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The birth of Jesus Christ brought peace to the world – Rt Rev.Bamisebi



The birth of Jesus Christ brought peace to the world – Rt Rev.Bamisebi.


By Ifeoma Ikem


The Bishop of the diocese of Lagos Anglican communion Rt.Rev Dr.Humphrey Bamisebi Olumakaiye have said that the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ has ushered peace and hope to the world.





The Bishop in its Sunday sermon explained that the birth of Jesus remains the hope of the world which is the major reason for the celebration of his birth.







He affirmed that God,have reconciled Man to himself through his dear Son our Lord Jesus Christ.

He urged Christians all over the world to celebrate and rejoice for God have given hope to the world through Jesus Christ the saviour of mankind.

The Bishop noted that most Christians today are more concerned about material things forgetting the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ during his earthly ministration .

“We are bless more than a million through our Lord Jesus Christ who brought peace, security and provide food in our table as well as shelter ” .

He explained,the Bishop quoted the Book of Prophet Isaiah in chapter 6 verse 9 which says “And He said Go and tell this people : keep on hearing but do not understand, keep on seeing but do not perceive “.

The Man of God noted that the gift of Jesus Christ to Mankind is the greatest of all.

According to him it is important for all believers to celebrate the uniqueness of our Lord.

“There is good news for us Jesus have come to renew us with his strength why unbelievers face challenges is as a result of lack of faith and peace because they have refused to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ the redeemer of mankind.

He finally enjoined Christian faithfuls to remain steadfast in the Lord and continue to be more United in faith and be bold in preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.