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WATCH T B Joshua’s Wise Word on A Marble For Bayelsa Governor Elect (VIDEO)



Governor Elect of Bayelsa State, His Excellency, David Lyon paid a courtesy visit to Prophet T.B. Joshua today to show appreciation to Gods goodness upon his life through the ministry of SCOAN.

In an atmosphere of faith and expectation, T.B. Joshua entered the Altar and proceeded to recognize the presence of the David Lyon who was decked in a white attire with his entourage in The SCOAN Live Sunday Service.

Speaking directly to the Governor-Elect, these were the prophet’s words on the Marble for the governor elect of Bayelsa;
“This is not the time for testimony. This will come after his inauguration. I want to give my brother a message that he will continue to think about. I want him to have something that will continue going through his heart. I am not going to say anything that the Spirit of God would not. He is not a new person to us. He is one of the brethren in this ministry. He is one of us. He has been a fervent believer in the Blood of Jesus.  Going by the politics in the town today, I want my brother to know the only way the people of Bayelsa will believe that he is the one they voted for, is for him to meet the expectations of the people of Bayelsa. He is banking on your prayer because the best is yet to come. My brother, I am at your service. When I say I am at his service, I mean I am at his service to see that the expectations of the Bayelsan people are executed.

The prophet’s closing words to the Governor-Elect of Bayelsa were: “I want to leave you with a word of wisdom: It is better to live poorly upon the fruit of God’s goodness than to live plentifully upon the product of our own sin. Listen to the voice of wisdom but also make use of your brain. Thank you.”