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Nollytainment is one entity that is set to change the perception of the public about the Nollywood industry both home and abroad. Those that have been following this thread would know that what is about to hit the Nollywood industry is like an unexpected storm that will bring not just a massive positive change but a turn around in Nollywood.



We would be right to say Nollytainment  is the breakthrough Nollywood has been expecting.


Nollytainment is like a company that houses several packages for the good of film makers, actors and actresses, directors and also the viewers.



Some of these packages include, Nollycoin, a new blockchain-powered platform and cryptocurrency which is developed by Nollytainment Limited.




According to the Convener , Ope Banwo, Nollycoin will tackle the lack of access to sustainable capital needed for the production of quality movies; the issues related to copyright infringement, intellectual property protection and piracy; structural problems regarding fair compensation for collaborators and other professionals; and the challenges of having a universal means of exchange for the purchase and sale of African movies.



Furthermore, we have Nollycloud . With NollyCloud App, mobile and Desktop users no longer need to use any part of their internet service data to download full length movies or access huge videos from the internet. This breakthrough technology completely bypasses regular internet service and the conventional WiFi . It uses a proprietary download access protocol that is independent of how much data a user has with his/her internet service.



In addition, users can now download heavy duty data of a full 2-hour or more movies within 1 minute or less! In order words a process that would typically take over 60 minutes, and several restart attempts, could now be accomplished in less than 60 seconds.



Others include :



  1. Nolly Cinemas (A Blockchain enabled screening of movies at cinemas complete with a blockchain Nolly box office that lets people purchase movie tickets using cryptocurrency:


  1. NollyFlix360 (An online Movie Streaming Platform that has been described by knowledgeable observers as a kind of Netflix on Steroids:


  1. NollyShopper (An Amazon styled Marketplace/Online Mall for buying and selling of entertainment products and services that will be open to all artistes and products creators to sell their products and services. This will be accessible at


  1. Nolly Varsity (An online and offline training and certification academy for aspiring entertainers, industry technicians and support personnel:


  1. Nolly Funder — (A special crowdfunding platform for movie producers This will help qualifying producers raise funds for their projects through their fan base.



With Nollytainment, Nollywood has just gotten better than it has ever been


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