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The Lagos Potholes fears
Like a beer parlour endears people to drinks
The potholes endear cars to the workshop.

Potholes stay fruitful with offspring
The fruits of raindrops turned ugly
Multiply by more vehicular ply
Try a count, a headache mount

Potholes, the nightmare of every human
If cars could speak, inhuman would be their cry
                                         Like a pot in the kitchen to cook your favourite meal
The holes on the roads book your appointment for a mechanic deal
To have your shocks heal’

But with every mechanic visit
Their cry, we feel through the fly of funds
For their repairs from our wallet

Then, with every unfamiliar road passed
The potholes stand tall in our memory

The visit to the mechanic short-lived
But unforgotten by dent in finances

A ten minute drive through Lagos with no potholes
Might be a fear to fight when found out of Lagos
Never a dream
But a reality with plight on location

Earliness, a basis for lateness
Appointments turn’ disappointments
Traffic, a drain from productivity

Energy lost in road discomfort

Potholes fears, a surf by water on land

A static feel of the ocean wave
The beach experience with no bank
A bounce through potholes causing damage on cars
Like bullets from rounds of ammunition on its target
You ruminate the weave by Neo through bullets to stay alive in the matrix
Potholes dodge, the trick

Potholes dodge
The skill to car shocks survival 
With caution, the vehicle surpasses expectation
But like a network,
Reception for more potholes stay the attraction

With lost hours for a handful minutes journey
Lost opportunities come lost money
Impurities to national growth, never funny
The future stays epic but bleak by myopic governance

Expeditiously we are acclaimed the city of excellence
But with resilience on the roads, comes crimed violence
Now, a wake-up call never to fall
But stand tall over the wall
Our growth, never cowed by granted problems
Words through the mind of Taiwo, Kehinde Oluwaseyi

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