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Prophet Akinyele Oluwatosin (aka Sure-Papa) is the Shepard in charge of the Celestial Church of Christ, Master Solution Parish, situated at Onitire Avenue, Abaranje, Ikotun.
Sahara Weekly caught up with the man of God as he bared his mind on sundry issues concerning his ministry, mentor and the Nigerian nation.
Prophet Akinyele started God’s work in 1989 under the tutelage of his elder brother, David, who was incidentally the first Prophet in the entire Akinyele family.
Then, he was assisting his brother as the coordinator of the choir until one fateful day when he went into a trance while playing the drums.
“As a young man who was not spiritually mature, it was church members who later told me that I had been in a trance for three days. After that experience, I came to realise that I had received the gift of prophecy. After my brother moved away from the Celestial Church to found a pentecostal ministry, I tried to move with him but the Holy Spirit stopped me. Eventually, God instructed me to start my own ministry with specific direction to commence a weekly programme tagged Solution Hour right from one of my bedrooms. The programme was largely interdenominational. Even Moslems joined us in prayers then.”
Based on further directions from God, Prophet Akinyele would later move to a new site when the population of members increased. Though the new site looked humanly unsuitable, the Holy Spirit encouraged him to remain there. The site was close to an Odua Peoples Congress tarmac where all sorts of ungodly events took place. 
However, God would soon confirm to him, through a series of revelations, that he was in charge as some of the OPC members joined his church and became dedicated members.
“In 2015, we moved to our present site also by divine direction. One of the challenges we faced was that most of our members complained about distance due to the change of environment coupled with flooding which usually resulted from heavy downpour. In the face of all those challenges, God turned our worries to testimonies.”
For prophet Akinyele, challenges strengthen him, most especially because he was greatly inspired by the life and history of Prophet TB Joshua of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations.”
“The life of Prophet TB Joshua is a great source of inspiration to me. You can see how he started right from his village, Arigidi-Akoko in Ondo State. His story, just like the way Jesus was born in unknown Bethlehem, shows that God works in mysterious ways. Remember how he worked at menial jobs until he received God’s call for which he never lost focus. Today, we can all see where God has taken him to. TB Joshua is like the Jesus of this generation. In spite of the criticisms from different quarters, I believe they are in fulfilment of the scripture which states that a Prophet is without honour in his own home. The same happened to Jesus Christ. I have encountered Prophet TB Joshua in the Spirit and I can say it anywhere that he is a genuine man of God sent to lead God’s flock in an ungrateful and wicked world. I followed his recent revival in Nazareth and I am still dazed the the international impact it made. He remains my spiritual father and mentor even though I have never met him.
After watching the Nazareth meeting with Prophet TB Joshua on Emmanuel TV, prophet Akinyele told Sahara Weekly that, for six days, he went into fasting and prayers, asking God to endow him with greater anointing that would announce him to the larger world.
“God has never failed me. He has used me to raise two dead persons back to life. He has also raised a lame woman back to her feet through my ministry. I therefore have every cause to remain faithful, grateful and focused in the vineyard of God”, he concluded