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” Why Victoria Inn Hotel And Suites is the Best”-MD



Victoria Inn Hotel and Suites has come to redefine hospitality business in Edo State. Thanks to their dedicated staff, excellent service, serene environment and finest decor accessories from Canada just to add class to how 3 stars hotel should be. It will interest you to note that bearly three months after opening, Victoria Inn Hotel and Suites has become a destination for individual, cooperates bodies and celebrities who have chosen it as home away from home.
In this exclusive interviews with the MD, Mr Kenneth idumwonyi and His wife, Blessing, they share their story to stardom and how they are using their chains of businesses to create employment in Nigeria.

My name Is Kenneth Idumwonyi, I grew up in Edo state, Ikpoba Okha Local government, my mother is from Delta while my father is from Edo state, he was the chairman of our local government. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon but I made a silver spoon off myself.

while growing up, did you ever dream of attaining this height at this age?

Yes, I have always had a big dream growing up due to the fact that I didn’t grow up in a wealthy home, I have always known in the future that I will be great and I was determined to work so hard for it.

We noticed you and your beautiful wife are young couple, why did you venture into hospitality business and not oil and gas or real estate?

When I finished my secondary school at Bishop Ajayi crowther memorial college, during the time of waiting for admission, in order for me not to be bored at home, I decided to start working at Saheed hotel, it was the best hotel then, I loved the standard of the hotel and I had this dream of being an hotelier in future, I wanted my first business to be hotel business and also create job opportunities for the people of Edo state. It will reduce crime and other vices. I actually wanted to be a positive influence in Edo state.

When he told you he wanted to do this, what was your reaction?

(Wife) When he told me, we prayed about it and we pursued it. Over thye years it has been a lot of hardwork, prayers and dedication being that I know he has extensive experience in hospitality business,I was told that he has experience and he has passion to be a positive influence in our hometown in Edo. We pursued the dream and by God’s grace we are here and Victoria Inn hotel and Suites has come to redefine hospitality business in edo state.

What’s unique about Victoria Inn hotel and Suites?

Our service, committed staff and our rooms rates set us apart from the rest. Then the structure, the restaurant, the pool, the interior. All these and many more make us unique .

As a business man, what does it take to be successful?
Its Hardwork, have a dream, work towards it, be consistent and be prayerful.

What would be your advice to the youths who look up to you as role model?
I will advice them not to be carried away because of the festive period, they shouldn’t be desperate and try not to involve in crime. There are lots of temptation everywhere, my advice for them is to stay away from trouble, whatever they were not able to achieve in 2019 can be achieved in 2020 if they work towards it.

What will be your parting word to your customers?
We just want to thank them for their patronage and they should keep coming, we will keep on improving in our services. For those that haven’t been to our hotel, we encourage them to come, let them come and feel Victoria Inn, seeing is believing. So far so good, customers have given us thumbs up on our standards.