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Fg, Microsoft to train 5 Million Nigerian Youths on ICT



Fg, Microsoft to train 5 Million Nigerian Youths on ICT,

By Ifeoma Ikem


The Federal Government, Lagos State Government and a leading digital company, Microsoft have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to train five million Nigerian youths on ICT.

The country Manager of Microsoft in Nigeria, and Ghana, Mrs. Ola Williams disclosed this at a dinner hosted by Art of Technology (AOT) Lagos 4.0 with a Theme: “Talent Acceleration and a Smarter Lagos” on Wednesday in Lagos.

At the event, stakeholders were honoured for their contributions to technology and ecosystem and others rewarded with cash gift.

She said that Microsoft as a company, signed the MoU to train and empower youths with digital skills that will help them to participate in digital economy.

“Due to the number of population of Lagos State, the bulk of the youths to be trained would be coming from Lagos, and other parts of the Nigerian.

“No part of the country would be left out of the training because we have trainers in every part of the country”.

She said that apart from the training, Microsoft is also in partnership with the federal government to provide airbag technology, and provide people with Internet connectivity ,so that those who live in the rural areas would have access to Internet and would be able to participate in the training.

“We are working with federal government to ensure that every youth takes part in the training. We are going to the six geopolitical zones of Nigeria and the Federal Capital Territory(FCT).

“Our MoU with (AOT), is basically to work with the Lagos State Government to digitalize the state and provide access to different technologies, artificial intelligence and empower Lagos State government employees with the right to modernize their working environment.

“It’s also to secure all their digital technology in the state, in line with the state Government’s aspiration to make it a digital state”.

In his welcome address, The Special Adviser to Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu on Science and Technology, Mr. Olatunbosun Alake ,said the meeting was all about AOT 4.0, one of the ecosystem bridge between policy makers and the ecosystem talents.

“In 2019 when our administration came into being, we knew it was important to lay focus on science and technology, hence my office was created and named Innovation and Technology, since then,we have been trying to build bridges with ecosystems and cooperate with so many dimension solutions across all sectors.

“From AOT 4.0, we have Lagos State Science and Technology Masterplan that had seven pillars which includes; Infrastructures, Talents, Funding, Advocacy and Communication, Policy, Data Access and many more ideas.

‘And over the past two days, we have been debating on specific pillar called Talents which is the bedrocks on other pillars, because without talents the ecosystem will not produce values.

“My focus is on what areas to explore on the ecosystem talents and how to reverse the ‘Japa’ syndrome and sadly three out of five ICT experts in Nigeria are either planning to leave or had left already.

“We want to reverse the trend of ‘Japa’ and how do we regain our ecosystem to encourage talents from leaving that was why we are giving Awards to those who leverage on the Talents we have in Lagos and those entities creating values in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.”

“One of the winners in the competition by Eko Innovation Centre, Jane Ekeh, said she was happy with what the Lagos State Government and the founder of the organization were doing to assist students with the startups programme and also bringing talented youths out of joblessness ,” Lagos and Eko Innovation Centre,are doing great job.

“With the MoU signed today by the state and Microsoft, many youths are going to be out of street .

”Lagos is a pacesetter and I know that other states will soon key into the programme. I will like the FG and other states to emulate the Lagos State Government and begin to take people out of ignorance, poverty and begin to embrace digital trainings.

“I want to advise the youths to keep trying and put in for competition, they may not know what will come out of it. Today, my team is happy with the Award given to us .

“I want to sincerely thank Eko Innovation Centre for bringing us out to limelight”.

Another winner, Adedeni, whose team went home with N5 million reward, also praised the Lagos State Government and Eko Innovation Centre for their contributions to the society.

“Our Company is interested in training teachers. We want to change the narrative. We want to discourage students from cramming, but encourage them to be more critical and technical in handling issues.

“We organize programmes for students after school and during holidays. It will take time to get it right in Nigeria,but we have to start from somewhere.

“We use different concepts, including music to train our students. We discovered that the best solution to impact knowledge on the students, is to train 500 teachers who in turn will also transfer knowledge to other teachers and students.

“We are going from school to school. This will go a long way to train thousands of people.

” If you are observant, you will understand that employers are complaining about graduates who come for employment. They have certificate, but no skills. You can’t blame the students,but their teachers who believe much of teaching students who will download everything the teachers gave them as notes. The teachers prefer the students to write exactly what they gave to them as notes.

“We want to discourage it, by teaching students and teachers about doing things practically and stop cramming things. You will be more productive if you don’t just cram, but do it practically”

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Five Lagos Communities To Enjoy Solar Energy Soon



Five Lagos Communities To Enjoy Solar Energy Soon

By Ifeoma Ikem




No fewer than 12,500 residents in five communities at the Epe axis in Lagos State would benefit from solar mini energy project embarked upon by the Lagos State Government; A4&T Power Solutions Limited and Ikeja Electric PLC. The ground breaking ceremony of the interconnected solar mini grid was done recently.

The jubilation at the event was understandable for the reason that when the 0.88MW (scalable to up to 2MW) interconnected solar mini grid, will be completed, it will provide energy for the communities in Epe, Eredo Local Government Area of the State.

The project is being developed by A4&T Power Solutions Limited, in partnership with Ikeja Electric PLC. The project is a product of the Interconnected Minigrid Access Scheme (IMAS) program.

The Lagos State Governor , Babajide- Sanwo-Olu who described the project as laudable and first of its kind ,said it was a step in the right direction, towards bridging the energy gap, and enabling universal sustainable energy access in Lagos State.

“The Lagos State Government, via its Off-Grid Electrification Strategy and Action Plan, has set a target to achieve 1GW of Solar PV generation by 2030 and collaborative efforts of players in the sector, such as being witnessed today between A4&T Power Solutions Limited, and Ikeja Electric PLC, will help to accelerate the achievement of this target.

The Governor, who was represented by the Honorable Commissioner for Energy & Mineral Resources, Engr. Olalere Odusote, said,” In line with its T.H.E.M.E.S agenda of making Lagos a 21st Century Economy, the Babatunde Olusola Sanwo-Olu administration is dedicated to fostering investment in the electricity sector towards achieving an optimal energy mix,and will continue to support, encourage, and partner with forward-thinking corporate entities to further promote, and deepen sustainable off-grid electrification in the State”

Mr. Odusote, thanked A4&T Power Solutions Limited, and its development partners for choosing the state as the investment destination,and commended the management of Ikeja Electric PLC for its dedication, and demonstrated efforts, towards improving electricity supply in unserved and underserved communities across the state.

Odusote reiterated the commitment of the Babajide Sanwo-Olu ( BOS) administration to supporting collaborative efforts aimed at accelerating sustainable energy access across the State as it continues to provide forward thinking leadership, and the enabling environment towards facilitating improved electricity supply for its continuously increasing populace.

On his own, Special Adviser to Lagos State on Innovation and Technology, Mr Tubosun Alake, said that the initiative would support the advancement of digital transformation, and provide alternative energy options for digital businesses within the state, and lauded the initiative.

Head of Business Development Ikeja Electric (IE), Ms Obianuju Okweze, while giving her goodwill message on behalf of the IE DISCO, expressed the company’s commitment to serving underserved customers, and reducing the over-dependence on the grid.

The Epe mini-grid power plant will be powered by Solar and Gas, which will improve the energy mix and it is expected to benefit approximately 12,500 people,while reducing tons of CO2 emissions yearly.

Chairman, Board of Directors A4&T, Mr Victor Afolabi, expressed the delight for what the stakeholders were doing about the project. He shared that the organization’s strategic objective is to continue to raise the bar of innovation in the industry through integrated utilities.

The CEO of A4&T Power Solutions, Mr Ayo Ademilua, provided an in-depth insight into the structure of the Hybrid Interconnected mini-grid plant. The CEO hinted on some unique modern technologies like Electric Vehicle charging station to power Electric motorcycles; Three Wheelers (popularly known as keke marwa), and Electric vehicles that would be demonstrated in the communities to further promote cleaner environment and reduction of carbon footprint in the state.

“This landmark project is the first of its kind in Lagos and marks a new era in sustainable energy solutions in Nigeria. it is set to make a lasting impact on the clean energy landscape of Nigeria as A4&T Power Solutions is poised to lead in bringing electricity to Nigeria’s unserved & underserved communities towards creating a brighter, cleaner and more sustainable future.

The project is a product of the Interconnected Minigrid Access Scheme (IMAS) programmes.
The IMAS programme is aims at connecting approximately 27,600 households and impacting over 138,000 Nigerians. The programme is led by the Rural Electrification Agency (REA), under the Federal Government of Nigeria Ministry of Power with funded support from the European Union and the German Government through the Nigerian Energy Support Programme (NESP).

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The most common investments that can fetch you a lot are Cryptocurrency and Real estate. So, when you mention investment, these are the two that easily come to mind.






Over the years, both have proven to be worthy choices, meanwhile, this is not to say that each doesn’t have advantages and disadvantages. However, if you are perplexed about where to put your money, you may seek the assistance of your financial advisor.








Let’s talk about real estate.


What is real estate investment?


Real estate investment is the purchase, management, and sale or rental of real estate with the intent to make a profit whether immediately or in the long run.


Real estate has a great track record of price appreciation in 2022.



Steady cash flow

If you deal with rental or land flipping, you should be smiling to the bank all the time because you keep having cash flow all round year.


Long-term security

Real estate promises safety for a long time. If you bought your property from a reputable company and your property is not built in a way that may obstruct future development, hence, demolishing, then you should rest assured of long-term security.


Protection against inflation

This is not a big concern to you. Once your property is working for you, then, the effects of inflation on you are highly minimal.



Property hardly depreciates. As the year goes by, it keeps appreciating and whatever decision, in terms of reselling the property is such a profitable one at the end of the day.



High maintenance

Building a structure is not as expensive as maintaining it. You could spend a fortune on maintenance especially if a part of the house is not properly fixed, for instance, the plumbing aspect.


Capital insensitive

Real estate requires a whole lot of money, so you have to be financially ready before you begin.


What is cryptocurrency investment?


Cryptocurrency, which has bitcoin as the most famous investment option. It is backed by blockchain technology, bitcoin is touted as an immutable currency. These digital currencies act as a medium of exchange globally as an alternative to money. The cryptocurrency had its tremendous run in 2021, with bitcoin hitting all-time highs of around $68, 000 in November, bitcoin is indeed the attention it deserves.


As more people set their eyes on digital assets as another possible investment, their popularity might grow further.


Moreover, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have a lower entry barrier when compared to real estate.


This allows the average investor who does not have a lot of capital to spare to start his investment journey.



Cryptocurrency is relatively new, there’s not enough data to calculate its value. As recent price fluctuations show, the market is volatile.


In a twinkle of an eye, you could lose everything and go back to square zero. However, if you are willing to take the risk, you might be lucky.



-Transactional freedom

You are free to do anything without waiting for documents to seek the approval of the government.


Easy to trade

If you know your way around it, you can sit in the comfort of your home to trade.


Low maintenance

Unlike having structures to maintain, cryptocurrency does not require any sort of maintenance. Technically, your investment is virtual.



Not a tangible asset

Just like I said with the pros of cryptocurrency, it is a virtual investment and not an investment you can heavily depend on.


Security issues

Anything can happen. Your account can be hacked and you end up losing everything.


Little or no government involvement

When the government is not involved in a certain sector, it is dangerous. This means, it has no law guiding it, so, whatever happens, you are solely responsible to bear the loss.


-High risk

There’s no certainty of what would happen in the next few minutes. It’s in two ways, “win big or lose flat out.”




Choosing which of them is better depends on how vast your knowledge is, and the risk you are willing to take. Cryptocurrency is of low maintenance but highly risky while real estate will cost a fortune but of very low risk.


Just like they say now, “choose a struggle.”



Dennis Isong is a TOP REALTOR IN LAGOS.He Helps Nigerians in Diaspora to Own Property In Lagos Nigeria STRESS-FREE. For Questions WhatsApp/Call 2348164741041




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Fidelity Bank assures customers of cash payment



Fidelity Bank assures customers of cash payment


Fidelity Bank assures customers of cash payment




The management of Fidelity Bank Plc has assured customers of cash payment across all its branches nationwide.






Head of Corporate Communication of the bank, Dr. Meksley Nwagboh said this in a statement issued by the bank today.



Fidelity Bank assures customers of cash payment



He said, “Our customers can rest assured that we are working to meet their banking needs. All our branches nationwide are open to customers to pay in their old notes and withdraw the new notes in accordance with the Central Bank of Nigeria’s policy on Naira redesign.”

Nwagboh, therefore, enjoined customers of the bank to visit the nearest branch to carry out their banking transactions.

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