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Bimbo Akintola Denies Fighting With Shop Attendant



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Prolific Nollywood actress Bimbo Akintola has denied reports going around that she was involved in as show of shame with an attendant at one of the shops located at the palms shopping mall in Lekki.

RUmour had it that the actress engaged in a war of words with the attendant as a result of a N300 
According to eye witnesses, after Bimbo had made her purchase at the store she was to collect N300 balance, however the attendant did not have on her, the actress insisted that she had to have her balance going as far as asking the attendant to give her 500 for her to bring back 300 balance.
However after the actress waited for a long time, Bimbo didn’t show up, the attendant later saw her going up to the cinema floor and accosted her immediately, and reportedly insisted that the actress give her her balance, that was when all the drama was reported to have ensued.

The talented actress has however denied this tale,

“This thing happened about three weeks ago and nobody said anything about it. The lady attacked my sister and that is what happened. It did not happen to me but to my sister. She kept our change for over two hours and my sister demanded for the change. Although my sister later gave somebody the change anyway, it did not happen to me and my sister is not an actress.”

The actress revealed in a chat with saturday beats.

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