trajectory

Akai’s illustrious career trajectory is marked by a series of pivotal roles where she has consistently demonstrated her prowess in strategic planning, operational management, and organizational transformation. As the Director General at the Abuja Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), she worked closely with the executive committee to chart the chamber’s strategic course, effectively managing human and financial resources to achieve organizational objectives. Under her adept leadership, ACCI cemented its reputation as a premier Chamber of Commerce in the region, with heightened visibility and enhanced collaboration with key stakeholders.

Prior to her tenure at ACCI, Akai served as the Director of the Business Entrepreneurship Skills Technology Centre, where she spearheaded the establishment and strategic positioning of the center, driving initiatives to nurture entrepreneurship and innovation. Her role involved not only overseeing day-to-day operations but also forging strategic alliances, designing impactful programs, and ensuring compliance with regulatory frameworks. Akai’s adept leadership ensured the center’s alignment with the overarching goals of the Abuja Chamber of Commerce, thereby enhancing its relevance and impact within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Before her tenure at the Business Entrepreneurship Skills Technology Centre, Akai held the position of Managing Director at KVS International Limited, where she played a pivotal role in streamlining operations, driving business development initiatives, and fostering a culture of excellence. Her strategic acumen and keen business insights were instrumental in driving growth and profitability for the organization.

Victoria has served as a lead Consultant to Nigeria’s Senate Committee on Primary Health Care. She has also served as a board member of the University of Abuja Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Victoria is currently a member of the Presidential High Level Advisory Committee on women and girls in Nigeria. She also currently serves as a member of the Executive Committee of the Nigeria Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry Mines and Agriculture where is represents the EXCO on the Board of Nigerian National Accreditation System NiNAS, she is board member of the Nigerian Turkish Business Council and the Nigerian Ambassador of the Global African Business Association, USA.

Strategic Vision and Operational Excellence

At the core of Akai’s leadership philosophy lies a relentless pursuit of excellence and a strategic vision that transcends organizational boundaries. Whether it is optimizing resource allocation, fostering collaboration, or driving innovation, Akai consistently leverages her diverse skill set and extensive experience to navigate complexities and deliver tangible results. Her ability to inspire and motivate teams, coupled with her analytical prowess and sound judgment, enables her to tackle challenges head-on and steer organizations towards sustainable growth and success.

Akai’s strategic foresight is further evidenced by her tenure a Manager in European Union Support to Health Projects in Nigeria managed by EPOS Germany and Consiel Sante/Sofreco, France, where she oversaw procurement operations across multiple project offices, driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, her role as a Banking Analyst equipped her with invaluable insights into risk management, financial analysis, and customer relationship management, further enriching her multifaceted skill set.


Victoria Akai shines as a beacon of stability and strategic insight amidst a turbulent environment, demonstrating a remarkable ability to navigate complexities with grace and precision. Her steadfast dedication to excellence, bolstered by her extensive experience and educational background, positions her as a transformative leader capable of steering organizational success amid evolving challenges. Victoria’s pioneering spirit and ability to inspire change underscore the profound impact of visionary leadership and operational excellence. She transcends mere leadership, embodying the qualities of a visionary, trailblazer, and inspiration to all. Victoria’s dynamic leadership leaves an enduring imprint on both organizational goals and the individuals she leads, fostering a culture of excellence in the ever-evolving business landscape. As a luminary in organizational management, Victoria exemplifies dedication, innovation, and excellence, continually inspiring and elevating those around her. Her unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and adeptness in navigating challenges with poise further solidify her legacy as a transformative leader.









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Classic Queen International Top Model Emmanuella, Shares Her Challenges and Success Story



Classic Queen International Top Model Emmanyella, Shares Her Challenges and Success Story

Classic Queen International Top Model Emmanuella, Shares Her Challenges and Success Story


Of a truth,  Emmanuella Asu is an embodiment of beauty with brains. She emerged as the Classic Queen International top model 2023. In this chat with us, she shared her challenges and success secrets with us. Excerpts…


Congratulations on your emergence as the Classic Queen international top model, how do you feel about being the runner-up 

At first, I wasn’t exactly happy about it, but then I realized that being the 2nd runner-up doesn’t change the fact that I’m also a Queen, and I have my role to play. So I’m elated.

How did you hear about the pageantry and what informed you to contest?

My manager told me about it but I had encouragement from someone special (Charles)to contest.

What were the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?

It’s been three years since I last contested in a pageant. So I almost backed out because I was in a different location and the requirements as well. But I never back down. So I spoke to a couple of people and as God would have it preparations were made and here I am today.

What stands you out among your peers and what’s the secret of your success?

A lot of my peers are afraid of failing but I believe that “True Success is overcoming the fear of being unsuccessful “Paul Sweeney and that’s what keeps me pushing, I never give up.

what’s your take on the pageant and what’s your proposed project as beauty queen?

It’s a great platform and I feel honored to be part of the organization. I have lots of projects I might not be able to accomplish all but I believe most would be fulfilled, I plan on working with the government of Cross River State to take as many street children as possible, off the streets, which is titled OTSCOTS(Operation take the streets children off the streets). My second project is on youth skill acquisition/Agriculture. My Third project would be projecting Cross River State and Nigeria at large as a tourist State and Country by traveling to different places while doing documentaries…

Classic Queen International Top Model Emmanyella, Shares Her Challenges and Success Story

Who are your role models and mentors?

My dad, Naomi Campbell, and Catriona Gray

Tell us more about yourself and your background

My name is Emmanuella Asu, I’m from Boki LGA in Cross River State,I grew up with very protective, strict, loving Christian parents, I lost my mum when I was 7 and that changed me. I grew up comfortable because my dad was hardworking and a doting father to me though very strict with my brothers the short time I spent with my mum I know she was hardworking and more strict with me, I’m from a Christian home filled with so much love which helped me overcome my mum’s death and other issues I’ve had so far.

What are the lessons learned about this pageantry?

Hard Work pays

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“The Secret Of My Success As Classic Queen International’s Top Model”- Racheal George



“The Secret Of My Success As Classic Queen International’s Top Model”- Racheal George









Sahara Weekly Reports That Delectable Racheal George believes the future holds out for those who believe in the future of their dreams. She dared to pursue her dream as a beauty queen in Classic queen International pageantry where she emerged 2nd runner up. In this exclusive interview, she opened up on her life, success story, and future plans…






“The Secret Of My Success As Classic Queen International’s Top Model”- Racheal George




Can you tell me about yourself and your background?









My name is Racheal George, I’m 27 years old and I’m a graduate of Crawford university, I studied political science and international relations, and I served in 2018//2019.



“The Secret Of My Success As Classic Queen International’s Top Model”- Racheal George



I own a logistics business and I decided to go into pageantry. My first pageant was CQI and I came out 2nd runner-up.










Can you tell us how your journey into pageantry started?






How my journey into pageantry started is quite interesting, I usually follow pageantry like Miss World, and Miss Universe on television. So I loved it and I Normally tell myself I will go for this someday. I have never done pageantry before but I just knew that I love watching pageantry and I do tell myself I will go into something like this one day. So this year 2022, someone told me about a pageant called CQI. I said to myself that I was going to give it a try then that was how I went for the CQI competition because It is something I have always wanted to do, I gave my best in the camp and I was open to learning and I was always giving it my best during the rehearsal. I gave it my best at the finals and although it was something I wanted to give a try to know if I’m capable. So I did. Although it was not an easy journey, I put in a lot of hard work and was happy it ended well. I came out 2nd runner-up as CQI’s top model and I was grateful because I decided to give it a try, it was a success.






How did you feel emerging classic Queen?




I felt really good knowing I gave it a try and also put in my best and it ended well






What stands you out among others?




I will say my personality because I wasn’t the best at camp but I know I comported myself and was humble because I believe that as a beauty Queen, you should portray a good character so others can follow.








\What is your source of inspiration?






My source of inspiration is when I see young people who are successful at what they do and I tell myself that one day I will become one of the most successful people in the world and be the best at what I do.








What are the challenges and how did you overcome them?






My challenges back then were that I’m a shy person and I do normally have stage fright and I’m not really outspoken but going for this competition has helped me build myself to what I’m now, I can boldly say I can talk confidently now and I’m no longer shy and I’m able to interact with people.










What’s the pet project you plan to work on as Classic Queen Top Model?








As Classic Queen’s top model, the pet project I plan to work on is helping the less privileged because while growing up, I have been passionate about helping the less privileged by giving to the poor and making sure they have a roof under their head and donating to orphanage home is what I plan to do as my pet project.











What’s the secret of your success?







The secret of my success is putting in hardwork in whatever I’m doing and I’m always open to learning.









Who is your mentor or role model in pageantry










My role model in pageantry is Queen Tosin Adeduro. I have been watching her since she went for miss tourism Nigeria and she became the winner. She is representing Nigeria in miss tourism world 2020 and she came out 4th runner up. All I can see is dream comes true if you believe you can do it.

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