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SHOPTHERUNWAY Accra Fashion Week Launches Extrodinary & Sophisticated Online Boutique



Imagine going to a fashion show and seeing amazing clothes, but you had to leave before it finished, and then got home and forgot the name of the designer whose items you wished to purchased. Or even forgot you had an interest in purchasing. The #SHOPTHERUNWAY  new campaign and feature by Accra Fashion Week is about to change all of this.
In the west fashion show are business and media orchestrated for businesses, in west Africa it’s usually entertainment related, the new revolutionary act by Accra Fashion Week now provides a direct purchasing interaction between designers and the world citizens with an inhouse online shop.
Now designers who showcase on Accra Fashion Week will now be granted the ability to be featured on an online shop that is capable of reaching customers from UK, to USA to Dubai. Accra Fashion Week is set to be the first ever fashion week to launch it’s own inhouse online shop. Paving the way for other fashion weeks across the world. Currently the website hosts clothes by top GHanaian and foreign brands such as ABASS, BRI WIREDUAH, IVA MICHAELS, MISH MEGA, NACKISSA, OUTRAGE BY JIDA, SARA Q and TOBAMS COLORS
The #SHOPTHERUNWAY hashtag is not only a website feature but also an anti 2nd hand clothing campaign. That speaks to local citizens to support local artisans more in an industry that is being ruined by foreign imports. The creative designs by designers on Accra Fashion Week are available to people across the globe on what the creator are calling one of the most sophisticated online boutiques. Experience the progressive initiative at