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Stop boasting, APC government’s 6 years is a disaster of unimaginable proportion – SDP replies Ajimobi



Social Democratic Party (SDP), in Oyo State has warned Governor Abiola Ajimobi of the state to stop boasting of array of achievements since he came to power in 2011.

The party advised the governor to put an end to his propaganda but face “proper agenda” in order to move the state forward in the areas of security, education, health and agriculture.

SDP while responding to statements made by the governor while speaking on his 6 years achievements on Monday said “The APC government’s 6 years is a disaster of unimaginable proportion”.

Publicity Secretary of SDP, Alhaji Akeem Azeez in a statement made available to DAILY POST on Monday said despite boasting of taming insecurity, street gangsters like ‘One Million Boys’ were still terrorizing innocent citizens in the state. ‎

“The Government has gone to sleep in the area of security because we now have street gangsters like one million boys terrorising innocent residents all over the state capital.

“We equally have area boys committing atrocities in Oyo in broad daylight while smoking weed unchecked.

“The robbery incidents have been on steady increase. Oyo State residents have seen a rise in area boys’ gangsterism, particularly the One million boys terrorising innocent residents.

“All thanks to MTN who came to renovate Adeoyo General Hospital. Our General hospitals have become an eyesore. It pains me when this government claimed glory that does not belong to them.

“USAID has sponsored Free Net distribution throughout the state to prevent malaria in the state and they used community leaders to distribute same. How does the reduction in Malaria attack become Oyo State’s effort.

“Thank God MTN Came to the aid of Adeoyo Hospital by renovating and equipping it. The Hospital stinks like never before just like the rest all over the state. How many top government functionaries patronise state owned hospital? Oyo health sector is an eyesore.

“There is nothing to show for several millions of Naira sunk into water works because no single building can testify to the fact that water is running in their homes.

“Oyo state has never had it bad. Today, Oyo state is ranked 29 in performance index of state in Nigeria behind war ravaging Borno. The last time I checked, Oyo State was moving from 26 and 29 in performance index by external examiners.

“Schools in Oyo state lost subvention/running cost which was stopped by Ajimobi. Classroom are dilapidated. No conducive environment for learning. Where is the achievement in this?

“The state government claimed that it has invested in agriculture not only by giving tractors but by establishing farms but for several months now we have not seen farm produce from the Oyo State owned farm till today.

“The only thing this government is good at is propaganda not proper agenda. It is over a year the governor invested millions into a farm in Iseyin but we have not seen farm produce coming to the city.

“It is high time the government stopped propaganda and face proper agenda to move the state forward”, Azeez maintained.

The SDP spokesman said the state need a man of integrity to turn around the fortunes of the state.

“They have taken us backward that will require someone with impeccable integrity and technical know how in turning moribund entity to succeed”, he said.


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Middle Belt Youths Won’t Protest Against Tinubu, Bago’s Administration – NCYG



*Middle Belt Youths Won’t Protest Against Tinubu, Bago’s Administration – NCYG



The North Central Youth Group, a vibrant coalition of young people from the Middle Belt, has distanced itself from any form of protest against President Bola Tinubu and Governor Umar Bago of Niger State.

The group’s stance comes after a thorough evaluation of the leaders’ performances, which they say has brought hope, opportunities, and smiles to the faces of Nigerians, particularly the people of the North Central region.

A statement jointly signed by Abdullahi Mohammed and Barr Fidelis Elaigwu described President Tinubu’s administration as a beacon of light in just one year, illuminating the path to a brighter future for Nigeria.

They said Governor Bago has also been making giant strides in his administration’s focus on agriculture, education, and youth empowerment.

“President Tinubu’s visionary leadership has led to the implementation of the National Development Plan, a comprehensive blueprint for economic diversification and growth,” the statement said.

“This laudable initiative has already started yielding positive results, with the economy showing signs of stability and growth.

“Additionally, the President’s establishment of the Presidential Economic Advisory Council has brought together a team of experts who provide sage advice on economic matters, further solidifying his commitment to good governance.

“Moreover, President Tinubu’s dedication to youth empowerment is a testament to his belief in the potential of young people to drive positive change. His administration’s innovative programs, such as the National Talent Export Programme, the 3 Million Tech Talents (3MTT) initiative and Nigerian Youth Academy (NiYA) have provided countless opportunities for young Nigerians to acquire skills, gain employment, and start their own businesses.

“These initiatives have not only impacted the youth positively but have also positioned them as key players in the country’s development narrative.”

The statement added: “On his part, Governor Bago’s commitment to agriculture has transformed Niger State into a major food hub in the region, providing a sustainable source of food and income for the people.

“The Governor’s passion for education has led to the construction of new schools and the renovation of existing ones, creating a conducive learning environment for students to thrive.

“Bago’s reforms have had a direct and positive impact on the youth in Niger State. His administration’s youth empowerment programs have provided training, mentorship, and entrepreneurship opportunities for young people, enabling them to acquire skills, start their own businesses, and become self-sufficient.

“The Governor’s dedication to youth development is evident in his policies and actions, and we commend him for his unwavering commitment to the future of Niger State.”

The youths, therefore, described President Tinubu and Governor Bago as champions of good governance, visionary leaders, and true advocates for the welfare of Nigerians.

“Their selfless service, integrity, and passion for development have earned them our respect, admiration, and endorsement.”

They, however, urged other “youths to join us in supporting these leaders, who have demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our collective progress.”

The youths noted: “We recognise that challenges still exist, but we believe that President Tinubu and Governor Bago are working tirelessly to address them.

“We urge our fellow youths to be patient, supportive, and constructive in their engagement, rather than allowing themselves to be used by political manipulators. Let us work together to build a brighter future for ourselves, our region, and our country.”

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Socialite Woman, Chief Mrs Tracy Adedokun-Ekam Extols Grandmother, Henrietta Glass@94



Socialite Woman, Chief Mrs Tracy Adedokun-Ekam Extols Grandmother, Henrietta Glass@94


American socialite woman known as Chief Mrs Tracy Adedokun-Ekam extends warm felicitation to her energetic robust and good looking nonagenarian grandmother, Henrietta Glass of lake Jackson Texas, USA as she marks her 94th birthday today, joining family, friends and well-wishers to celebrate a living legend nonagenarian, who has positively contributed immensely to the society.

In a congratulatory message issued by her media aide, Oluwaseun Fabiyi. Chief Mrs Tracy Adedokun-Ekam made it known to the general public that her grandmother, Mrs Henrietta Glass is an embodiment of virtue and a strong pillar of support in the pursuit of a greater Texas community, sacrificing so much for the service of the community, Texas environs and humanity, and tirelessly working to improve the lives of others.

Saying further, on her birthday, we’re reminded of her positive roles in nation building, particularly her sterling records during his service years in Texas, USA.

As she turns 94 today, Chief Mrs Tracy Adedokun-Ekam offer her very best wishes and salute the nonagenarian, Henrietta Glass for her doggedness and untainted loyalty to good causes, which stood her out as a great asset, not only to Texas but to America as a whole.

“My prayer is that God Almighty bless her with all she ever hoped for, and grant her more celebrations in good health and prosperity. Congratulations to a virtuous woman per excellence, a good leader and dependable granny of the source”. She concluded.

Socialite Woman, Chief Mrs Tracy Adedokun-Ekam Extols Grandmother, Henrietta Glass@94

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Gov Zulum Denies Murder Allegations Against Son, Issues stern warning Against Peddlers Of Falsehood 



Gov Zulum Denies Murder Allegations Against Son, Issues stern warning Against Peddlers Of Falsehood 

Gov Zulum Denies Murder Allegations Against Son, Issues stern warning Against Peddlers Of Falsehood 

Borno State Governor, Professor Babagana Zulum has said his son is not currently held in custody in India over any alleged murder.

Gov Zulum Denies Murder Allegations Against Son, Issues stern warning Against Peddlers Of Falsehood 

The governor in a signed statement by the media unit in his office, said the report was false and far from the truth.

The statement on Wednesday signed by the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on New Media, Abdurrahman Bundi read: “The Borno State Governor’s media unit‘s attention has been drawn to rumours circulating that the son of the Borno State Governor has been arrested for the alleged murder of some Indian citizen.

This misinformation was published in an online blog, Nairaland, titled “Son of Borno State Governor Murders Someone In India—Politics.” The blog claimed that the Governor also travelled to India, attempting to use diplomatic status to resolve the matter.

“It is on record that Governor Babagana Zulum was on a one-month vacation in Saudi Arabia for the 2024 Hajj and later travelled to Egypt to attend the annual ASUWAN forum conference in Cairo.

The Media Unit would like to clarify and set the record straight that Nairaland and other online blogs have mischievously spread defamatory content without any speck of truth.

We hereby warn Nairaland and all those who have spread the false information to pull down this misinformation from its website and platforms within the next 24 hours and offer an unreserved apology to Governor Zulum, his son, and the entire family, or risk legal action. The Governor shall also not hesitate to take legal action against any media outlet that continues to publicise this defamatory information on its platform.

“We would like to inform the public that none of Governor’s Zulum’s son was either arrested or charged with any crime, or involved in any unlawful activities anywhere.

“We urge the public to exercise caution when consuming and sharing information, particularly when it comes from unverified sources and blogs instead of credible media outlets.

“We enjoin all media organisations to engage in responsible journalism of truth and factual verification while recognising the potential harm and psychological trauma the spread of false information might have caused to the Governor’s family.”

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