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Suicide is not an option…Says Non-Governmental Organization



By Ifeoma Ikem

Barely 72 hour’s a Non-Governmental Organization, Stop the Abuse Foundation (STAF), preach against the increased rate of sucide cases in Nigeria,no fewer than another 5 case of sucide have been  recorded.

STAF, organization come up with its first campaign, tagged ‘A walk for Hope’.said that depression is a common mental disorder characterized by persistent sadness and a loss of interest in activities that you normally, enjoy, accompanied by inability to carry out on daily activities for at least 2 week.

Addressing the pressmen,in ikeja, along LCDA secretariat,  convener,Toyin Ojo Ndidi,said there is increase in suicide among the younger ones in the society, who are taking their lives for various reasons know to them which may avoidable if we join hand to create more awareness.

She noted incessant rate of suicide is high which is awesome everyone should rise to preach against suicide is not the end of life, though living is not easy but its worth not ending someone life like that. Often, what leads to suicide, is a clinical condition called “depression” which can be managed medically.
‘’awareness is important, we need to preach more on this, it is no longer news on suicide attempt, but to make people aware of what depression is and its causes,there is hope for those that are depresssed,no matter the situation there is medical treatment.

During the campaign, placards with the message of hope that say, suicide causes more harm than good, suicide never ends pain but its transfers to love ones, suicide is not an option, say no to suicide, etc.

Speaking further,she said major cause of this depression among the youth is Unemployment. so we have right to life,  government should implement the policies to make life easier for average Nigerians. Some clinical psychiatrist has given their contact so people can contact them for health issues and they will have someone to talk to without being judged.

Majority of social aid are just a minor organization but they are getting there.It has been mentioned that the conveyner is aware that a first reading for a bill have been passed but yet to be implemented, also, government are trying to do all they can to cater for what we need in hospitals, but the population of our country keeps increasing, so a bill should be passed against stigmatization of mental health issues because it limits people from voicing out.

The STAF message to Nigerians is that mental health challenge is real, it is just like having headache, so treatment must be obtained .I have treated two raped issues that has to do with mentally challenged people, I believed that if they were given treatment it will definitely not have occurred.

Comr Toyin Okanlawon, co-convener of stop the abuse foundation stressed the need to carry the campaign across the communities,people need to sensitize based on the high influence of suicide in the society. This is a national issue which needs a drastic approach. He also said that he is part of the member of mental health foundation and the stakeholders’ initiative in Lagos, but stop the abuse foundation is an association that must be reckoned with, they create a lectures on how to identify depression.

As a nation the challenge we face is lack of support, depression comes up gradually so it get to a withdrawal syndrome which leads to suicide. I am a proactive activist, I have saved more than two attempted suicide that promised to take thyself.

He advised state and federal govenment to set up health care desk in our primary health centres, they are yet to do excellently well on their jobs. It is not all mental cases that must be taken to psychiatric hospital in yaba, some can be detected at the primary health centre.
I advice depressed people to avoid suicide it is not a permanent solution.