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“My uniqueness is doing the most creative nude shoot that most models can’t” – Supermodel, Ugwoeje Margaret



Arguably, Ugwoeje Margaret is the next Supermodel to watch out for. In this exclusive chat with Sahara Weekly, the delectable gifted model opened up on life and career. Excerpts….

Can you tell us more about yourself ?

My name is Ugwoeje Margaret. I am 28 year old. I hail from Abia state..I completed my primary school education in 2002, completed my secondary school education in 2008. I graduated from university of Lagos in 2018 where I studied human hobbies are meeting new people,love gisting with friends,reading novel and creating new ideas about the next nude shoot. I hate pretenders Around me..

What inspired your passion for Modelling ?

My perfect shape..modeling is something I love doing and have strong passion for..

How did it all begin ?

interestingly all started with ability models. I joined the agency in 2013 to improve my catwalk session and learn more about modeling

What are some of the challenges and how did you over come them?

The challenges most times are disappointments. That moment when u go for casting and feel you will be picked for a job and at the end of the day, it turns out to be another story. This could be devastating especially when a client is frustrating you. I overcome by focusing on the next show and by striving up is a No!

Can you tell us some of the major jobs you have done and how will you describe the experience ?

Yes! I have done wonderful jobs with some amazing brands like( Mikaiferlux,Ada by alterego ,shh lingerie,Ayovanelmar_fashioncafe,tamtadu,grace hat,Bratopia. I was among the top 3 for 2sides model Africa look 2016..Top 6 for miss MTH (Madam Tinubu hall) 2017..At first I was afraid of the crowds but it was a lovely experience because I learnt from it and was grateful for the opportunity..

What’s  the secret of your success ?

consistency is the key

Who are your role models or mentors in the industry ?

Naomi Campbell, Mayowanicholas and Kendall Jenner 

What stands you out among your peers?

Nudity..I feel so unique because I do the most creative nude shoot that most models can’t!

In the next five years where do your see yourself ?

Paris..(modeling for Victoria secrets)..
Special thanks to my manager for always believing in me..for bookings contact:
Also follow my IG handle : @margaret_eje..