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Every lady’s dream is to get married to a young, charmingly handsome, educated and above all, sparklingly wealthy guy.
Well, that was the kind of person Steven was.
Everything a woman desired – or perhaps, almost everything a woman desired – was found in Steven. Yes, Steven, the son of a billionaire; the King of hearts; the champion of Cariters University.
He was this kind of guy that every lady felt special just having to spend a minute with him. He was this kind of guy that every lady was ready to defile their dignity for, without a second thought.
Yes, Steven; Steven Damola – also a spoilt brat.
He parked his SUV jeep in the school garage and looked through his phone. There was a message; a message from Cynthia.
It read:

“hello, Steven. I really did enjoy last night. I hope that could happen again anytime soon. Please, give me a call whenever you need me”.

Steven scoffed and smiled. 

“of course, I will. Whenever I need you” he thought to himself as he alighted from his jeep with his designers school bag.
Along the eatery in Cariters, Michelle walked along with her best friend, Patricia, laughing and nattering.
But, they were finally interrupted by the presence of Lily and her gang of friends – Stacy, Gwen and Chinwe.
They stopped right in front of Michelle and Patricia, making it difficult for them to you pass on.
“you little bitch”, Lily rasped at Michelle. “I heard you went over to Steven’s home yearsterday. You really are so shameless, aren’t you?”
“is that what you’re burbling about?” Michelle asked. “is that why you had to disrupt my way?”
She has paused and laughed and finally wore on a frown.
” I know you’re just angry you weren’t the one who had the opportunity of going over to his house. Well, that’s because Steven would never accept you into his bedroom.
“now, get out of my way”, Michelle said and walked away with Patricia, brushing Lily’s shoulders.
“Hah! That little bitch! She’s really getting on my nerves. I might just squeeze her to death.”
“calm down, Lily,” Gwen said, placing her hand on her shoulders. “we’ll look for a way to deal with her.

Mrs Kate parked in front of Cariters University as she awaited her daughter to get off the car.
“bye, Sophia” she said to her, her hand on her laps.
“bye, mom”, Sophia replied with a smile and got off the car.
She waited till her mother drove away before waking into the school building.
It was magnificent.
That was her first day there in school and she was really hoping she would have fun in it.
she was really hoping it could perhaps, be compared to her previous school. It really pained her a lot that she had to change from it, but there was nothing she could do since her mom was transferred by her company to the state.
They had to relocate.
Well, maybe it was going to be fun, because a week after their arrival, she had made a friend – Treasure – who was also a student of Cariters.
As a matter of fact, Treasure had been the one who had recommended the school to her.
She stopped somewhere along the library and wandered where Treasure might be. She also wandered where she could find her first lecture hall.
She finally thought of bringing out her phone to call Treasure, but she was halted at the sight of a guy she has seen.
“Damn!” she exclaimed silently.
Was that for real?
She saw him walking with some group of boys, but he was extremely outstanding.
He had these eyes that displayed a romance feeling. He had pink lips that longed for some kissing. He had this dark curly hair that fitted his fair complexion.
And when he laughed, smiled, Gosh! It was so charming.
Sophia saw him walking away and felt a life time opportunity walking away. She couldn’t help but wonder if someone could be that cute.
“hello, Miss. Are you lost?” she heard a voice behind her and quickly turned around to see who it was.
It was a boy; also good looking, but couldn’t be compared to the guy she had just seen.
“uh… No. I mean, yes. I’m looking for the GST department”, she replied quickly.

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