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How Primate Ayodele Foretold The Victory, Loss, And Aftermath Of Donald Trump’s Administration
After watching the massive MAGA rally in Washington on 14th November 2020, Mr. Oluyemi Olubunmi Adeleye wrote the following, 
“Your rally yesterday was great! Giant crowd, positive energy and enthusiasm! This should be the beginning of a new revolution against corruption and fraud in the presidential election! Rallies and giant crowds are important! You are strong President Trump! Most people love you and support you. Looking at the giant crowds, parades and rallies that were supporting you all over the country, I’ve seen positive energy, love and support that I’ve never seen before! I’ve never seen an American President that is so popular both in the US and around the world! You are not just a president but a real leader! Keep fighting, President Trump! We are all behind you!  Make America Great Again! I trust that you will win!”
US Stock Falls On Fears Of A Contested Election
Yemi has echoed my sentiments and he has spoken very well. I too believe that President Donald J. Trump will be back in the White House regardless of what we see and hear. This is because I have faith in God’s word and promise and I believe in the ultimate triumph of good over evil and of light over darkness.
Yet it really does not matter which way the American Presidential election finally goes, what the Supreme Court will say when the matter is argued before them and who will be sworn in as President on January 20th, 2021.
Whether Joe Biden or Donald Trump eventually becomes the 46th President of the United States of America the following facts and assertions are still relevant and need to be explored and considered.
Most Biden supporters in Nigeria are not capable of reading more then three lines on any given day or any given topic but I would urge them to try and read this rather long contribution to the end and learn a thing or two about their preferred candidate and themselves. For the purpose of clarity I have broken the essay into three parts. This is part 1.  Relax, fasten your seatbelts, fly with me and enjoy the ride!
Permit me to begin with a qoute that reflects the mindset of a typical Biden supporter. An anonymous commentator on the Suzan Ade-Coker-led Facebook Group known as Rant HG asked the following questions:
“Nigerians living in Nigeria who are Trump supporters, please give me one logical reason why you want Trump to win, asides from what your pastor told you (that Trump is saving Christianity and Biden is an Antichrist). It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! What has Trump done to influence your continent asides being a proud racist? Why do you want Trump in?
Millions of Americans both black, white and brown don’t even want him in. But some misguided Pastors  were organising rallies for him: is there something I’m missing? What manner of clownery is this?”
Shallow thinking indeed and the questions are as asinine as they are foolish. If only this pitiful soul had done his research and cultivated the presence of mind to know that there is far more to Trump than he is suggesting and that he did plenty for us in Nigeria he would be a much happier person and a more grounded intellectual.
They say that nine times out of ten the people that try to harm and destroy you are those that you helped in the past and that you gave succour and support to in their time of crisis and need.
Sadly this is a fact and nothing confirms it more than the way in which many Nigerians are now insulting President Donald J. Trump given what he has done for them in the past and the way he confronted President Muhammadu Buhari during a state visit at the White House and told him that the state-sponsored killings and targetting of our civilian population by Government forces, Islamist militias and terrorist organisations had to stop.
After that episode Trump’s support base in Nigeria surged and, according to a survey which I read in the Guardian Newspaper, no less than 50% of the Nigerian people became hard-line Trumpians and ardent supporters of the American President.
Millions of Nigerians rooted and prayed for him during the November 3rd American presidential election and this was primarily because he stood up for our people and called Buhari out about the killing and persecution  of Christians in our country.
Permit me to remind you about his timely intervention.
On May 1st 2018 he said the following words to Buhari in the prescence of the White House Press Corps with the whole world watching. He said,
“We have had very serious problems with Christians who are being murdered in Nigeria. We are going to be working on that problem very very hard because we cannot allow that to happen”.
If there was ever an indirect threat and poignant warning from any world leader about the atrocities that the Christian community were being subjected to in our country, that was it. But it did not stop there.
Last September Buhari himself revealed to the Nigerian people that during his visit to Trump in May 2018 the American President put the following question to him privately. He said he asked, “Why are you killing Christians in your country?”.
Nigerian Christians particularly appreciated these interventions from the most powerful man in the world and it certainly made a difference. As a matter of fact it helped to save many lives and Buhari was badly shaken.
Now that the American election has been conducted many Nigerians have had much to say and some have forgotten the efforts that Trump made in the past to save them from the bondage and tyranny that the Buhari presidency represents and the mass murder, ethnic cleansing, religious cleansing and genocide that our people have been subjected to over the last 5 years.
Though the result of the election is yet to be formally announced and despite the fact that many are of the view that, due to the allegations of rigging, Trump is going to remain in office and eventually be declared the winner, the supporters of Joe Biden and Kamalla Harris in Nigeria have done nothing but subject those of us that support Trump to insults, ridicule, curses, abuse, psychological trauma and literary terrorism ever since November 3rd simply because CNN, NBC, BBC, Fox News, Al Jazeera and virtually all the other mainstream media houses and international television networks have thrown caution to the wind and erroneously declared their prefered candidate as the winner.
They forget that 73 million Americans voted for Trump, which is the highest number of votes that any sitting President has ever received in American history and they overlook the fact that the results of the election have not been officially declared or formally certified by the relevant authorities.
More importantly they forget that Trump has refused to conceed for good reason and that he has gone to court to dispute some of the results in a few of the crucial swing States.
Lost on them are the incontrovertible assertions of Conservative voices like the beautiful and brilliant Mrs. Candace Owens who wrote,
“The Democrats rigged a United States election in the middle of the night by dumping mail-in ballots. There would be no other reason to block audits of those ballots to confirm their legitimacy. The media and big tech is suppressing this truth from the world”.
Instead of accepting reality and considering the weight and veracity of Candace’s assertion the Nigerians, who are used to and have been accepting terribly rigged elections since they were born say things like  “just move on and accept the RESULTS!”
Worse still despite the fact that the matter is far from over, the boastful and arrogant claims of victory and the gratuitous insults from the Biden cheerleaders in Nigeria continue to flow all over the traditional and social media wherever and whenever anyone voices support for Trump.
This is especially so where they dare to say that they believe that at the end Trump will prevail and be declared winner.
That is the level of tyranny and fascism with which the Biden/Harris, lunatic/liberal/left tendency has infected the minds and hearts of their ignorant and excitable supporters in Nigeria. They are like the Roman mob in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: easily manipulated and as thick as two short planks.
Permit me to share just one example of their inglorious and shallow rhetoric and pernicious and specious nonsense right here. One of them, by the name of Mr. Kenny Adenugba, posted the following in a popular whatssap forum. He wrote,
“The matter is deeply burrowed in racial matters, which the evangelical right would mask in righteous fallacy of religious sentiments to hoodwink the unsuspecting.
A number of us aren’t deceived by the hues and cries of the respected fathers of American Christian faith who remain as bigoted as any white supremacist could be. Let no one misinterpret the scriptures and come to tell us about Cyrus. It’s all scam. Trumpism is the new movement for the fascist, supremacist crowd, and the white evangelical is the missionary unit. May the world be rid of Trumpian culture from this day forward”.
Harsh words indeed from Mr. Adenugba. Have you ever heard such arrogant balderdash before?
Thankfully in response to his unadulterated, uncouth and inexplicable drivel, a committed Trumpian by the name of Mr. Sina Kawonise, responded with the following in the same forum. He wrote,
“This is the kind of arrogance and insult one has been suffering from fascist liberals. While those who support Donald Trump concede the right of those opposed to him, we see anti-Trump partisans consistently labeling others as deplorable, hallucinated, immoral, and other negative adjectives. The individual that’s so sure of the correctness of his own partisan position to the point that he would tell-off 73 million Americans as foolish and immoral is actually the one that needs to check his own sanity.
It’s this delusion and hollow feeling of being correct to the exclusion of others that causes strife, which eventually leads to war. I support Donald Trump for several reasons that I’ve made clear on this platform and on others. If I don’t describe you as insane for your choice, why would you suggest that I am for my own choice. What kind of intolerance and violence is this?
As for the Christian who would suggest that fellow Christians who support Donald Trump are less Christian, on what scriptural authority do you stand?
You’re looking at the moral standing of the person, I’m looking at his policies as they affect me as a Christian. You’re right in your focus. But why do you condemn me for my own focus? I leave this Bible passage with the sanctimonious Christian who condemns his brethren as ‘Christian Right’: One person’s faith allows them to eat anything, but another, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables. Who are you to judge someone else’s servant?”
Mr. Kawonise’s response was eloquent, appropriate and comforting. The truth is that the misguided Philistine that he was responding to actually deserved far worse than that. (END OF PART 1)


Breaking… Kogi APC calls for immediate arrest of SDP candidate, Ajaka, over attack on INEC Commissioner’s residence, attempted attack on Govt House, Party Secretariat




Kogi APC calls for immediate arrest of SDP candidate, Ajaka, over attack on INEC Commissioner’s residence, attempted attack on Govt House, Party Secretariat

…says SDP trying desperately to cover ‘heist committed in Kogi East’, corrupt INEC documents

The Kogi State All Progressives Congress Governorship Campaign Council has called on the Police, Department of State Services and other security agencies to immediately arrest what it described as the slide to anarchy in the state by arresting the Governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party, Muritala Yakubu Ajaka, and his supporters who allegedly masterminded the attack on the residence of the Resident Electoral Commissioner in the state in the early hours of Friday.






The APC Campaign Council said the attack was perpetrated days after it alerted the nation of the plans of SDP thugs to attack INEC, adding that “they have finally done their worst by attacking the residence of the Kogi State INEC Commissioner, engaging security agents in a fierce gun battle and eventually burning down some vehicles in the residence and in the area.”






The Director of Media and Publicity/Spokesperson for the Campaign Council, Kingsley Fanwo, who spoke at an emergency press briefing on Friday, said, “The same arsonists also had an attempt to burn down the Kogi State Government House foiled by our eagle-eye security agents. The same attempt was foiled at the State APC Secretariat in Lokoja.”






According to the APC, the SDP in the state and their collaborators are desperate to destroy some documents in INEC to cover the heist they committed in Kogi East where they allegedly killed APC supporters “and drove them out of collation centres to forge the results that were eventually trumped by the massive votes of Kogites for the Governor-Elect.”






The Campaign Council alleged that the SDP candidate and his collaborators were attempting to corrupt certain documents in INEC before handing them to their legal team.

“We have no problem allowing legal teams to access documents and materials. It is the norm. But we won’t allow any desperate blood thirsty politician tamper with the true verdict of the Kogi people,” Fanwo declared.

He noted that “the bold-face criminality being perpetrated by the defeated SDP candidate and his violent gang of criminals was as a result of the lack of consequences over the gruesome killing of an APC supporter, Khadijat, at Kotonkarfe by agents of the SDP,” adding that they had imported thugs from neighbouring states into Kogi.

“They shamelessly came out to say Khadijat was bearing an arm. Till date, Muritala Yakubu Ajaka and his gun welding killers have been moving freely on the streets. If they had been arrested for killing an innocent woman, they wouldn’t have had the gut to attempt to attack the Kogi Resident Electoral Commissioner,” he stressed.

The Campaign Spokesperson stated, “We also told the world of plans by the SDP to burn down the INEC Office in Lokoja. We thank the Police and other security agencies for protecting the INEC Office. Frustrated by the watertight security around INEC, the gun throttling SDP criminals went to the residence of the Kogi State INEC Commissioner in an attempt to kill him. They were engaged in a fierce gun battle and they resorted to burning vehicles and other valuables around the area.

“The reason they are desperate to destroy some documents in INEC is to cover the heist they committed in Kogi East where they killed APC supporters and drove them out of collation centres to forge the results that were eventually trumped by the massive votes of Kogites for the Governor-Elect. They are attempting to corrupt certain documents in INEC before handing them to their legal team. We have no problem allowing legal teams to access documents and materials. It is the norm. But we won’t allow any desperate blood thirsty politician tamper with the true verdict of the Kogi people.

“After their violent protests a few days ago, our people have also moved to Lokoja to ensure their mandate is protected. Resorting to assassination and arson will never help the Social Democratic Party and their confused candidate.

“Now is the time to arrest Muritala Yakubu Ajaka before he throws Kogi into a state of anomie. Democracy is the expression of the wishes of the people. Those wishes have been expressed and no amount of bullets can silence the voice of the ballot. We are calling on the Police, DSS and other security agencies to immediately arrest the slide to anarchy by arresting Muritala Yakubu Ajaka and his co-swimmers in the pool of violence. We have cautioned our supporters to remain calm and the call will be more effective if the anarchists are immediately apprehended and prosecuted.

“The violence witnessed in Kogi East because of the desperation of Muritala Yakubu Ajaka was not witnessed in the West and Central. He turned himself to an outlaw, attacking the opposition, killing opposition members and boasting to go free because of his mouthed connection with certain powerful people. Kogi must not be allowed to become a lawless place and the only solution now is to use Muritala Yakubu Ajaka as a Scape goat. He was not the only one who contested the election. But he is the only one who feels he must kill everything and everyone standing on his path to his irredeemable dream of grabbing power by force. Totalitarianism has no place in a democratic setting.

“Gentlemen of the press, we will continue to preach peace and harmony. Kogi is our project and we will keep the flag flying.”

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You are ignorant of Judiciary Jurisprudence’ — Labour Party Blast Prof. Chidi Odinkalu, Julius Abure Over Inpurging On Justice Integrity



You are ignorant of Judiciary Jurisprudence’ — Labour Party Blast Prof. Chidi Odinkalu, Julius Abure Over Inpurging On Justice Integrity  




The Labour Party, LP has blasted Prof. Chidi Odinkalu and Julius Abure over their umprging of justice integrity today 1st of December, 2023.

According to the statement made available to newsmen, signed by Dr Abayomi Arabambi (FBAU), National Publicity, Secretary Labour Party, Said, “The attention of Labour party was drawn to a disparaging comments credited to the former chairman of Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Prof Chidi Odinkalu, where he allegedly described the Supreme Court’s failure to present a documented judgment on the appeal of the Labour Party’s presidential candidate in the 2023 general elections, Peter Obi, as a “Supreme scandal and height of judicial malefaction.”

He said wouldn’t had bothered to dignify the reckless statement from the Illegal Labour leadership and their co traveler Prof Chidi Odinkalu but because they continue to pretend and mislead members of the public with their intellectual sophistry and claims of winning the 2023 presidential election which is a false narratives that they have the Horn of a horse.

Also, He said with this kind of unexpected expensive insults coming from a man who ought to know , then the remnants Labour party under Julius Abure a man that has been restrained by the FCT high court for Perjury, criminal conspiracy, Forgery and impersonation on April 5th 2023 from parading himself as National Chairman of our party is trying to excel in corrupt tendencies and Setting a record that is yet be beaten by any political party.

“For the benefit of the general public, the Apapa led National Working Committee of our great Party wishes to set the records straight as this political hawks are trying their best to impugn on the credibility of the justices of the supreme Court.”

“The Supreme Court held that the judgment in the appeal filed by Labour Party will abide by the judgment delivered in the PDP case.
The reason for this is very simple. The Supreme Court having carefully considered all the issues raised by both parties in the two appeals saw that they were the same.

The facts were the same and the arguments were even substantially the same. It will serve no utilitarian value for the court to write two judgments on facts and issues that are entirely the same.

The Supreme Court does not have to conduct a special proceedings first to be able to do that. It’s a matter of procedure and having held that the Obi’s appeal will abide by the decision of the Atiku’s case, this implies that the judgment delivered in Atiku also qualify as Obi’s judgment.

There is no need in law for the court to prepare a different judgment for Obi or Labour Party. It will be cosmetic surplusage for the court to prepare a different judgment for LP or Obi.
Please, Peter Obi and his followers should please be guided.” He said.


Arambambi said, The Apapa led Labour party National Working Committee was shocked by the infantile statement credited to the failed leadership under Former National Chairman Julius Abure where he said that the Governorship Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, during the last Governorship Election in Enugu State, Mr Peter Mbah, should be sacked by the court, stating it clearly that Peter Mbah forged his NYSC Certificate.

“Abure committed a judicial somersault and rascality with his conclusions that the Labour Party tendered the evidence that confirmed that the Enugu State governor, Mr Peter Mbah attached a forged NYSC Certificate to his EC9 form and that the Tribunal and the appeal court didn’t consider its evidence because the form EC9 tendered by INEC confirmed the said NYSC Certificate attached was forged

May we remind Julius Abure that his recent characters and comments with respect to various court judgement is worrisome and his legal qualities and qualifications as a lawyer is now in doubt and we called on Nigeria Bar Association to urgently investigate him

In an unanimous decision delivered by the three-member court of Appeal panel led by Tani Yusuf-Hassan dismissed three issues raised by the Labour party candidate

The panel held that the Labour Party (LP) and its governorship candidate failed to provide sufficient evidence to prove that Mbah was not qualified to contest the election.

On the allegation of over-voting, Yusuf-Hassan held that the appellants failed to present the “voters’ register” before the lower tribunal and that the judge noted that failure to submit the voters’ register rendered the appeal inadmissible.

The court also held that the witnesses presented by the appellants did not sufficiently prove the existence of over-voting in the governorship election.

Consequently, the appeal court dismissed the suit for lacking merit and affirmed the judgement of the election tribunal which declared Mbah as the winner of the March 18 governorship election.

In another judgement delivered by Hon Justice Ekwo of the Federal High court ABUJA , the judge held that the certificate presented to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) by Mr Mbah was authentic and validly issued by the NYSC and that evidence before the court showed that the governor, though was mobilised for service in 2001, he only completed his service in 2003.6 Nov 2023

The court this dismissed the allegation of forgery against the Enugu State Governor, Peter Mbah and imposed a fine of N5 million on NYSC for alleging that the corps’ discharge certificate held by Mbah was fake and also held that the certificate was authentic and validly issued by the NYSC were this guilty of misrepresentation of material facts.

The court held that with the unchallenged evidence of the plaintiff on how the discharge certificate was issued to him in 2003 by NYSC after serving in a law firm in Lagos and the inability of the Corps to come up with counter-evidence, it was crystal clear that the plaintiff served the mandatory one-year service.

Justice Ekwo held that the onus to prove forgery allegations lies heavily on the NYSC, stating that the organisation failed in that regard.

The court found that Mbah’s evidence was heavier and more believable.” He added .

However, He said the National Working Committee of Labour party under the Leadership of Alh Bashiru Lamidi Apapa therefore urge the general public to dismissed this phantom and baseless Allegations Judgement of court are entirely base on constitutional provisions and has nothing to do with the justices.

It is important to put the record straight that judgement of both courts and their implementations thereof are a function the constitution and not the office or person of the justices

The Honourable justices of the Federal High Court and the Court of Appeal can not therefore be held responsible for the ineptitude , impunity and gross incompetence of Julius Abure led illegal faction of Labour party as it is rightly known.

“It is, therefore, incongruous and antithetical to common sense to think that the Honourable Justices of Federal High Court and the Court of Appeal will relies on public sentiments , speculation or hearsay against constitutional provisions in the 1999 constitution as amended to deliver their judgement

The allegation does not represent the true position of things as far the Constitution of Nigeria is Concerned. He concluded.

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Foreign guests trickle in as Nigerians honour Andrew Aganbi in Delta State



Foreign guests trickle in as Nigerians honour Andrew Aganbi in Delta State

Foreign guests trickle in as Nigerians honour Andrew Aganbi in Delta State





The stage is set for the biggest gathering of international faces in Delta State.






December 1-3, 2023, Koko and Sapele will play host to high-ranking personalities.

‘’This is an important rendezvous for the friends, business associates and family members of the late Delta politician, Andrew Aganbi. A memorial golf kitty will take place at the Sapele Athletic Club on Friday, December 1, 2023’’ a statement in Koko, headquarters of Warri North Local Government by the Chief Executive Officer of Akogate Water and Oil, said.

‘’Friends of the late world class caterer, hotel management expert and politician, Andrew Aganbi, will look forward to the memorial concerts at Canaan Land Golf & Country Club, Koko on Saturday, December 2, 2023.’’

All eyes will be in the direction of local and foreign troupes, pop stars and reggae musicians.’’

The statement listed De Pub Night, recitation in English and Itsekiri, cultural displays of traditional dances and modes of dressing as key programmes.

‘’A thanksgiving service will be held on Sunday, December 3, 2023, at the New Birth Baptist Church, Besides Youth Town Hall, New Road Beach, Koko. Farewell party and reception for local and foreign guests will be held in the afternoon at Canaan Land Golf & Country Club, Koko.’’

Andrew Aganbi was buried in London, capital of England on Friday, November 17, 2023.

Death laid his filthy hands on him in September 2023 at the age of 59.

His casket was carried from Church of the Good Shepherd, Downham to Grove Park Cemetery, Marvel Lane.

During the well-attended service of songs and funeral mass at Gateway Chapel, Camp David, and Church of the Good Shepherd, Downham, Bromley, Andrew Aganbi’s sterling qualities, his good deeds, works and thought were emphasized.

The late Delta State politician was the very essence of compassion, duty, pedigree and style. He was overwhelmingly magnanimous and released on friends and relatives his wealth.

His death set up a wave of heartfelt tributes from the numerous lives he touched and the thousands who he inspired in the cause of a highly productive and fulfilled life.

Speaker after speaker stressed Andrew Aganbi’s capacity for love, caring, courage, role in the political development of Delta State and the unique niche he filled in the days of hotel and night club development in Nigeria.

Family members noted his ‘’tireless work, creative thinking, total integrity, discipline and generosity.

They emphasized Andrew Aganbi’s cordial relationship marked by candor, trust and extraordinary understanding.

To his business associates, Andrew Aganbi exemplified the essence of dignity in appearance, in thought, in speech and in action.

’’ Andrew Aganbi, creative, generous and pleasant, left much for us to cherish. He was an epitome of compassion, selflessness and rationality. He was a shining light in the life of Nigerians and lots of people that met him on the journey called life. We shall forever miss his amiable disposition, the very essence of a happy and fulfilled life’’ Business mogul, Felix Aganbi said.



Foreign guests trickle in as Nigerians honour Andrew Aganbi in Delta State

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