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Prince Adewale Muftau Bello is a political force to be reckoned with in kwara Politics. The amiable gentle man in an exclusive interview with Sahara weekly opened up on his agenda for them in 20015. Excerpts…


2015 election is round the corner, why did you decide to contest?

There are lots of ways to impact positively your immediate society. And its by actively participating/anchoring life changing programmes on entrepreneurship development, youth re orientation on leadership, raising awareness on various health issues and providing information on how best to tackle such all this and many more has been done. To further enhance and ensure service to humanity is at the fore front. I am of the opinion that active participation in the political process at all level would bring closer and faster the dividend of democracy to the people.

I count myself lucky that my people believe in me and finally bring me back home to my calling (Leadership through participation in politics).

Also, as youth we need to at all time be at our best by positioning ourselves to take up leadership responsibility in all sector of the economy as the future starts today.

We cannot continue to be seen as tools to disrupt election; we should henceforth be seen as stakeholders and partners in progress.

Can you give us a brief history of how your political journey began?

Well…As far as I can remember my leadership journey began long ago, as I was born into a politically conscious family (The Bello’s)Erin-Ile,Kwara State. And as for me I started leading in my secondary school days.

Our teachers cannot be wrong, before they nominate you to lead others they have seen some qualities that stands you out, that’s exactly what happened in my case. In all that I remember I held 3 leadership positions in my secondary school days’, class captain, President Pass Club, and a sanitary Prefect.

I became actively involved by joining Alliance for Democracy AD in 2003 then to Action Congress AC to ACN to APC before moving to Mega Progressive Peoples party MPPP in 2014 in Kwara state under the Leadership of Abdul Hakeem Opeloyeru(State Chairman) at that point our National Chairman was San Turaki and Now Hon Dare Falade.

What stands you out from your opponents?
My zeal to deliver effectively and efficiently dividend of democracy to my people and also to properly represent them at the green chamber, to be their mouth piece on national issue.


The youthfulness in me also is an added advantage as I am the youngest of all aspirant contesting to represent Oyun/Offa/Ifelodun federal constituency.


I would also bring to your notice that if you look at the percentage of voters in the federation at the moment over 50% are youths which we(me and my campaign team)have been reaching out to at all time and we also believe the senior generation that have never felt the presence of those they voted to represent them are also going to come out and vote for me and vote for all Mega progressive people’s party aspirant in kwara state in order to have good representation they have been clamoring for in the state.


The good people of my constituency and Kwara state as a whole had a sore taste of those that have represent them at various level under the known political parties that have ruled the state and all the are yearning for now is the need for effective and efficient representation.

Finally we have toured all part of the constituency, we have listened carefully to people speak, they have also heard from us our programmes such as the provision of portable water in all area, youth empowerment through entrepreneurship development, sport, entertainment, agriculture, health care for the aged.

Also the proposed care programme that is meant for old men and Women Where we support them by giving them monthly financial support and also investing directly in agriculture and information technology in various communities within the constituency in order to create a meaningful source of livelihood via employment and training. All of this would be executed with constituency allowance.

You can see that’s a robust programme that they have never done or thought of while they represent us.

We are telling our people vote Prince Adewale Muftau Bello to represent Oyun/Offa/Ifelodun federal constituency in kwara state to represent you and all Mega Progressive people’s party contesting in kwara state to achieve the desired result we have always been craving for.IMG-20120714-00168(1)

Why the choice of your political party

Smile….When you look at 2015 in kwara State, you would know that kwara is going to be a different ball game entirely.

Like I said earlier the good people of my state have had a sour taste of those that have ruled and still ruling either they say they are PDP or APC., one thing did not change and that is the fact that they have failed the last election they wore Buba and Sokoto(PDP) and now they are adding Agbada to it, just because they know that they have failed under the umbrella, they ran to the broom(APC) hoping it would sweep all their misconduct under the carpet. We are telling them that Kwarans are wiser, better and watching.

They never left the umbrella because of the people but because of their selfish interest and this would cause some of us to move further away from them as far as we do not have a common interest.

As common interest to genuinely serve the people would take kwara to greater height.

Let me quickly take you back Kwara State was created on 27 May 1967, by the Federal Military Government of General Yakubu Gowon,compare kwara state to new states that were recently created in terms of social amenities, infrastructural development, human capacity building, economic development.

Would they now tell us that they have effectively channeled all allocation given to them to the development of the state?? This is a big NO.

It’s never too late thread the change path towards the development of the state; we no longer want to be backward in area of development.

Now you have an idea why I chose Mega Progressive Peoples Party.

It’s a party that believes in service to people effectively, efficiently and diligently. IMG_20141218_140654(1)

Kwarans should expect a new dawn.


What’s your agenda for your people?

The agenda is simple to effectively represent the people and ensuring that dividend of democracy are closer to them than it used to be.


In practice it’s broad as it would cover doing all that is required within legal means to provide basic amenities and legislation that would make my people a better citizen and first class in all way.


Politics of pettiness by only providing a pinch of what is required to the people when election approach should stop, Our people should have portable water, it should be accessible to all, they should have a reasonable source of livelihood, youth empowerment.

As their representative we should provide basic health need and all that would make it worthy of them being part of the constituency. All this and many more would be done if they vote for me to represent them.

Who is your political mentor or godfather?

If you are out there and you are adding value in your own little way to the development of humanity, making life better for the less privilege, the providing for the poor and making the needy happy, you are my mentor…either young or old as long as you are doing it right.

God is not my father but my creator and in him I trust.


Which national issue do you think government should tackle first?

Lemme ask you Femi…which national issue do you think is not important to be tackled?

All national issues are interwoven and all must be tackled as the neglect of any would have an adverse effect on the people you govern.


Security must be tackled, health is a must, education is key, economic develop is important, youth empowerment cannot be overlooked and so on.

Since we have different ministerial portfolio being led by different people, the approved budget by the national assembly should be put to effective and efficient use by the executive arm of government in tackling all national issues.

Tell us about yourself?

I am Prince Adewale Muftau Bello,from Ile Oba’s compound in Erin-Ile in kwara state. I am the Son of AbdulRauf Adesoji Aderemi Bello and Late Abike Bello. I have a Higher National Diploma certificate in accounting from Lagos State Polytechnic,where I was the Vice President of Students union Government and President of Student in free enterprise.

Over the years experience has been gathered in Banking, construction, aviation and Farming.

Also, I have a continuous participation in d film industry, acting alongside Hon Rotimi Makinde, Monsuru Obadina, Arakangudu, Muyiwa Ademola, Adebayo Tijani, Femi Branch and host of others. The films are not limited to but includes Eni Aye nfe, Ogunmola bashorun Ibadan,Oni-Moto,Dada Awuru,victims.

I am the Co founder of Youth awareness on Leadership and Enterprenuership.

National Publicity secretary of National Career fair a programme that links job seekers to employer and also provide information on ways that can make them their own boss. I have attended various leadership training programme both home and abroad. I was born 30 years ago.

Adewale Bello is happily married to Shakirat- Hammed-Bello and God has blessed us with 3 wonderful kids, Halle Adebayo,Hebbatullah Adeteju and Hamza Adewale Bello.


What’s the secret of your success

What’s your definition of success? As for me success is when you are linked to the success of others by playing your part in helping them grow.

Remember people would frustrate you, betray, slander and backbite, just keep doing your best.

Like my mother would always tell me, you would continue to Grow if you’re kind to people pick that from your father, be quick to forgive when they slander you, but hold tight the lesson it teaches you that people are not reliable.

They smile with you but they are never happy to see you grow.

Be prepared for the challenges ahead.

To God be the Glory and special thanks to my family and one man that stood with me in all and still standing by me at all time.

He never hesitates to scold me when am wrong and lend a helping hand at all time.

On March 28 accords I stand.

May Almighty Allah continue to bless him.

We would continue to advance towards quality public service to our people.



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Thrills, Fun, and Excitement at Optiva-Sponsored Funny Bone Live Comedy Show



Thrills, Fun, and Excitement at Optiva-Sponsored Funny Bone Live Comedy Show*

Thrills, Fun, and Excitement at Optiva-Sponsored Funny Bone Live Comedy Show*


Thrills, Fun, and Excitement at Optiva-Sponsored Funny Bone Live Comedy Show*

It was an exhilarating night of humour and good music at the Funny Bone Live comedy show, tagged “Aina’s Son.” The audience was thrilled and entertained in equal measure as the evening featured side-splitting humour from top comedians across the country, as well as performances by renowned musicians.

Held at the prestigious Eko Hotels and Suites on Sunday, the event was sponsored by Optiva Capital Partners, Africa’s premier wealth management and investment immigration giant. This marks the second time in two years that Optiva Capital has demonstrated its immense commitment to bolstering the arts and entertainment industry, especially during these challenging times.
Dr. Jane Kimemia, CEO of Optiva Capital Partners, expressed her enthusiasm for the sponsorship, stating, “At Optiva Capital Partners, we recognize the vital role that the arts and entertainment industry play in enriching our lives and bringing people together. By sponsoring the Funny Bone Comedy Show, we aim to support and uplift the talented individuals and the industry dedicated to creating joy and laughter. This is our way of giving back and ensuring that the vibrancy of live entertainment continues to thrive.”


Also lending her voice, the Executive Director Business Development Optiva Capital Partners Mrs. Amaka Okeke-Lawal noted “Sponsorships like the one provided by Optiva Capital for the Funny Bone Live comedy show are crucial for the survival and growth of the arts and entertainment industry. Optiva Capital’s support helped in achieving the high-quality performances that the audience experienced in this edition. Beyond covering production costs, such sponsorships are essential for offering platforms that discover and promote new and emerging talents, giving them the opportunity to showcase their skills to a broader audience.”

The host of the show, the multi-talented and award winning artist and comedian Stanley Chibunna, also known as Funny Bone, was introduced on stage by Ebuka Obi-Uchendu. Funny Bone delivered a series of well-structured jokes that resonated with the audience. In addition to a roster of comedians such as Real Warri Pickin and MC Larry J, music greats like Olamide, Phyno, and Peruzzi thrilled the audience, who sang along to their songs and danced. The show also attracted celebrities like Nollywood’s Wale Ojo, popular music manager Sunday Are, Emeka Okonkwo, popularly known as E-Money, and Pascal Chibuike Okechukwu also known as Cubana Chief Priest.

Optiva Capital Partners is Africa’s largest provider of investment immigration and residency services. In addition, to offering specialist solutions in investment advisory, international real estate, and insurance services. Optiva Capital Partners is renowned for its positive impact in the arts and entertainment industry. Giving support to other entertainment shows and movies such as Ali Baba’s January 1st Concert, Pencil Unbroken Show, Áfàméfùnà and Kiss of Death.

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Dr. Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen To Celebrate 30 Years Behind The Camera: Kickstarts With ‘Open Street Casting’



Dr. Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen To Celebrate 30 Years Behind The Camera: Kickstarts With 'Open Street Casting'

Dr. Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen To Celebrate 30 Years Behind The Camera: Kickstarts With ‘Open Street Casting’


Africa’s most consistent Filmmaker, Ambassador Dr. Lancelot Oduwarene Imasuen is set to celebrate his 30 years behind the camera as Nollywood Film Director.

And to kickstart the various activities that will herald this celebration, the prolific Filmmaker is launching first of the series of activities to mark the period with “Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen (LOL) at 30 Open Street casting”.


Amb. Lancelot who is presently at the prestigious Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, Edo State, as a guest of the University in the Mass Communication Department with his team, is exposing the students of the department to the world of make belief under the “Benin Film Academy Week Long Hands on Training in Film, Television and Digital Content Creation.”

This also forms part of kickstarting ‘D’Guvnor @30’ celebrations. This incentive according to him is to give opportunities to people everywhere and anywhere in the world. According to the organisers of the 30th anniversary committee, the team will stop to conduct auditioning for actors, comedians and others that would be given opportunities to several of their works, anywhere and anytime the team comes to their area.


During a chat with Newsmen, Ambassador Lancelot said; “I’ve realised that there are people on the streets that ordinarily would not get opportunities to know there is an audition going on somewhere; so we are going to fish them out. That’s going to be the beginning of the activities. So, by March 2025, there will be a special movie to be made by these talents that have been identified. The movie will be screened in places like Enugu, Asaba, Benin, Lagos, UK, USA, Canada and Germany and also herald the festival of celebrations that is going to last for a whole year starting from March 2025.”

“So, I’m calling on all my friends and supporters to key into the various activities that has been earmarked for the celebration period.” He said.

The Open Street Casting will be officially launched on Friday 21st of June 2024 at the AAU, Ekpoma, Edo State, Nigeria.


Dr. Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen To Celebrate 30 Years Behind The Camera: Kickstarts With 'Open Street Casting'

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BREAKING! Popular Nollywood Actor, Sule Suebebe Is Dead



BREAKING! Popular Nollywood Actor, Sule Suebebe Is Dead

BREAKING! Popular Nollywood Actor, Sule Suebebe Is Dead









Sahara Weekly Reports That Veteran Nollywood actor, Dayo Adewunmi, popularly known as Sule Suebebe, is dead.






BREAKING! Popular Nollywood Actor, Sule Suebebe Is Dead





The Yoruba top actor died in the early hours of Wednesday at an undisclosed hospital in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital.











The news of his demise was broken on Wednesday by a popular Ibadan-based cleric, Pastor Ademola Amusan, a.k.a. Agbala Gabriel, in whose care the late thespian had been for some months.











Announcing Suebebe’s death, Agbala Gabriel wrote on his Facebook page, “It’s a pity, Baba Suebebe died at hospital this morning. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.













An undisclosed ailment brought the late actor in touch with Pastor Amusan who through his humanitarian outreach programme on Facebook page raised financial support for the deceased.



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