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Primate Ayodele’s Prophecy On Dollar Exchange Rate To Naira Comes To Pass



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The Nigerian economy is definitely not going through the good times as several downtimes have been recorded in recent times.

Although since the inception of the present administration, the economy has been nothing to write home about, cost of living has increased and up till now, there has not been any positive change whatsoever.

One of the determinants of a healthy Nigerian economy is the dollar exchange rate to Naira. In the history of foreign exchange, the rate which dollar exchanges for at the moment has not happened before. One naira now costs about N550, shockingly. This is just a signal that all isn’t well with the Nigerian economy.

However, a popular prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele warned before this government came into power that there will be hardship. Infact, in December 2020, when the government assured citizens of a better economy, Primate Ayodele revealed that 2021 will be tougher for Nigerians and that only God can help the country.

In June, Primate Ayodele released another prophecy on several online news platforms that Dollar will exchange for N520 and above if the government don’t tackle the economic problem being faced by the country.

As it stands, that prophecy has come to pass. Recently too, he revealed that rice will sell for N45,000 if the government don’t get to work. As it is now, this prophecy may also come to pass as long as the government don’t do the needful in tackling our economic problems

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