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‘That business, e no go spoil for your hand’! At Union Bank, There’s a Loan for Everyone.



Nigeria we hail!!

If you remember that famous line from the award-winning television commercial releasedlast year by Union Bank, then you’ll be excited to learn that spin-offs have been releasedas part of a follow-up campaign. This should come as no surprise, after the short filmemerged the most watched Nigerian ad on YouTube in 2018!

This time, the TV and radio ads follow the lives of the main characters from the originalcommercial – the photographer, ‘keke’ driver, and the mother – who represent relatablecharacters in our daily lives. Union Bank salutes their focus, tenacity and drive as theyhustle and grind to make ends meet in Nigeria of today.

The ‘grind’ is something we all identify with. Every day, it’s a struggle to rise above thechallenges of erratic power supply, insecurity, bad roads, corruption and poorgovernance.

To make things even worse, the average Nigerian is unable to access loans or creditfacilities that could help them break out of the vicious cycle. Loans seem to be reservedfor the already well-to-do who can provide collateral to back their applications, and forsalaried workers who can show pay slips as proof of income.

However, a recent Future of Work report, states that only 25% of Nigeria’s 85 millionworkforce are in paid employment. How do the other 75% support their hustle?

At Union Bank, we believe lack of credit facilities should not be on the list of frustrationsNigerians face. We believe that everyone – yes, everyone – deserves to have a credit‘lifeline’.

And that’s why our loans are not limited to salary earners alone; because we truly wantto support the grind of every day Nigerians struggling to keep their heads above water inthese tough times.

So, whether you’re that guy trying to grow his transportation business to the point wherehe can propose to his boo and support a family; or that young mother giving her all totake care of her children, or even that upcoming photographer hustling to make endsmeet, with Union Bank, that business no go spoil for your hand.

We have a loan for everyone. Talk to us about the best option for you.

For more details, visit or call 01 2716816